Straight Hemp CBD Balm

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Go ahead, rub it in. Straight Hemp balm is the best way to soothe a joint or get local area relief. Straight Hemp CBD Balm is the only product we offer that contains ingredients other than hemp. Specially formulated to achieve maximum topical transmission, and blended with a range of other healing ingredients, our full spectrum CBD salve is formulated to create a rich entourage-effect advantage.

Product Benefits

Hemp oils extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction for maximum entourage effect. Contains all naturally-occurring hemp terpenes and cannabinoids, including THC (<0.3% by weight) and CBD. Produced using cGMP (certified Good Manufacturing Practices) with extensive batch-to-batch testing for quality control.

Small batch to batch quality control testing

Suggested Use

Apply aromatic salve topically on body.


Start with a pea size amount and apply to the affected area. Start with 1-3 times a day. Reapply salve and/or increase amount as needed.


Coconut oil*, hempseed oil*, olive oil*, apricot oil, sunflower oil*, almond oil, beeswax, distilled water, magnesium, lavender, rosemary*, eucalyptus*, camphor, peppermint, basil*, pine, arnica, lemongrass*, frankincense, myrrh, tea tree, ginger, birch, clove, aloe, kosher USP glycerine*, full spectrum hemp extract, leucidal SF complete, rosemary extract, grapefruit seed extract.


Female, Male


18 to 34, 35 to 49, 50 to 60, 60+

48 reviews for Straight Hemp CBD Balm

  1. Jesse J.

    It really works

  2. Wayne M.

    Helps with stiffness
    My back and hip hurt when I use the Hemp it moves more freely and is less stiff when I move.

  3. Linda B.

    Seems to help. Don’t know yet.

  4. Joann D.

    Great stuff
    I am very pleased with the results of using the balm. Having shoulder problems and it gives quick relief plus smells great!

  5. Alissa

    Fast acting for my arthritis
    I Purchased this at a local vitamin shop the employees said it was the best one they offer. I have arthritis in my hip and lower back since using this just three days ago it’s amazing how the pain has subsided ! Frankly I need a gallon of the stuff will be purchasing this again love the product it’s amazing and smells great rich and creamy texture Read more about review stating Fast acting for my arthritis.

  6. Inga H.

    the best healing salve I have ever used
    This is the best healing salve I have ever used, and I have tried MANY different kinds, with and without CBD extract. And not only is it effective, but it also smells wonderful. This stuff has not only relieved many of the everyday aches and pains I and my husband deal with, it really helped his tendonitis, and actually seems to have healed his he Read more about review stating the best healing salve I have ever usedmorrhoids! I know that’s not one of the advertised uses, but it’s unbelievable the difference this has made for him. Thank you for producing such a high quality salve!

  7. Caroline B.

    Salve for hands, face and muscles
    I use this salve for everything from dry hands, face and hair to any type of abrasion or sore muscles. The essential oils used in the salve are amazing and the consistency of the product is perfect for spreading without staying oil for too long. Thank you so much! Maybe someday there will be a chapstick in a form similar to this!

  8. Pat

    I don’t typically write reviews..
    There are a lot of phony products on the market that promise healing of one kind or another. This is not one of them. Two years ago I had chemo after breast cancer surgery, and have struggled with severe back pain ever since. A local chiropractor recommended this cream, and I purchased it at a health food store. It is an ugly shade of green and ha Read more about review stating I don’t typically write reviews..s a slight smell that is difficult to describe. But much to my surprise, it works! When my husband puts some on my lower back, and a bit on the center of my upper back, the pain goes away within about 30 minutes. The pain relief lasts 3 to 6 hours, sometimes more. I am a 67 year old female, and I rarely write reviews of anything. But the pain relief was so amazing (I had tried everything from lidocaine patches to the highly advertised creams, and none worked) that I felt compelled to write this review. I am in the process of ordering more from this site. I have plenty left from the first container (I expect that to last for a couple of months – and I use it about twice a day) but I wanted a second container to keep in my purse. I am afraid to take it out of the house for fear I would break it or leave it somewhere and I don’t want to risk not having it when I really need it.

  9. Michael

    great relief from my stiffness and pain
    As an active man in my late forties with arthritis, I have found great relief from pain and stiffness in the small joints of my hands with this wonderful salve. It has a very rich and pleasing fragrance, a very nice product that I would recommend to friends.

  10. Heather

    Helps my gut and sore muscles
    This. Product. … I cannot say enough about it actually. I believe in it so much, I’ve given several of my containers away to people encouraging them to try it. Personally, I have gut issues that would otherwise keep me full of inflammation; this salve helps with joint pain. I also rub it on my belly when my guts are in turmoil. As a Crossfitter, i Read more about review stating Helps my gut and sore musclest helps with aches in my sore muscles. As a female, it works wonders for cramping. …knots in my neck… I could go on…My husband has arthritis in his ankles that is often aggravated by the machinery he works on – salve before bed takes the pain away. In our household we use it for all the bumps and bruises, muscle pains, soreness, etc.

  11. Bob

    Deep relief
    Instant and long lasting relief with a pleasant, not typical scent. The relief goes deeper than I had suspected.

  12. Superior W.

    No more prescriptions!!!!!
    Review by Sherri M. on 8 Apr 2019review stating No more prescriptions!!!!!Awesome product. I use the salve along with my Hemp Oil for chronic pain. Very happy to say my pain is gone. I will continue to use these products. No more prescriptions!!!!!

  13. Claudia

    Tempers pain from my knee surgery
    A friend knows the extreme pain I am in, had Knee replacement surgery, that during the surgery, they tore my rotator cuff. Had to have two surgeries – no one would listen to me… NOW the something is REALLY wrong with the knee surgery. and I am in so much pain, I sound like I have Tourettes Syndrome when I move.. a friend knows I used to use Kratom Read more about review stating Tempers pain from my knee surgeryand into CBD oils but I could not find anything in Fla that really touched the pain.. so he very generously ordered me salve and the oil. (I know he cannot afford to do that) but I am so grateful that he did, and I will send him the money he had to have spent. (He has a sanctuary of over 60 animals and he is a Army Vet, and I know he cannot afford to have gotten this for me.. But I am happy with the product and will order more

  14. Gs

    My nerve pain has diminished
    I started using your product in September 2018. I consider myself healthy except for the few aging things that happen; sore shoulders, knees. I was just tolerating those. Then I was hit with nerve pain. I just was not able to function due to the pain.

    Now, in April of 2019, nerve pain is diminished. My shoulders no longer hurt, my knees w Read more about review stating My nerve pain has diminishedere able to take the hills in Spain! I would have never believed this should someone have told me. Thank you.

  15. Karen K.

    I suffer from arthritis in my right thumb, especially, and it can wake me at night. My sister-in-law, who is a potter and has a similar complaint, first introduced the Straight Hemp salve to me. I’ve found that by using a bit of the Straight Hemp salve on my right thumb joint each night before bedtime really helps and it’s become a part of my nigh Read more about review stating Thumbs up!ttime routine. I have shared news of this product with some family members and friends and I know at least one of them has also become a big fan. She wrote me back that what she could really use would be a spray product she could spray over her whole body after she got out of the shower to help with various pains and complaints!

  16. Terry L.

    Great for my sister & me
    If I have pain in my knees I apply the hemp salve and pain is gone within 10 minutes. Anywhere I have pain I put on the salve. My sister has severe arthritis and could not sleep because of the pain. Now she uses the salve with relieve to sleep. She was at the point she could not lift her leg and driving was difficult. Now symptoms are subsiding an Read more about review stating Great for my sister & med we are going to buy more straight hemp salve from rawk restaurant. Thank you so much. I tell everyone about the hemp products.

  17. Lisa J.

    I wake up differently each morning
    I’m amazed that I wake up in the morning with fewer aches & pains in my hips and lower back since taking Straight Hemp CBD oil daily for the past 4 months. I also use the CBD salve on my temples when I have a barometric pressure headache and it really helps! I highly recommend their brand of CBD products. #ThanksStraightHemp

  18. Heather R.

    Smells great to boot!
    I have epilepsy and am a trail runner. I use hemp products to maintain my overall health and wellness, and to aid in recovery from training. I’ve had the opportunity to use Straight Hemp’s Hemp Healing Salve for several weeks and have really enjoyed it! The salve has a fantastic consistency and the essential oils smell amazing and add benefits! It Read more about review stating Smells great to boot!’s been refreshing to use on sore muscles throughout training.

  19. Antonio R.

    Reduces my inflammation
    Salves are my go to for aches and pains as a trail runner. This salve is great for easing discomfort and helping reduce inflammation in specific areas of the body.

  20. Scott

    Golfer’s elbow
    Apply to golfers elbow before and after golfing or long trips driving and the Salve decreases discomfort and pain about 80-90%. Shared with golfing buddies and each one has ordered next size and strength larger. Smells refreshing and eucalyptus menthol mint feels great.

  21. Britneybrightwell

    Relief for my nerve pain
    I am a type 1 Diabetic and constantly have nerve pain inmy feet at the end of a long day. My go-to for relief is an Epsom salt foot bath followed by a foot massage with this hemp salve. Highly recommended for anyone with chronic pain!!

  22. Karen B.


  23. Gary O.

    hand. I have recommended it to many of my fellow former athlete friends.
    I’m been using this salve every night on my knee. It has provided significant relief from soreness and pain in the joint. It also works for aches in my fingers &

  24. Amy

    Works for my neck pain and headaches
    This salve is SO wonderful! The smell is heavenly, the texture is so smooth and rich and it absorbs quickly. I have found it very beneficial for neck pain, headaches and itchy skin. I just love the way it feels on my skin and could honestly wear it as a perfume I love the fragrance so much!

  25. Efungcap

    Pain and soreness
    Helped relieve pain from sore back from over exercising.

  26. Pamela B.

    Neck and back pain
    Works really well for neck and back pain

  27. Susan K.

    “Best in Show”
    No other hemp company’s topical cbd balm is as effective as Straight Hemp. Most comprehensive ingredients too. Soooo effective for joint arthritis pain. I depend on it and it never fails.

  28. Dana P.

    What a relief
    Straight hemp balm work for all of my aches and pains.
    I’m a former D1 athlete that has had over 10 surgeries and this balm works miracles on my joints. With out it I wouldnt be able to get to sleep! I have recommended the balm to over 16 people thus far and the all arw greatful for Straight Hemp Balm and it’s healing power!

  29. Theresa R.

    Straight hemp balm
    The CBD balm works like magic when you have a sore place, a cut or a wound. It helps the area to heal much faster than normal and takes out the soreness.

  30. Susan S.

    The balm is really great for my Arthritis in my hands. Had been having Issues with some tendinitis in my ankle and thought I would give it a try and the pain has gone after well over a year.

  31. Adnan K.

    Straight Hemp/ straight winning
    Best products hands down. I’m a golfer and this balm works for me. I rub it on my back and it does wonders.

  32. Candice C.

    Chronic Pain Savior!! **Pregnant**
    I have severe chronic pain that is 24/7. I have used the vape and love it but i am currently 7 months pregnant and this is the only thing that will take the pain away enough for me to function like a normal person!! So thankful!

  33. Deborah D.

    instant relief for my plantar fasciitis. smells good too!

  34. Michelle R.

    Quick Relief, Easy to Apply!
    We’ve been using the balm to alleviate arthritis pain – mine in my fingers and my husband with his knees. It is immediately comforting and provides fast relief with having to take pills. Love that it is pure and natural

  35. Anne-marie K.

    Pain relief
    The CBD balm when used consistently relieves arthritis in my back, hand and foot.

  36. Pat K.

    The smell is just more than I can handle

  37. Teresa P.

    Arthritic knees
    I rub it in every night, and I can sleep! Sometimes without the pillow between my knees! It takes the chronic pain I have everyday…. to getting the rest I need. No throbbing, no “getting stuck” and waking me up… wonderful

  38. Sharon E.

    Using it on scalp psoriasis. Works great.

  39. Michael L.

    If you find yourself with a skin condition…
    This stuff is way beyond good, it’s mother nature’s blessing for each of us. If you find you have skin disorders of any kind, then give this a try. It holds within itself a healing potential that is nothing short of remarkable. I won’t go into the specifics of what it has healed (that’s right “healed”) in my body. But I will reiterate this one thi Read more about review stating If you find yourself with a skin condition…ng: If you find yourself with a skin condition of any kind… then give this salve a try.

  40. Alice B.

    I bought this for a Christmas gift. My daughter hikes and likes to have balm in the cold weather. Will let you know how she feels about this later.

  41. Terry W.

    The real deal
    At first I was more than a little skeptical….but this stuff realy works….definitely will buy again

  42. Wanda B.

    awesome stuff
    It is amazing how this balm helps healing and the scent is very calming as well.

  43. Alicia H.

    Good product, but container getting much smaller. That part I didn’t like. It will be too expensive for me. Thanks

  44. Margot M.

    Lovely product
    I love the smell and texture. I feel immediate relief after applying. Definitely going to add this as a regular part of my self care ritual!

  45. Jeanne W.

    Joint pain aid
    This product is amazing. I am fifty and have arthritis. This relieves joint pain almost immediately. I love it!!

  46. Richard V.

    great product
    use it on my knees before bedtime

  47. Magali C.

    I have used for different types of pain and I have felt relief.

  48. Billing N.

    Love this stuff !!
    My husband was in a car accident (hit head on) he had a very bad knee injury and this stuff got him out of pain. We have recommended this to multiple people and they too love it !! Thank you so much !!

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