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King Kalm™ Crunch is our exciting new chew. This All Natural recipe is made with organic ingredients and formulated by our Licensed Holistic Physician and Nutritionist. Each vitamin and Omega-3 rich one is slowly baked at a low temperature then dehydrated to maintain its nutritional value. It is an excellent source of macro/micro nutrients and anti-oxidant benefits. Use daily as part of an overall health and wellness program. There are approximately 30 per bag.

Honey Roasted Almond Oats Almighty Dog & Pet Ingredients:
Gluten Free Stone Ground Oat Flour
Rolled Oats
Black Peppercorn

17 reviews for KING KALM™ Crunch – Honey Oats

  1. Anna F.

    Sofi is 9 and she is very active and sometimes get sore and achey. I’ve noticed a huge difference and she loves it!!! I’ve been consistently giving the crunchies and the cbd oil for months. Happy tails ❤️🙏🏼🐕

  2. Mary Anne B.

    Helps car anxiety
    Will you be at doggiepaloosa

  3. Yvonne C.

    My dog couldn’t get enough of these yummy treats.

  4. Amy S.

    Absolutely love the products! Thank you for helping my senior dogs!

  5. Alison L.

    Holly actually like them which is as she is a very fussy eater is amazing.

  6. Jodi B.

    I have 3 Siberian Huskies and they absolutely love these treats. I’m definitely ordering more.

  7. Tanna Y.

    Love ALL the products for my sensitive Dane !!

  8. Kim O.

    Seems to work good

  9. Jennifer F.

    I use the King Kalm treats to supplement Belle’s CBD regimen. The treats are great when we have rainstorms and Belle is running all over the house due to her severe anxiety. The treats help her to lie down- she is still nervous but able to lie down instead of panting and pacing.

  10. Julia D.

    It’s fireworks season here…and although all fireworks are illegal in Los Angeles, it doesn’t stop people in our area from setting them off from May through July. My poor dog Bear is just miserable. Every year before this one he’s been a wreck, quivering and terrified, trying to crawl into my skin in fear. Challenging when it’s 100 degrees outside and he’s one hundred pounds of hot scared fur! This year, we started giving him King Kalm Crunch treats in May to see if that might help. We certainly didn’t want him on tranquilizers for three months. This year, he notices the fireworks, and prefers to go to a small dark corner, but he’s not terrified and quivering. Happy boy makes for a happy family! Thanks!

  11. Maria P.

    He loves getting his cookie! Thanks so much for the great product and excellent customer service.

  12. Michelle B.

    Wonderful! I’ve tried everything for my Weimaraner with separation anxiety and nothing worked even the prescription meds did nothing. A little while after taking this he is calm and will quickly lay down and sleep. Works well when I leave him with a relative for a little while or when he’s not invited to the dinner party and needs to be separated from the people.

  13. Nicholas V.

    I didn’t fully buy into the CBD deal, but our dog was dealing with significant anxiety issues causing other complications. Within three days of using these treats she was leaping around and acting like a happy healthy dog! I was very surprised and impressed.

  14. Andrew N.

    The best CBD product we have tried . We have seen results in both senior dogs. We are cutomers for life and just ordered 4 bags Monday.

  15. Kathy P.

    Love that my dog is more mellow

  16. Alexander B.

    Daisy loves these treats and we can tell a definitive improvement in her for pain management! Thanks King Kanine! You’ve helped our 15 year old girl be more comfortable! Can’t say how much she appreciates it!

  17. Andrew N.

    Just received for more bags today actually. My 10 and 13 year olds are doing amazing

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