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King Kalm™ Crunch is our exciting new chew. This All Natural recipe is made with organic ingredients and formulated by our Licensed Holistic Physician and Nutritionist. Each vitamin and Omega-3 rich one is slowly baked at a low temperature then dehydrated to maintain its nutritional value. It is an excellent source of macro/micro nutrients and anti-oxidant benefits. Use daily as part of an overall health and wellness program. There are approximately 30 per bag.

Organic Apple Cinnamon Dog & Pet Summer Ingredients:
Gluten Free Stone Ground Oat Flour
Organic Apple
Black Peppercorn

20 reviews for KING KALM™ Crunch – Apple Cinnamon

  1. Mary Ann B.

    Works great if given before a short car ride

  2. Erika A.

    My boys love these treats!

  3. Brianna B.

    These calming treats seriously were better than we expected!! We gave the treats to our dogs a few hours before doing our weekly nail trim. This week everyone was so relaxed due to these treats, we were able to get everyone’s nails done is almost half the amount of time !!

  4. Edith H.

    “Delicious!” says my Lab!!

  5. Judi B.

    My 13 yr old dog started getting very anxious over the last yr and a half while losing her hearing. Once she was deaf her anxiety went through the roof. I started with the King Kalm oil, and then switched to the King Kalm Crunchies due to the fact that she is food obsessed and to her they are treats. What a world of difference your product is made in our lives! Our dog no longer spends her evenings whimpering and unable to settle. She is back to the happy, relaxed, couch potato she used to be. Thrilled with the King Kalm products!!!

  6. Claudia S.

    After 2 days of taking King Kanine crunch, BumbleB, a 140 lb Great Pyrenees, is much calmer. He still has issues w aggression because he is so protective and had an abusive first year of life. I feel it has made him easier for me to handle. That is priceless💙

  7. Katelyn

    My dogs love these! My lab mix prefers the apply but my pit loves apple and blueberry.

  8. Melissa P.

    I give these treats during the day, in between morning and evening King Kalm doses. Love the all natural ingredients! Shared some with the neighbor dogs and even ate one myself. 👍 from all of us!

  9. Lorraine H.

    My dogs love the taste and take them easily. They lineup parentheses me going for them.

  10. Tracy M.

    Both of my pups are terrified of bad weather. In Alabama lately we have had some severe weather. After giving them your products the Apple treats they were still anxious but it was much better.
    Thank you so much

  11. Crystal K.

    We took a road trip with our dog for the first time. She’s usually very excited and anxious in the car and she can never seem to relax. I gave her the recommended dosage for our trip and she was the calmest she’s ever been in the car. I’d recommend this product because it has benefited our girl for more than ther car ride

  12. Jolie G.

    I really like the apple crisps. They are good quality and my dogs love them. It’s a great way to give my dog who hates the liquid product some cbd.

  13. Jackie H.

    My furkids love these! My dane turns into a bouncing kangaroo when she sees the package.

  14. Kathleen B.

    My 15 yr old has a heart condition so I use it for her when she seems to get overly upset.

  15. Elizabeth V.

    My lab loved them. He went to the drawer where I kept them begging to get one!!

  16. Tracie G.

    All great ingredients and my dog loves them!

  17. Rebekah Z.

    Can’t rant and rave enough about these treats and company! These things are so great that they have been running out. I hope they get more in stock soon!! Our old lady wasn’t doing too well earlier this morning, so I gave her an extra treat, and she’s been a gem and feeling great all day!

  18. Rebekah Z.

    Riley is our old lady! She is both blind and diabetic. I give her insulin twice a day. We have taken her to many different vets over the years and no one has been able to regulate her insulin levels. So we now have just been going based on how she acts. She started going down hill over the past 6 months or so… she was struggling with the steps and even just walking. She was also starting to pee in the house every night. After consulting with a new vet, we asked her about trying cbd oil treats and she though it was a great idea. We decided to go with the apple cinnamon treats, because I’ve heard cinnamon is good for diabetics. Only 2 days after taking the treads, Riley was like a puppy again! I always feel like a liar telling people about Riley, because it’s just absolutely crazy how big of a difference, in such a short time of taking the cbd oil treats that Riley started to feel better! It’s been a joy seeing her play, jump on the couch, and just seeing and being able to tell she feels good! I would highly recommend checking out the cbd oil treats here! You will not regret it!!

  19. Alexander B.

    My dog Daisy has poor hips and had some trouble walking and getting around. She’s on a few pain meds to help her, but we’ve weened her off of some of those due to the success we have with CBD! Thank you King Kanine!

  20. Suzanne P.

    My current foster pup, Iggy from Jersey Pits Rescue has shown marked improvement with his anxiety because of your products – Thank You !!

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