MAXCBD Pain Relief Bundle

(14 customer reviews)


1x Pain Relief Cream

1x 2500mg CBD Tincture

1x Lavender&CBD Soothing Cream

Why You Will Love It

  • The best of the best – Only the highest natural quality hemp oil.
  • Unique extraction process.
  • Best quality Full Spectrum CBD.
  • Made and grown in the USA.
  • Made with Pesticide Free and Non-GMO Industrial Hemp Oil.
  • 100% Non-psychoactive, will not get you “high”.
  • Perfectly developed for mind-body balance & general wellness.

Do you struggle with chronic or acute pain?

The pain relief bundle is for those dedicated to improving their health without synthetic, addictive, compounds.

The soothing CBD & lavender cream prevents annoying daily aches. Full-spectrum oil helps supercharge your immune system. The pain relief cream fights the “occasional” terrible pain.

  • Full Spectrum Difference: Every part of the hemp plant is harvested. Unlike isolates, you get the natural powers of a “plant in a bottle.”
  • Synergistic Effects: Each product enhances a different part of your body with CBD. They increase each other’s effectiveness.
  • Groundbreaking Research: CBD is the science-backed plant that can transform your health.
  • Proven Powers: A cornucopia of health-boosting plants, vitamins, and minerals have already been shown to protect you from pain.
  • Toxin-free: Careful growing process avoids GMO’s, funghi, and pesticides.
  • Independently tested: All claims on quality and purity have been verified by an independent laboratory.

This bundle is a commitment to a life without pain and synthetic medications.

Supercharge your endocannabinoid system, balance your body, and uncover a happier life.

We created this bundle just for you. Our 2500mg Full Spectrum Tincture is a true powerhouse in our line of pure CBD tinctures.

Benefit from a hearty dose of MaxCBD to get an instant sense of wellbeing to get you through the day.

Additionally, the Soothing Lavender & CBD Cream and as well as Full Spectrum Tincture combination will assist your body from the inside out to relieve stress and keep you focused throughout your busy day.

Using these products together will effectively help you reduce pain and soothe every part of your body, so you can be the best version of yourself, every day.

How and where to store my products?

Store in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, sunlight, and humidity in order to preserve quality.


18 to 34, 35 to 49, 50 to 60, 60+


Female, Male

14 reviews for MAXCBD Pain Relief Bundle

  1. Kelly Petersen

    Customer service are not working on the weekend!!!! I needed help and they got back to me only Monday morning.

  2. Ruth Johnson

    I have severe arthritis pain in my hips and using MaxCBD in my daily routine makes my day easier to get through

  3. Robert G. Kelly

    Real relief with full spectrum oil and the cream! Best value! Thank yall!

  4. Amanda Vega

    Great stuff. Wish I would have tried it sooner.

  5. Gregory Gomez

    Love it and it arrives so quick. You guys are the best. Thank you

  6. John Toney

    No more achy knees..:)

  7. Richard Ferguson

    Maxcbd is the only place I use. Fast shipping, great prices, and quality products. I know what I am getting with Maxcbd products

  8. Daniel Schneider

    I am much satisfied with the products, they gave me much help with my health. stress, body pain. I have recommended to family members.

  9. Rusell Mickey

    It works quickly and calms my pain. As with anything I wish the feeling lasted longer… I’m ordering more. Good price and it does its job

  10. Kim Craig

    It works quickly and calms my pain. As with anything I wish the feeling lasted longer… I’m ordering more. Good price and it does its job

  11. Stanley Palmer

    Great service and excellent products.

  12. James Stephen

    I have tried a lot of CBD pain cremes and this product is amazing.

  13. Heather Longfellow

    I absolutely love their products, I have tried other CBD full spectrum products and have returned to using these.

  14. James N. Rowell

    It helps my neuropathy better then any product I have used. Great products. Helps relieve my pain like no other product I have used.

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