Quanta 150 mg CBD Muscle Rub

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Quanta CBD Muscle Rub is a premium natural product infused with CBD (Cannabidiol), arnica, turmeric, and a proprietary blend of essential oils for maximum anti-inflammatory relief. Packed with pain-fighting ingredients, our product works synergistically to increase circulation, ease aches and pains, and provide maximum relief, comfort, and overall well-being. This powerful, all-natural topical combines the best of science and nature, setting new expectations in pain relief.*

Our customers commonly tell us they experience relief from:

Muscle and Joint Pain
Muscle Spasms
Neuropathy Pain
Piriformis Syndrome and more.
Never greasy, our Hemp CBD lightly scented herbal rub will change the way you think about topicals.*

Our 13 all natural ingredients: Cera Alba (Beeswax), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower Oil), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Fractionated Coconut Oil), Menthol (Menthol Crystals), Limnanthes Alba Seed Oil (Meadowfoam Oil), Arnica Montana (Arnica Oil), Mentha Piperita (Peppermint Oil), Cinnamomum Camphora (White Camphor Oil), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Oil), Curcuma Longa (Turmeric Oil), Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender Oil), Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove Oil), Polarized Cannabidiol (Hemp CBD), Zingiber Officinale (Ginger Root Oil)

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All our products are all made with ZERO THC. There is no psychoactive effect from taking our products.


18 to 34, 35 to 49, 50 to 60, 60+


Female, Male

68 reviews for Quanta 150 mg CBD Muscle Rub

  1. Danny Z.

    great customer service

  2. Robert R.

    Works Instantly
    First time trying the Quanta 150mg CBD and I was impressed by how fast it worked. You can feel the pain ease away and work instantly. Used it for my lower back pain that I’ve been having for sometime now. As soon as I applied it I could feel it kick it. The aroma smells really good. If there was a candle I would definitely use it.

  3. Sharon L.

    I love it.

  4. Fred M.

    High quality- a little goes a long way
    This is great for older active adults with the typical aches and pains. Works fasts, last a long time. Great stuff!!

  5. Vincent

    Multi use!
    Not only does this product work great for localized pain relief. But I came in contact with poison oak recently and this stuff made the swelling and redness go down significantly and 100% eliminating the itching.

  6. Jamie D.

    My Clients love it! And I love it!
    Review by Jamie D. on 2 Apr 2018review stating My Clients love it! And I love it!I am a Massage Therapist and had the pleasure to work an event with Quanta this weekend, where we incorporated the CBD Massage Rub samples with our clients. Not only did the clients feel relief, but my hands felt no discomfort after 2 days of back to back massages. I will not only be incorporating this product in my practice, but for sure be using Read more about review stating My Clients love it! And I love it!for my own personal self care. Highly recommended

  7. Lauren C.

    Using three times a day and grateful for its effect

  8. Shelley H.

    Pain Relief For Chronic Pain!
    The level of relief from multiple chronic health issues is amazing. Fibromyalgia, traumatic disfiguring arthritis, and a myriad of problems stemmed from service in the military.
    Quanta is dedicated in providing an amazing product through its process that optimizes cannabis in its upmost capacity.
    The muscle rub has had an great affect with Read more about review stating Pain Relief For Chronic Pain!pain relief on inflammation.

  9. Alexandria N.

    Quanta vape
    I just ordered 3 of these, 2 for my daughter away in college, she suffers from anxiety and can’t sleep..these have been awesome for her. And one for me too, love them.

  10. Dave R.

    Best Muscle Rub
    Tried many other rubs, this is the best available, no comparison.

  11. Eve S.

    I haven’t used this product yet, however I am vey impressed at how quickly it arrived. I ordered it in the afternoon on a Thursday and it arrived in my mail by the next day. Super impressed!

  12. Marlo W.

    This stuff is amazing
    I had a fractured Tib and Fib. I was out of work for 5 months. Was having a hard time getting the swelling in my calf to come down which was hindering me to walk . This stuff did the trick. I am now walking with no cane and the swelling continues to come down. Just ordered two more.

  13. Melissa L.

    The only thing that helped at all with severe whiplash pain

  14. Ingrid S.

    Wow, it works
    This product not only works but faster than any rub I have ever used. I can’t recommend it enough

  15. Geoffrey M.

    This product works better than anything I’ve tried. I was a skeptic, but now I’m a believer.

  16. Roger E.

    First try
    I have growing arthritis. The salve has definitely added-noticeably-to my pain relief.
    Thank you
    I forget to use the 15% discount with my first order. May I use it on my next order?

  17. Tracey R.

    Tight neck
    I love this muscle rub! I carry all my stress in my neck and shoulders which leads to migraines and pain. This run relaxed my neck and shoulders no migraine since I started using!

  18. Jennifer F.

    My younger sister bought this n has been useing it on her knee n then got my mom try it n my mom being mahhh non believer was gifted the rest of the tin from younger sister to keep but i got my mom the Dr Duffys brand of cbd oil in the 500mg n she took it last night n today n is taking it tonight shes a righthanded person n has been repainted the Read more about review stating Wowhouse n thought she broke her right hand pinky but has felt mobility n pain has subsided since i got her the Dr Duffys in 500mg oil taking it nightly under her toung but the rub my younger sister gave her also my mom thinks but not a 100% also helped with her whole body pain shes a lightweight n skinny n needed relief shes been in pain all her life

  19. Neva B.

    It’s great Have a bad back it helps the pain a lot

  20. Francisco C.

    Best muscle relief rub ever
    I want to thank quanta for their over and Beyond customer service! Their product works 100% I’ve always had pain in my right shoulder after using it I swear 95% of the pain is gone I can actually lift my arm up this stuff works great it’s a miracle medicine! I would highly recommend this with people with arthritis pain! And it smells great! Thanks Read more about review stating Best muscle relief rub everagain guys customer forever

  21. Joshua

    Highly recommended
    This is an amazing product. I am recovering for ACL reconstruction surgery and quanta muscle rub has improved my recovery immensely. It has reduced swelling, improved blood flow, killed pains and burning sensations as well as relax my leg for range of motion exercises. Another use was on my grandmother who woke one morning after falling a couple d Read more about review stating Highly recommendedays prior. She was in so much pain she couldn’t sit up in bed, turn over or make it to the bathroom. I rubbed less than a full container of Quanta’s sample size cream on her hip and thigh. About an hour later she was up walking pain free. Thank you Quanta!

  22. Matt C.

    It works!
    Feel good relaxing, everything seems to be working well, and bought 2!

  23. Bertha V.

    Quanta Muscle Rub ….Excellent pain reliever.

  24. Katherine G.

    Love it!
    This stuff works great and customer service was very helpful.

  25. Sue T.

    Fantastic product. Really relieves pain!

  26. James W.

    It Works
    I use the Quanta ointment on a toe that was previously broken and got aggravated plus a painful shin bruise. Quanta relieves the pain within a few minutes. It works great!

  27. Bridget R.

    Best CBD Rub I’ve Tried!
    I’ve tried a few muscle rubs before and this is the best one by far! The smell is pretty strong but pleasant.

  28. Carlo O.

    Amazing product
    Love this product. Great to apply to any muscular pains and has a great speedy effect

  29. Nelson J.

    A GODSEND!!! Improved quality of life!!
    I got this product for my aunt. She has severe pain in hands due to arthritis. This product is a godsend!!! I highly recommend it.

  30. Joseph G.

    Fast Acting — Truly works. Has to be the HEMP!!
    So an as avid tennis player and hiker, i am constantly in search of deep penetrating and fast acting rubs. This ones formula i have been using for the past two weeks with amazing results!! It also has helped me tremendously for a chronic neck pain issue i have been having. Cant recommend enough!! Joseph

  31. John V.

    Great Product!
    This rub is pretty amazing!

  32. Jose C.

    Works Wonders
    Used the muscle rub today, works wonders. My girlfriend Leslie has been using it every day. Thank you!

  33. Alyssa T.

    I rubbed some on my neck and knees before flying cause we all know how cramped planes can be and how it can make you achy. Love the clean ingredients. It gives you a cool sensation when you put it on and helps with any type of pain!

  34. Joanna Y.

    Just Got It In The Mail
    Need to put this on my hands and knees! Best CBD muscle rub!

  35. April E.

    Ex Baseball Player – Value even for Price
    My husband is an ex baseball player and has bad shoulders and rheumatoid arthritis. We’ve tried everything to help with the pain. I was skeptical, especially at the price. But it works. It’s really helped relieve his pain dramatically. You only need a small amount as well.

  36. Christi E.

    Great product!
    This stuff is amazing!! I’m using it after shoulder surgery, & it has helped so much! Not a long-lasting effect, but it will get you through the present task. I highly recommend.

  37. Sharon R.

    Quanta Muscle Run
    I highly recommend this excellent product for muscle pain relief. It really works!

  38. Linda W.

    Great stuff!

  39. Linda W.

    Quanta Muscle Rib
    Love this muscle rub! I have had very good results using this, thank you for this product!

  40. Cally C.

    It works!
    It really does work!

  41. Daryl E.

    Quanta Muscle Rub is an all-around perfect product.
    As we age, we often do not sleep through the night due to trips to the bathroom. To make sure that I get the best rest I can, I apply Quanta Muscle Rub on either side of my neck. I fall asleep almost immediately, and even if I wake up during the night, the sleep I have is at an even deeper level. If I do get up, I re-apply and back to sleep I go!Read more about review stating Quanta Muscle Rub is an all-around perfect product.

    I recently had an old hand injury flare up to the point where I could not even hold a pen in my hand. I applied Quanta Muscle Rub to the affected area for a couple of days and the pain disappeared.

    As I Meeting Planner, I am often on my feet for up to 12-15 hours a day. When I get back to my room, I apply and rub in Quanta Muscle Rub to the bottom of my feet and between my toes. Not only does it stop and aches in my feet, but I sleep better as well.

    Quanta Muscle Rub is an all-around perfect product. I have used it on the sides of my neck to relax and fall asleep and sleep deeper; on the bottom of my feet to stop the aches and pains of being on my feet for long periods of time; on the sides of my nose to open up my sinuses and clear my head; and on any other body part that has an ache or pain.

  42. Gigi G.

    Love the scent!
    I have tried several CBD ointments and balms for my elbow tendinitis and knee soreness and so far Quanta has been the most effective at reducing pain, stiffness and soreness. The best thing is it smells great too!

  43. Drew L.

    It works when I use it, only downside is I forget to use it. Definitely beats ice though!

  44. Michael R.

    very happy
    Bought the CBD muscle rub for my wife and she’s very happy with the results. Shipping was fast, efficient and I appreciated the bonus “travel size” tin of CBD muscle rub that came with the order. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try out using CBD for pain relief.

  45. Tommy P.

    Great Product…
    I really love the product,and I will be a repeat customer.

  46. Eleanor S.

    Its great and we love it

  47. Laura W.

    Excellent pain reliever
    My massage therapist introduced this product to me. There is magic in it! Has a great soothing smell, and works right away to sooth achy joints and muscles. Great product, will be buying again!

  48. Luke A.

    My chiropractor used this product on me… I am now on my second order

  49. Norman R.

    Quanta CBD
    My wife has significant RA and has come to rely on your product to ease her pain periodically. Great product and we have recommended it to several friends and family.

  50. Duke K.

    Be patient
    It doesn’t work overnight but be patient. I almost gave up after a few days but within a week or so my knees had 75% less pain.

  51. Hannah

    Wart removal
    I had several warts on on toes. I applied this on them for about 2 weeks consistently and they are almost 100% gone. This stuff is amazing!! Buying more!

  52. Francine

    Rub Review
    I love this stuff it works great, bought it for back pain and my jaw cause I clinch at night, and this helps so much if I could I buy it and give it to everyone for Xmas

  53. Mayo89

    I’ve been dealing with back muscle pain for the past year or so and this stuff has been working wonders!

  54. Laci H.

    A winner for me AND my patients!
    I had a new Patient one day that was in LOVE with this muscle rub; I’m her chiropractor and I was ready to find out what was so amazing about it. I was given a contact name and was sent some samples within a few days. I used it on a number of my patients. On return visits I was begged to use the muscle rub on them again and again until several dec Read more about review stating A winner for me AND my patients!ided to buy it for themselves. Myself, I recently strained a rotator cuff muscle working out with resistance bands and it was amazing how much relief I got immediately and was able to sleep like a baby and then continue workouts right away. Mind blowing stuff!! I highly recommend this muscle rub to ALL my patients and friends alike.

  55. Philip F.

    Excellent pain relief
    I use this product for my feet,hands,and various other areas a needed. My wife uses it also and enjoys pain relief as well. I have recommended this product to others and for the most part they have had positive results as well.

  56. Marshall L.

    joint pain
    Does a very job of relieving shoulder pain….Recommended to friends with joint

  57. Marianne G.

    Love it!
    This rub works really well! My sister shared some her rub with us (it was recommended by her chiropractor.) Both my husband and I thought it worked quite well, so I ordered some for us. Although I think the menthol is part of the reason it works so well, there are times when it might not be appropriate to small quite that much, so I was pleased to Read more about review stating Love it!see there is also an “unscented” version without the menthol. We orderd both!

  58. Laura L.

    Best relief
    The doctor prescribed a pill and I ordered the muscle rub. I have to pain and didn’t waist my money on a pill.

  59. Chris C.

    The best of all the CBD pain relieving rubs
    This one seems to combine all the best stuff from the traditional pain rubs with cbd. Salve is thick and a bit oily. Works quick, last a while for a topical and feels good.

  60. Lloyd F.

    Quanta muscle rub
    This was exactly as described, wonderful product that produces a warm feel with an Aramaic smell.

  61. John L.

    Great product!
    I use this every day for my sore muscles. I LOVE it!
    Very quick service in getting my order.

  62. Wyethia M.

    This is an excellent product. The owner is fantastic

  63. Eric P.

    Simply the Best
    Hands down the best muscle rub ever!

  64. Kristina E.

    Quanta Muscle Rub – The best thing to hit the shelves since sliced bread
    Seriously folks – I’m not sure how we existed before QuantaCBD. I received a sample of this back in June and I’ve replenished my Quanta supply every month since – and I’ve sent out plenty of samples to my friends and family. My husband suffers from chronic upper body pain due to a failed spine – and this stuff is the only topical we’ve ever found Read more about review stating Quanta Muscle Rub – The best thing to hit the shelves since sliced breadto silence the throbbing, stabbing nerve pain. I am a believer… and you will be too!

  65. Thai N.

    Amazing Pain Relief !
    I use this for pain relief. If my neck goes out or I have sore muscles post training, I go to this balm instead of popping pain pills because it’s a Natural based product. Smells great too! I’ve recommended this product to a bunch of people from the gym and they all love it!

  66. Mikael S.

    Cool. Menthol-Cool!
    Never believed in lotions, oitments and other snake oil. But this WORKS!

  67. Eugene A.

    Fantastic product!
    I love all the quanta products. The regular strength 150mg feels great before workouts. It’s very soothing on the muscles and prevents cramping while I train.

  68. Kalyn

    Fibromyalgia Relief FINALLY
    I have lived my adult life having just gotten used to the chronic pain everywhere from fibromyalgia and migraines. Nothing really helped. This is the first product that brought fast, deep, complete and lasting relief. I’m still adjusting to the feeling of such decreased levels of pain. As a single mom to 2 boys means being able to remain active an Read more about review stating Fibromyalgia Relief FINALLYd limber – this does it. You have gained a customer for life!

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