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With the popularity of vape pens and edible tinctures, people overlook topical CBD products, but ointments and creams should have a place in any consumer’s arsenal. The skin absorbs CBD quite well maybe even better than edible CBD products according to the doctors at the University of Kentucky, and a host of other ingredients complement hemp extract resulting in “high” quality moisturizers, sunscreens, and salves that don’t get you high. Take a look at six effective ways to incorporate CBD oil benefits into your lifestyle.  

  1. Massage & relaxation

CBD has a calming effect on our nerves. Cannabidiol settles you down, and it also really acts on your nerves. Our nervous system uses chemicals called neurotransmitters which CBD just so happens to regulate to help users achieve the famous relaxing effect. The last thing you want going into a massage is tension, mentally or physically. 

By using a CBD cream, massage therapists can make sure clients relax, allowing them to get at the muscles with the real problems. In terms of those problems, deep tissue massage often does some damage of its own. Therapeutically breaking up adhesions and scar tissue in muscle requires recovery which anti-inflammatory CBD effects circulating through the muscles’ blood flow benefits.  

Glamour Magazine writer Lindsey Unterberger decided to give a CBD-infused massage a try: “During the 50-minute treatment, a wonderful therapist named Vee kneaded the knots in my back into oblivion and then applied a cooling CBD oil at the end, which really alleviated some of the aches I usually get after a massage with medium-deep pressure. ‘Think of it like a better version of Ben-Gay,’ Vee told me. I’ll be back for another one those for sure.”

  1. Injuries and Arthritis

CBD has been proven to promote healing and reduce the chance of reinjury. Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem found that CBD sped the healing of leg fractures and increased the density of the healed bone after recovery.  Doctors at the University of Kentucky discovered a cannabidiol gel rubbed into the skin around the knee not only raised blood levels but improved arthritic knee joints by reducing inflammation and pain in subjects. Rubbing cream into the area can really enhance the recovery of injuries and sore muscles. It seems it might also be a good idea as a preventative for athletes looking to add longevity to their careers. MMA fighters, triathletes, basketball, baseball, and football players have all touted the benefits of using CBD for recovery in the media recently. CBD and Athlete’s Recovery

  1. Moisturizing/Acne

Most CBD topicals also have added moisturizers. Topical CBD cream contains Aloe, Menthol, Arnica Montana Flower, Allantoin and Boswellia along with Cannabis sativa seed (less than .02% THC) to hydrate, soothe, and heal the skin. CBD is a powerful antioxidant promoting the growth of new healthy skin cells when combined with compounds like these. Dr. Sejal Shah adds, “Generally CBD is well tolerated by all skin types, but be sure to look for it in products that best suit your skin type.” 

The oil from hemp seeds themselves contains moisturizing fatty acids that also have skin-clearing antibacterial properties. Cosmetic dermatologist Shereene Idriss, M.D. of Union Square Laser Dermatology points out one big reason CBD can be a welcome addition to skin creams, “There’s a 2014 study in the Journal of Clinical Investigation that showed promising results for using CBD to treat acne.” 

  1. Nausea

Nausea is a symptom of many illnesses that CBD can treat. Severe nausea can make it hard to hold anything down including medicine like oral CBD. A cannabidiol cream may not be as potent as an oral medication milligram for milligram without slathering your entire body, but scientists have confirmed that it is an effective way to get cannabidiol circulating in your bloodstream. Cancer patients have used medical marijuana for decades to cope with nausea from cancer and chemotherapy.  Topical creams and ointments containing cannabidiol provide a steady long lasting dose in a form that doesn’t risk exacerbating symptoms. They can calm nausea so sufferers either don’t have to eat or regain their appetite. 

  1. Cramps & PMS  

Internationally recognized cannabis researcher Ethan Russo, MD, describes the ancient use of medical cannabis for menstruation-associated symptoms, as well as other gynecological conditions. Believe it or not, Queen Victoria was known for her use of marijuana to manage menstrual discomfort.

A 2017 survey by BDS Analytics found four out of ten surveyed female cannabis consumers chose cannabis products as natural alternatives to manage mood swings brought on by menstruation, menopause and mental health conditions. Relief from premenstrual pain as well as cramps also registered as major drivers, with 39% of female consumers using cannabis to cope with their symptoms. 

Premenstrual symptoms often make the idea of eating anything, including edible CBD, nauseating, but CBD can be the answer to feeling queasy, cramps, sleepless and irritable–hallmarks of PMS. By using an infused topical, especially on the pelvis and abdomen, one can administer a therapeutic dose of cannabidiol without anything entering the stomach. The cannabinoids are then absorbed transdermally through the skin into the nearby bloodstream before spreading throughout the rest of the body. Peer-reviewed studies have found CBD benefits nearly all of the symptoms of PMS: headaches, back pain, cramping, sleep problems, appetite changes, nausea, and mood swings. 

  1. Sunburn

Cbd can help skin handle getting too much sun. topical creams, for example, contains CBD plus Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Squalane, menthol, Cannabis Sativa seed oil, Arnica Montana flower, Boswellia Serrata, and allantoin. The aloe and Boswellia in addition to hemp seed oil will deal with the inflammation of the burn, hydrate, and encourage the production of a healthy layer beneath. As an anti-inflammatory, CBD targets the primary mechanism behind the pain, aka the burn, from overexposure.  Cannabidiol’s antibacterial properties are useful in light of burnt skin’s susceptibility to infection. It’s also a potent anti-oxidant, which along with the hemp oil’s fatty acids helps soften dry skin. CBD oil benefits for pain might help relieve the sting of the burn. 



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