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Daily capsule formula formulated with regeneratively grown hemp extract (CBD), herbal nootropics and adaptogens that assist in brain health, focus, mental clarity and function. Each of the 30 capsules include 15mg CBD + 525mg of herbs.

Benefits *

Brain Health
Promotes circulation and function while actively repairing and protecting from the brain and its transmitters from neuronal damage.

Mental Alertness
Provides healthy oxygen flow to the micro-vascular system of the brain.

Improved Memory and Cognition
Compounds are beneficial for improving affect recall, recognition memory, attention, concentration, mood and reaction time.

Antioxidant Support
Supports the integrity of vascular systems and healthy inflammatory response.

Social Behavior
Enhances social presence through compounds known to reduce stress and anxiety.


18 to 34, 35 to 49, 50 to 60, 60+


Female, Male

22 reviews for Plant People – Stay Sharp

  1. Mary M.

    Love this product.
    I have more mental focus and energy.

  2. Sammy

    I love these new Stay Sharp pills. For a long time I was a slave to the pharmaceutical version of this drug (everyone in NYC knows what I’m talking about) but started replacing those blue capsules for this more natural supplement that I take daily. The results were astounding. I feel such a long lasting, clean energy that I can’t get from anything Read more about review stating I love these new Stayelse. I definitely recommend this if you have a hectic work and social life to make you check the boxes, but not feel overwhelmed.

  3. Ruth M.

    As someone who can’t drink coffee regularly due to anxiety, this product has been an amazing supplement for me in place of caffeine. The adaptogens give me energy and focus for my day, while the CBD keeps me cool and collected. It’s seriously a genius combo and it lasts me through my entire day. No crash either. πŸ™‚

  4. Erin F.

    I am a school leader in San Francisco, and my job is to revamp the public education space while working to rebrand our organization in the eyes of our entire community. I’ve been using the Stay Sharp for about 2 weeks and they’ve been an extraordinary asset for me as I work to communicate and partner with teachers, parents, and school leaders to d Read more about review stating I am a school leadero what I have to do. i take them first thing in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. Holistically harnessing over 6,200 students and all the associated stakeholders requires focus, creativity, and understanding

  5. Erin F.

    I’ve been using these stay sharp capsules for about 3 weeks now. I was skeptical at first but since I started, I’ve seen immediate positive changes…focus, energy and overall “sharpness” in communication with friends and colleagues. The mental energy boost I get from them is a must. I am a co-founder of a fast-growing company (200+ people) and wo Read more about review stating I’ve been using these stayuldn’t be able to make it thru the day with all I have to do and the decisions that need to be made. Thank you plant people team

  6. Craig P.

    I’m Senior Director of Sales by day and a busy, gigging musician by night. I recently purchased Stay Sharp and it has been amazing! 100% as advertised! Definitely reduces stress while, at the same time, keeping me alert, sharp, and on top of my game. Great product, which I will continue to recommend to others.

  7. Natalie S.

    I’m obsessed with Stay Sharp! These capsules have enhanced my alertness, productivity, and calmness. I feel I can take on anything in life right now! I recommend this product for anyone who needs a mental boost – you will not be disappointed! Thank you Plant People 🌱!

  8. Dominic D.

    Really helpful to start a workday with. The CBD makes it so I’m not jittery but alert and able to focus. Great product!

  9. Ian K.

    I love love love this product! As a bartender for years its hard to find a suitable compromise for staying up late than this. As a recently ex-smoker this helped me stay vibrant and get through the worst of the fever and coughing fits. Thank you plant people for yet another outstanding product, I’ll not go a day without the stay sharp.5 Stars


    These capsules have been a total game changer for me!! I was dealing with brain fog and anxiety for years. I can’t even believe how much these capsules have impacted my daily routine. My productivity and ability to focus have improved dramatically, and I haven’t felt any anxiety since I started taking Sharp (about 1 month). So grateful to have fou Read more about review stating These capsules have been and the Plant People!

  11. Carl R.

    Bioavability of the CBD in this form seems quite low, however the effects claimed in the product description can be felt mildly.

  12. Samantha

    I love these! As someone who has struggled with both ADHD and anxiety my entire life, these have been a total game changer. The effect is subtle – you’re not jittery or bouncing around on an amphetamine high – just clear and focused and calm. The way you’d like to feel every day. While I’ve only been taking these for a week, I have been taking Pla Read more about review stating I love these As someonent People products long term and cannot emphasize enough how much they’ve helped me.

  13. Marcy G.

    The stay sharp capsules are absolutely wonderful! I have more energy when taking them, yet feel calm, uplifted and focused. It’s a very interesting mix of herbs and plants that seem to effectively address so many of the reasons why I would take a supplement. As an added bonus, the persistent adult acne I had before taking these has completely clea Read more about review stating The stay sharp capsules arered after only one week. I know it’s a result of taking this product, because nothing else has changed in my diet or daily routine.

  14. Sean W.

    Excellent product
    My focus did improve significantly along with my mood and I’m a very introverted person and it relaxed me enough to be able to talk to people for more than 5 minutes. Only problem I have with the product is the price. Most focus meds are from 20 to 30 bucks. I can basically put this one together with about 45 given the ingredients so I don’t see p Read more about review stating Excellent productaying for it again.

    That being said if you want to pay the 60 bucks a month it does work very well!

  15. Jessie T.

    So yea,can tell the product
    So yea,can tell the product has some influence on the bodies stiffness ,but little on the mental.

  16. Megan B.

    Excellent, first time trying and feel more focused at times πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ thanks

  17. Jenna Q.

    Stay sharp has been really great. I was a bit doubtful but surprisingly keeps me alert.

  18. Katherine B.

    Hard to say what helps more stay sharp or drops + sleep finally giving me restful sleep. I can really tell a difference, I’m more energetic and happier than I have been in months. Plus it’s only one pill a day, so it isn’t adding too much to my handful I take already.

  19. Brandon F.

    Love Stay Sharp! Feel great mentally and physically

  20. Mark D.

    Love This Product!
    Before, I would need a cup of coffee in the afternoon or a Red Bull/Monster to help re-energize my focus. But after taking Stay Sharp for a few days, I found myself on my A-game throughout the entire day and into the evening. No more jolts needed! Stay Sharp is a much better and healthier way to go! For me, it works!!!

  21. Branden B.

    Helps balance things out
    So when anxiety would come up, I have the capacity to talk myself out of it and not let it worry my mind. I also have more of an ability to make decisions for myself and not let anxiety or stress make the decision. It helps me to time out, pause, and get clarity.

    Not gonna lie though, when I first took it, I got a headache. Maybe because Read more about review stating Helps balance things outI took 3 pills. I dialed it back to 2 pills and there was no more headache.

  22. Katie

    Bought as gift
    Bought this for my mom (age 60). She just quit smoking cigarettes and has a very demanding job. She says her days seem smoother, more stamina and just overall she feels great on this product.

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