CBD oil, hemp oil, or hemp extract as it’s sometimes labeled, is a therapeutic compound derived from the cannabis plant. If you’re shopping for a CBD tincture, which is one of the most popular ways of dosing CBD, you may have scrolled through many brands and wondered: what exactly set all of these apart?

Here we’re over-viewing the best CBD tinctures by quality as well as value, so you can choose a safe and effective brand and formula. You’ll notice that these tinctures are broad-spectrum, meaning them contain all of the vitamins and healthy fatty acids from the leaves of the cannabis plant in their formula. And, while some contain THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis, the percentage is below the amount required to be psychoactive, meaning these tinctures won’t get you high.

Keep reading to also know what to look for in a CBD tincture, and also how to dose effectively.

Our Top 7 CBD Tincture Picks

1. CBDfx’s Tincture Oil 1000mg
2. Green Helix Super Pure Oil Tincture
3. CBD Essence
4. PuraHemp
5. Half Day CBD
Cannabidiol Life (Polar Balance)
7. BioMD+ Mint CBD Oil (Full Spectrum)


1. CBDFX’s Tincture Oil 1000mg

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” This product works wonders on my joints and has lowered my blood pressure to normal levels. Also works great for migraines. ” – David H. (Verified Buyer)


  • Full spectrum
  • 1000mg per 30 ml bottle
  • 100% organically grown full-spectrum CBD
  • No cheap or filler ingredients
  • cGMP-Certified and made in the USA

CBDfx’s tincture consists of full-spectrum CBD, which means the best parts of the cannabis plant aren’t separated and thrown away (as some companies do). This tincture is also completely vegan and all natural. Their tincture comes from plants grown organically at partner farms right here in the United States, which means no harmful chemicals and no filler ingredients. And their CBD oil tincture comes mixed with MCT oil to provide nutrients including key fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins.

This product is perfect for you if you want to enjoy an extremely high quality CBD tincture at a great price, With 1000 mg CBD tincture oil you get twice the concentration of 500 mg, at much less than twice the price if this is the right serving concentration for you, it’s a great deal!

2. Green Helix Super Pure Oil Tincture

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  • Full spectrum
  • Organic, Non-GMO hemp
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT – Medium Chain Triglycerides), Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin, Gelatin.
  • Lab Tested, and made in the USA
  • 900mg
  • $69.00

Green Helix’s super pure formula at 900mg is a Full Spectrum CBD Tincture that aids in full body homeostasis.When it comes to value for an organic CBD tincture, Green Helix delivers. Each third-party tested batch is derived from organic, non-gmo industrial hemp whose final product contains no THC and a full spectrum of antioxidants and fatty acids. A host of benefits may be acquired from Green Helix products including full body homeostasis and relief for acute stress symptoms.

3. CBD Essence

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” … I take 2 35 mg tablets and dropper of oil before bed. My sleep has improved dramatically.” – Debbie Nelson


  • Full spectrum
  • 300mg Cannabidiol (CBD) Content
  • Highly Absorptive Colloidal Emulsion Suspension Liquid
  • Sublingual Formula for Fast Assimilation
  • Produced within 24 Hours of Shipment
  • $44.00

CBD Essence offers full spectrum CBD tinctures that come from domestically grown, industrial hemp plants. While not certified organic, they are grown on “clean” land using sustainable methods, and are also extracted using a CO2 extraction. CBD Essence also produces in small batches and states their products are third-party tested.

Overall, CBD Essence tinctures are an excellent mid-priced CBD oil option; and, while not certified organic, the company strives to use only the finest ingredients and remains conscious of the dangers of chemicals in hemp products while aiming to avoid them at all costs.

4. PuraHemp

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” This has to be the best quality CBD Oil I have tried yet! I have tried several other brands but they were not as pure and as effective is PuraHemps CBD. I use this 2 times a day so I will be back in a couple weeks to buy more for sure! Plus, it got here so quickly. VERY IMPRESSED!” – Wilson


  • Full Spectrum
  • Industrial Hemp Derived Cannabinoids
  • Non-psychoactive (less than 0.3% of THC)
  • Non-GMO, plant-based ingredients
  • Third-party lab tested
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • $69.99

PuraHemp CBD is another mid-priced CBD tincture that gives you a clean dose of organically-grown, full spectrum CBD with a very low THC content that categorizes it as non-psychoactive. PuraHemp is transparent in their growing practices and offers viewable lab reports from third-party tests, and also uses a safe c02 extraction process that doesn’t involve chemicals. Their CBD tinctures are also in a base of MCT oil, which helps aid in easier absorption and digestion.

5. Half Day CBD

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” I love Half Day CBD and always highly recommend it to everyone and anyone due to it being such a high quality product and it is something I swear by every single night … I have a monthly subscription for both products, as they are something that I have significantly benefited from and prioritize having each day. ” – Alexandria Sindlinger


  • Full spectrum
  • Organic and Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents or chemical fertilizers
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • Kentucky grown
  • Less than 0.3% THC
  • $74.99

Half Day uses uses hemp strains from Canada that have been carefully bred for a strong cannabinoid profile, while keeping THC levels under .3%. These strains are approved by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and the plant’s heritage is “cataloged to ensure quality and authenticity.” Each farm is visited to make sure the land is “virgin” and pesticide-free.

Half Day also uses the supercritical CO2 extraction process and is extremely transparent, offering their batch records and third-party testing records for viewing on their website.

6. Cannabidiol Life

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” … I have neck issues which cause vertigo which causes anxiety. I also have PTSD. I finally found my “sweet spot” last week and what a difference! Right now 5 drops 3x per day. Life is just better. ” – Tania Tyler


  • Full spectrum
  • Organic Whole-Plant CBD-Rich Hemp Extract
  • Contains all-natural herbal extracts for different effects
  • Offers a Hempful Tincture Collection; a CBD tincture line consisting of all-natural herbal extracts for specific ailments
  • $179.99

With the mantra of “Seed to Self,” Cannabidiol Life is one of the most natural CBD tinctures on the market, especially if you’re considering a CBD tincture blend that focuses on specific issues, such a joint health or mood. Each product is certified organic and uses a patented, ethanol-based extraction method that extracts much higher cannabinoid percentages. They also infuse all CBD oils with organic MCT oil derived from coconuts. This allows the CBD oil to travel directly from the stomach to the liver without requiring any extra energy.

One thing to keep in mind with Cannabidiol Life is that they have gotten a few complaints regarding customer service and orders taking longer than expected; however, most reviews are positive, especially regarding effectiveness and quality.

7. BioMD+ Mint CBD Oil (Full Spectrum)

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” … this product just may be able to address ALL that I would have used ibuprofen to fix. Do yourself a favor and try this for pain mitigation. It works!” – James Payne


  • Full spectrum
  • Made from GMO-free Colorado-grown hemp
  • Organic & Pesticide Free
  • Verified via third-party lab tests
  • Produced using safe, solvent-free CO2 extraction
  • $100.00

BioMD+ is “America’s top-rated CBD brand,” according to their website. Each CBD tincture and product uses only 100% organic Colorado hemp that is GMO-free, pesticide free, gluten-free, vegan, and certified third-party tested. Their website offers viewable lab reports and mentions their team and manufacturers consist of industry experts from top-rated universities and top pharmaceutical companies. Each oil is extracted using a safe, C02 extraction method that keeps their products free of harsh solvents and preserves the tincture’s quality. At a price point of $100.00, they are also one of the more affordable highest-quality brands.

What to Look for When Choosing a CBD Tincture

There are a few important considerations to keep in mind when you’re choosing a CBD oil.

Full Spectrum vs. Isolate

While more research is needed, many claim that choosing a full spectrum CBD oil over a CBD isolate offers more benefits. Full spectrum oils contain the terpenes, flavanoids, proteins, and fatty acids (as well as possibly THC depending on the brand), found in the leaves of the hemp plant. The idea behind full spectrum oils is that these compounds work in a synergistic way with CBD to provide an enhanced effect.

CBD isolate oils contain pure CBD, which also has supporters for being just as effective. Ultimately, the choice is yours for which oil you prefer. Whichever you choose, THC may play a big role since it can be psychoactive, so be sure to look for it on the label of any brand you’re considering.


Quality matters when it comes to CBD tinctures, simply due to the fact that hemp plants, like other plants, absorb compounds from their environment extremely well. This is why it’s a good idea to choose an organic, locally-manufactured brand so you can be assured that no harmful pesticides or environmental pollutants have made their way into your tinctures.

CBD Oil vs. Hemp Seed Oil

Another important distinction to keep in mind when shopping for a CBD tincture is the difference between hemp seed oil and CBD oil. Since CBD comes from the hemp plant, it can be easy to assume hemp seed oil is the same as CBD oil; however, this isn’t the case.

Hemp seed oil is the oil that comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. It is used as a culinary oil or in skin care and doesn’t contain THC or CBD.

CBD oil is either a pure CBD or spectrum oil that comes from the leaves of the hemp plant and contains CBD and (if a spectrum oil) other vitamins and compounds like THC.

How to Use CBD Tinctures and Oils

Most CBD tinctures come with a stopper than allows you to place the drops neatly under your tongue. For maximum absorption, hold the oil drops under your tongue for 30 seconds to two minutes before swallowing.

When it comes to how many drops you should take, be sure to start small and follow the recommended dose from the brand manufacturer or your doctor. If needed, you can increase the dosage over time until you begin to notice an effect.

When and at what dose a CBD tincture will begin taking effect depends upon your age, weight, if you take it with food, and other factors, which is why finding your individual dose by starting small is crucial.

Be sure to space your doses at least 4 hours apart, and keep in mind that taking it mixed with food can affect how long it takes to be absorbed due to digestion.


CBDinside is an independent, New York based CBD comparison platform. Many of the CBD products that appear on this site are from companies from which CBDInside receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). CBDinside does not include all CBD companies or all CBD products available in the marketplace.

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