Reef Wellness Lemon Citrus CBD Tincture

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When life gives you lemons, do something with them! Everyone knows Venice Beach is known for it’s laid back lifestyle and beach lifestyle, and our tincture by the same name sets up just like our favorite Venice Beach lemonade stand. Packed full of lemon flavor, our Venice Beach tincture takes you beachfront in a minute!

Full Description

Venice by Reef CBD Tinctures delivers the ultimate citrus treat in tincture form… freshly squeezed Meyer lemons! Treat your taste buds to something smooth and softly sour, with a perfect touch of sweetness. These lemons were transported straight from Italy for a rich and exotic flavor that your taste buds will certainly appreciate. Close your eyes and imagine wandering barefoot through the calming lemon groves, and breathe deeply of the calming lemon scent. Now open your eyes and your dream has come true, in the form of a 30mL bottle of tincture!

Tincture might seem intimidating, but it’s actually one of the easiest ways to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. Using the included dropper, squirt about half a milliliter of the tincture oil under your tongue, savor the refreshing lemon flavor for a few seconds, and down the hatch it goes! CBD has long been touted as helping people cope with stress, depression, and anxiety; instead of simply dealing with your problems, use the lemons in this tincture to fight back and regain your zen! Venice by Reef CBD Tinctures transforms life’s pesky lemons into a flavorful tincture, making lemons work for you to help regain your inner peace once more!


Ingredients: Premium Hemp Seed Oil, Proprietary Blend Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Flavored Essential Oils, Stevia Extract


18 to 34, 35 to 49, 50 to 60, 60+


Female, Male

29 reviews for Reef Wellness Lemon Citrus CBD Tincture

  1. Ann

    Effective, great taste.
    Got this as a sample when I ordered sour gummies. What a great flavor! I was not expecting it to be so light and smooth, given the wide discrepancy in tinctures from different companies. Helps a lot with my chronic headaches and jaw pain. Five stars, will remember to turn to Reef products in the future.

  2. Claire

    The 1000mg dose has worked really well.

  3. Brady

    I’m using it as they recommend and feeling awesome. I will order a few more bottles soon.

  4. Joel

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. Axel

    I’ve heard it can cure pain in the wrists and feet so I got a bottle. After my first 2 days, I can say I feel better and my pain is about 60% less hurtful.

  6. Oscar

    Gracias for the absolutely wonderful CBD tincture! Love the flavor!

  7. Santiago

    This is definitely a 5 star CBD.

  8. Mark

    Just placed my third order with you guys. Great work.

  9. Jude A.

    Why aren’t we funding this? I mean CBD seems capable of helping with so many issues and yet not many people know of its existence?!

  10. Roman

    It’s worth its weight in gold! No more pain in my left feet after just a couple of “sessions”! I can’t believe it!

  11. Wesley

    Arthritis is almost gone!!! I’m 67 and had serious problems with pain in my elbows and the lower part of my back. After a 2 week period of taking this CBD tincture I started feeling a lot better. Amazing!

  12. Gage

    All the family is taking it, starting with me, the wife and my parents and we’re all feeling super!

  13. Braxton

    Reef CBD rulez!!!

  14. Kevin D.

    My wife and I have been sleeping like logs ever since we started using CBD. Can’t thank you enough – used to be so tired…

  15. Jeremy

    I’m kicking myself for not trying this a few months back when I first heard about it.

  16. Grant

    The best CBD tincture I have ordered online.

  17. Camden

    Enjoyable flavor, rapid kick, quick shipping.

  18. Edward

    Thank you for this wonderful product! I feel 10 years younger and have the energy to back it up.

  19. Marcus

    I take a bit more than the recommended dosage because I like the extra kick that gives me.

  20. Jonah

    This is some high-quality CBD. Has that nice lemon flavor we (well most of us anyway) know and love.

  21. Emmanuel

    Fast shipping + top notch product + great price = very happy customer.

  22. Leonardo

    5+ stars from yours truly. Great CBD.

  23. Patrick D.

    Will be ordering a lot more very soon. From your tinctures this one is the best.

  24. Ryland

    No THC means I love it! No problems at work and I’m always feeling happy and alert.

  25. Victoria

    Perfect if you want to just unwind and relax after a hard day at the office.

  26. Jessie

    I am noticing less pain in my lower body after taking this for the past week. I also feel more rested in the morning.

  27. Jax

    A 5 star CBD with a strong, pleasant flavor.

  28. Elias

    Love to take this early in the morning as it gives me plenty of energy for the whole day. I like to take a full dropper instead of half. Works better for me.

  29. Damian

    Lemon citrus flavor is my absolute my fave so this is spot on and it’s easy to use as a tincture!

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