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Wellness should feel natural. Our Pure CBD Isolate combined with Coconut MCT Oil offered in three strengths; 500 mg, 1500 mg, & 3,000 mg. Unflavored so you can enjoy without the after taste and mix with any of your favorite beverages. It’s that simple.

Contains Pure CBD Isolate combined with Coconut MCT Oil in a 30 mL tincture. We offer three strengths; 500 mg, 1,500 mg, & 3,000 mg.

500mg Strength: Delivers 16.7mg per mL – which means you are getting 16.7mg of CBD in every 1mL dropper serving. This strength is best suited for the inexperienced CBD user.

1500mg Strength: Delivers 50mg per mL – which means you are getting 50mg of CBD in every 1mL dropper serving. This is our most popular strength and is best suited for the majority of our customers, providing effective everyday benefits.

3000mg Strength: Delivers a whopping 100mg per mL – which means you are getting 100mg of CBD in every 1mL dropper serving. This is one of the strongest products on the market and is best suited for those who want to experience the benefits of CBD at an elevated level.

Ingredients: 99% Pure CBD Isolate (Crystalline Cannabidiol) & Coconut MCT Oil.

Compliant from Seed to Sale: Our hemp is grown and extracted right here in the United States in accordance with the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program, which means that harvesting and distributing the product is legal at the federal level.


18 to 34, 35 to 49, 50 to 60, 60+


Female, Male

13 reviews for Vitagenne – HEMP CBD OIL SUPPLEMENT

  1. Mike Cox

    Amazing Product!
    I started the CBD oil by Vitagenne about two months ago.
    I received the product in a timely manner and beyond pleased with the results!
    I highly recommend Vitagenne and their product!

  2. Emily L

    Good for the mornings
    Mix it with my coffee daily! No better way to start the day.

  3. Bernie

    Switched to 1500mg works very well!
    Started on the 500mg tincture and it didn’t do much for me personally. Now taking the 1500mg and I am finding it has a very recognizable impact.

  4. Layla

    Awesome Customer Service…
    Given this was my first time trying CBD I was unsure what strength tincture I should buy. The Vitagenne team were so helpful and guided me through my decision-making process. I had a great customer experience. Thanks for your help guys! I will certainly be back.

  5. Zhu

    Very effective product
    Tried the 500mg oil supplement and I love it. There’s no aftertaste and it’s flavorless which is unlike a lot of other stuff out there in the market.

  6. Josh Green

    Great packaging
    I purchased the 500 MG tincture… which comes in beautiful packaging and tastes great. The only issue is I probably need a stronger concentration.

  7. Rachel

    Quality CBD Oil
    You can easily tell the high quality CBD products from the rest. I really appreciate how Vitagenne makes seeing the third party lab test results so easy.

  8. Will Senior

    Top quality
    Very high quality product, great customer service and fast delivery! P.S. I love the packaging!

  9. Freyja

    Highest quality CBD on the market
    The oils are the best quality on the market hands down. Use it everyday.

  10. Sofia P

    Works for me
    I’m usually a stressed out person and I take the oil every day

  11. SZ

    Helped my neck pain tremendously
    I am a chronic neck pain sufferer due to an accident I had many years ago. Recently tried the 3000mg oil and I feel much better. Will try combining with the creams.

  12. James

    One of the few oils that are vegan

  13. Richard

    use it everday
    Every morning straight up. I suppose it builds up in my system over tiem?

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