Plant People – Drops + Relief

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Fast-acting, full spectrum hemp extract formulated to support everyday recovery, discomfort and healthy inflammatory response. (Servings: ~60)

Benefits *

Soothe Inflammation
Blend of cannabinoids, terpenes and supportive ingredients that have been validated through research to reduce inflammation.

Reduce Oxidative Damage
Increased antioxidants support homeostasis of cellular health.

Ease Discomfort
CBC and CBG support the body’s response to pain, helping reduce acute and continued response.

Reduce Cramps
CBD is widely known to relax smooth muscle contractions by targeting receptors deep in the muscle tissue.

Protect Brain Function
Cannabinoids, including CBD can protect against ischemic insults, such as stroke or trauma.


18 to 34, 35 to 49, 50 to 60, 60+


Female, Male

20 reviews for Plant People – Drops + Relief

  1. Cassie G.

    My daughter turned me on
    My daughter turned me on to Plant People. I had a double hip replacement. Luckily the recovery wasn’t bad and I was back on my feet quickly, but I didn’t want to use any intense pain meds. The relief drops got me through the experience. Now I use them for my everyday stiffness.

  2. Dana R.

    Having a little morning CBD
    Having a little morning CBD oil ritual is a godsend. I felt a lightness in my legs that’s a relief from the ache and swelling I usually have first thing (Lyme complication BS). I had tried topical CBD before but it was more like menthol for sore muscles and it didn’t have the whole-system effects of PP. Definitely helped me feel overall more balan Read more about review stating Having a little morning CBDced. A salve for my oft-agitated, inflamed system! Also, less significant, but it helped balance out any caffeine jitters to make mornings feel more healthful and peaceful overall.

  3. Dana R.

    For years i’ve lived with
    For 10 years i’ve lived with pain. I experienced with my feet, pain, numbness, stinging, and very sensitive. Thanks to this relief, I’m now experiencing some changes with my pain. My wife suffers pain, so today, I just added a new order for my wife. We’d truly love to get auto-shipping. When is that happening!? I am currently taking this relief dr Read more about review stating For years i’ve lived withops 3 times a day for my pain and it helped. On the first day I took the product — guess what, my pain level dropped from 10 to 2. I was going to wait to write this review after taking this product for a month, but I am too excited to wait

  4. Dana R.

    This product was a life-saver
    This product was a life-saver! I tested Relief Tincture to relieve my chronic back pain that usually gets worse when I am under stressful situations. I felt a huge difference after two days taking the tincture. My shoulders and neck were more relaxed, and the pain went away completely after a few days. I also felt calmer than usual. I’ve tried man Read more about review stating This product was a life-savery holistic therapies and adaptogens, but I felt this one was more effective in a long-term period. Will definitely continue using it.

  5. Robert

    I was lucky enough to
    I was lucky enough to discover this tincture. As an avid outdoorsman and cyclist I have found it to be great for helping me recover after long rides. Although I had never heard of CBC and CBG it seems like the other compounds along with turmeric and black pepper really adds to the product!

  6. Cassie G.

    My menstrual cramps are actually
    My menstrual cramps are actually debilitating. I can’t sleep because of them. There’s nothing worse. Thank g-d for these drops. If I do wake up from cramps, I feel better within 15-20 min and can sleep again.

    I haven’t tried taking them before bed yet to see if I can eliminate waking up at all. Next month!

  7. Dana R.

    After having been diagnosed with
    After having been diagnosed with testicular cancer a few months ago, I had to go through the surgical procedure to remove the tumor — as a result, I had to take pharma pain medications to recover from the surgery and just general pain from learning how to walk again. I never thought I’d use an herbal supplement so much like this relief tincture. Read more about review stating After having been diagnosed withI was actually shocked. It helped me ease into comfort on the couch, falling a sleep and overall inflammation from the surgery marks. I’m so gratefull plant people!!!

  8. Cassie G.

    I’ve been a competitive athlete
    I’ve been a competitive athlete my entire life, which as taken a toll on my back and neck. I also have scoliosis that causes residual pain. When it flares up from stress or gets agitated my pain is a constant distraction.

    The relief oil (I take it under my tongue, but also tried it directly on my back – tip!) has been the only thing that Read more about review stating I’ve been a competitive athleteimmediately improved my back/neck. I did have to take it every couple of hours, but would rather this than something unnatural.

  9. Dana R.

    I’m and I’ve had increasingly
    I’m 29 and I’ve had increasingly severe back pain each year. I have used their Plant Balm in the past which has always helped reduce my pain but after testing out the new Drops+ Relief in tandem with the Plant Balm I’ve found the holy grail of pain relief! I take some at night right before bed and right when I wake up in the morning. The flavor is Read more about review stating I’m and I’ve had increasinglyamazing! Love the ginger/tumeric combo but have a super heightened taste sense so it was a little intense for ME (hence the 4 starts) BUT i had a few friends try it and they LOVED the taste. 🙂 Would highly recommend to anyone struggling with daily spinal pain.

  10. Ale D.

    Hey Plant People I was
    Hey Plant People…I was on my death bed with period cramps. I tried 2 advils. No avail. Thought some coffee would do. No avail. Rested in bed with no avail. Remembered I had heard that your body salve was good for pain relief and cramps. So I added some to my pelvis area — it helped a bit but I then tried these Relief drops. My boyfriend gave th Read more about review stating Hey Plant People I wasem to me before he went out to get his breakfast sandwich. He returned in 5 minutes. No joke. I was feeling way better. Truly night and day…for me…and for him. I (we) can’t thank you enough 🙂

  11. Bess C.

    So glad I found Plant
    So glad I found Plant People for their wonderful products that really helped me!

  12. Carolyn S.

    Pain Relief
    I have constant pain and swelling in my hands and wrists from welding and fabrication work. After a few days, the Drops+ Relief formula has made an enormous difference in both pain and swelling. The trick is sticking to taking the drops. I haven’t taken Ibuprofen since and I don’t have to worry about random U.A. from work! Thank you Plant People!

  13. Rkelle6571

    I’ve used drops relief for
    I’ve used drops relief for almost 2 weeks, and don’t notice a big difference in my pain.
    I think you should offer a sampler of mind and body, relief, and sleep.
    I’d love to hear your feedback.

  14. Nicole R.

    Just ok for inflammation
    Just ok. Won’t buy again

  15. Dianne B.

    Works great for me!
    Works great for me!

  16. Rebbeca G.

    Great relief-strong taste
    Works wonders but has a very strong tumeric, ginger taste. It’s fine, but was hoping to put it in my lattes etc. Best taken as quickly as possible. But, my body does feel so much better.

  17. SammyRev

    Neck pain
    I got these drops for my neck pain from staring at a computer all day. They definitely work and i love the taste. Thanks for making these products!

  18. Gordana L.

    These drops work!!!
    Purchased the relief drops for my 85 yr. old grandmother and the results are amazing! I see cognitive improvements as well as physical. She’s even been telling her friends about it! Thank you Plant People!

  19. William S.

    I have been using Drops for a few weeks. It is help my leg pain

  20. Kyle C.

    Works for chronic headaches
    I have chronic headaches. Regular use of OTC pain relievers also agitate my stomach. Drops+relief helps my headaches within about 20 minutes. Not a cure, but a help.

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