KING KALM™ CBD 75mg – Small Size Dog & Cat Formula

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Made with our proprietary Broad Spectrum CBD oil combined with Krill oil and Hemp oil.

What’s Inside

Why Buy King Kalm 75mg CBD for Pets
KING KALM™ 75mg CBD with Krill oil for dogs is made with extracts obtained from industrial hemp grown exclusively in the United States.

Absolutely none of our products are imported from overseas, where quality control cannot be depended upon and where our eyes cannot have a good look at what’s going on. All of our King Kalm™ CBD products for dogs are manufactured in our GMP Certified, ISO-9001 FDA registered facility.

Our CBD for cats and dogs are tested in a third-party ISO certified lab to ensure dose accuracy, purity, and consistency. This is just one more reason our customers feel we are the best provider of CBD oil for pets in the market.

317 reviews for KING KALM™ CBD 75mg – Small Size Dog & Cat Formula

  1. Kelly R.

    Our 3 year old Aussie has loud noise anxiety and sometimes he is nervous on walks. We use the daily dose and it has been wonderful! He loves going on walks and loud noises are a little less scary.

  2. Carrie M.

    Our 11 year old Great Dane was on rimadyl and pain meds before switching to CBD. We have been able to get her off those meds while on the CBD and she is improving every day.

  3. Caroline M.

    My 6 year old Labrador Zac was diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia so after alot of research and living in the UK where it’s still in the dark ages and illegal here I could only have him on UK hemp oil and with being epileptic myself I only know too well the benefits of CBD oil so I had to look further afield to which I came across King Kanine, he was limping and couldn’t put all his weight on his leg and it was horrible to see but after receiving this and also finding the right dosage that suited him I would say after 2 weeks I have my energetic boy back, the limp has gone and he is happy and running about like a puppy again. I’m so happy i have found this and although expensive it’s worth every penny not to see my boy in any pain. I would definitely recommend and I’m also glad to see the lab tests on your site as living in scotland i have to put my trust that everything is legit so this also puts my mind at ease that it’s there for everyone to see. All in all it’s a big thumbs up from myself and my Labrador Zac.

  4. Amanda S.

    Cbd oil has helped with my dog’s hip pain and anxiety. Overall improved his quality of life!

  5. Mary N.

    So far no seizures but he was only get them now and then and we stopped his seizure meds and now have him on this. It is expensive for this 108 pound boy but we’ll keep him on it as long as we can afford! 🤗🤗🤗

  6. Suzanne M.

    Our little furbaby is so much better, she is playing, running up & down. Just not seeing her in pain is fantastic.

  7. Amy F.

    Oskar, my one year old German Shepherd developed OCD (tail chasing) when he was about 3.5 months old. He is fine with me alone, but when around my husband or others, he gets overexcited and begins spinning. He is on vet prescribed meds for his condition, but continues to have great difficulty settling around anyone but me–even when exhausted, he would keep moving/spinning. I tried the King Kalm (max dose) not really expecting too much given Oskar’s diagnosis. After a couple of weeks, Oskar has discovered a fondness for his crate when tired–a small miracle given that he never had any appreciation for it before ;). Could be coincidental? Maybe, but I really don’t think. For the first time ever, Oskar has made his own decisions to go and relax when my husband is home and near by. He still spins on a regular basis, but when tired he has finally reached a point where he wants to settle and relax. It’s really sweet to see him enjoying his “den”, calmly watching as we move around the house. I will reorder and hope he makes more progress…

  8. Monica C.

    Most definitely helps with his separation anxiety and the pacing!

  9. Wendy O.

    My boy Caesar is 7 and was diagnosed with bone cancer in February. He has undergone radiation and chemo therapy treatments. I started using the CBD oil to give him some extra comfort. It is really helping!! Thank you!!!

  10. Anastasia H.

    Lola is 15 years old and is starting to really slow down and show her age about a year ago we started using king kanine and it’s almost like there’s a pep back in her step!

  11. Devanee S.

    Our Great Dane, Maggie suddenly stopped using her hind leg due to arthritis. She was on prescription pills to help with the pain with little response. In adding King Kanine to her pills and food, she is back to her happy self with very little limping. She comes to greet me when I get home when she would only get up to eat and go to the bathroom before King Kanine. Very impressed with this product. These results did not happen overnight but I’m glad we stuck with it and keeping it consistent to get our sweet girl back.

  12. Linda J.

    Look at Chewy’s beautiful coat. Prior to using you CBD oil, he was itchy and had open spots and hair missing from allergies. He is not only itch free , his coat is better than ever. Thank you so much.

  13. Aileen R.

    Lisa my one year old German shepherd has been scattered and anxiety since I brought her home at 8 weeks. I’ve had German shepherds for 50 years so I knew she was off. I just wanted a companion dog and it took me a long time for her to bond with me. The cbd has been wonderful,she is more relaxed ,not as frantic and now sleeps through the night. Its like a new dog. I’m so happy it’s helping her. I have been using the human potion for severe nerve pain and it helps me. Wow I cannot say enough.

  14. John P.

    I have to admit I’ve only been using this particular CBD oil for 24 hours for my dog it came highly recommended from a smoke shop the individuals who sold it to me as a medical student I purchased this product because my pitbull has arthritis she’s five years old she’s only had two doses I admit that she gets up a lot easier she does not look like she is in as much pain I can see that the product works I’m hoping it will get better as time goes on but I did see immediate results within 6 hours I’ve always been hesitant about different types of products that are on the market for dogs this seems to be the safest alternative that won’t affect the dog’s organs I find it so far to be better than any other prescription drug on the market that has really bad side effects I got the 300 mg broad-spectrum CBD oil one thing that sticks out to me that I’m very impressed about this company produces their products right here in America it’s not from China I don’t like to buy anything from China especially pet products keep in mind the people from China they eat domestic animals so far I am extremely happy with how this is affecting my dog I’m also using small amounts of this for my cat who is 16 years old to help with thyroid disease it seems to keep the inflammation down and I’m hoping I can prolong her life it’s worth the price I also know that there are other CBD oils out there and you can spend a whole lot less money the question is what are you getting I did a lot of research prior to purchasing this and I spoke with my veterinarian this particular product from King kalm comes highly recommended my other concern was overdosing I’m glad there is a chart and my veterinarian told me I will not be able to overdose my dog I look forward to writing a review again in 30 days I’m very excited to be able to have this product it’s going to save me money in the long run and it’ll make my dog and my cat a lot happier I have no reason to believe this is a bad product I believe it’s a really good product

  15. Hans M.

    Our son-dog was experiencing hip in joint problems hes about 9 years old. With this product it’s like reversing him back 2 or 3 years. Huge difference in his mode much more relaxed not in pain able to get around much bettter. Increases the quality of your dog’s life. Wonderful product.

  16. Suzanne M.

    This product has helped my fur baby so much. She is back to her playful self. Thank you!@

  17. Tj O.

    Noticed results in no time at all

  18. Chris N.

    My 15 1/2 golden mix has no problems with her arthritis since taking King Kanine daily. So happy you finally got a syringe that works!
    I recommend your CBD oil all the time.

  19. Stephanie Y.

    My poor girl has elbow dysplasia and now a partial tear to her ACL. Surgery is not idea do to her elbows and the over compensation of weight transferring to them during the post op process. Also she is very sensitive to standard pain medications used in veterinary medicine. So I did the research in to doggy CBD and found King Kalm.its been amazing to see her be a puppy again, barely 3 yrs old and happy as can be.
    Thank you for your amazing product!!!! Definitely the only product I’ll use on my babies!!!!

  20. Cynthia H.

    After giving our 16 year old Hercules the CBD oil, he was much more active, and responsive. We will not go a day without it! Thank you!

  21. Karen P.

    Meet Penny – A Toy Poodle Rescue from the South, now living in New England. After a month here, last winter, I noticed her starting to limp and at times lean against walls to walk around. She would also clearly be in pain to do her business & legs collapsing. Most days she had a hard time just boosting her little 5 pound body up to rise & walk. After several doctors visits & opinions we found she had significant arthritis in her front elbow. We were given a Pain Med & Anti-Inflammatory and more. For a few months she had the pain meds 2-3 times a day (could not be without them) which concerned me & how it would affect the rest of her body so I started to research CBD after hearing how it might help pets. I tried one brand of CBD that did nothing for her, then I found King Kalm. Since she is older & arthritis was really set in, I slowly & gradually took her off all of the pain medicine monitoring each day to ensure she didn’t have pain return. Since then, she still has to have the anti-inflammatory, but she is doing good & is like a different dog. Although last month as soon as it became cold again I noticed her having some slight pain again I split her dose into am & pm & she was back to ‘her’ normal. Clearly cold is a big factor; she now sleeps with a heating pad under her bed. She can’t run really, but she can WALK & play & hop a bit. HUGE change from before finding this product. I highly recommend this product to all my friends & family who have pets who have pain.

  22. Ken R.

    I previously had really good results with the 300 mg CBD oil on my now 12 year old Bouvier des Flanders. He had really life changing results when I switched him to that product from a competitor’s powdered CBD. He had a pronounced limp and difficulty walking before I began using it. Since he is big, about 110 pounds, I started buying the 600 mg CBD oil when it was introduced a few months ago. He still gets great benefits from it. However, he continues to slow down as has to be expected with a senior dog. I give this product my highest recommendation if your dog is having arthritis or other mobility issues. King Kanine also recently improved their dosing syringes, which makes giving the product to your dog much easier.

  23. Kristi H.

    My goat, Cisco, has arthritis in most of his legs, but worse in a front knee. He’s been on Meloxicam for a few years. It started out helping some, but he spent more and more time on his knees “walking” around. I had used cbd oil for my dogs before and decided that it probably would be okay to give it a try for my 8 year old goat.
    I decided to buy the King Kalm CBD 300 mg bottle to try on Cisco. I give him approx. 1 ml 2x a day. It has helped him immensely! He feels so much better now. He walks more, and even runs! King Kalm CBD has given our goat a chance to keep going with ease! Thank you!

  24. LIsa M.

    Rocco has been more affectionate and calm since taking this!

  25. Amanda S.

    Cbd oil makes a world of difference for my 95lb Leo

  26. Maude L.

    a bit pricey but it certainly seems to be of high quality… the dogs love it

  27. Lauren F.

    Loving the effects so far. Pup was on Galliprant (arthritis) but I’ve taken her down to almost nothing AND I’ve seen “anxiety” changes (less likely to fly off the handle at squirrels, more chill inside and less trotting back and forth). Planning to dial in dosage to reduce meds further and see if we can’t chill out a 12 year old dog into not acting like a 2 year old. Harder now that her joints hurt less because of this!

  28. Claire C.

    We started giving Meeka King Kanine 600 mg CBD oil after CCL surgery 9 weeks ago. I was very happy to see it helped calm her and seemed to help with her pain! So much so we didn’t need to give her the painkillers and tranquilizers her surgeon prescribed. Thank you for making a natural product that really helps our fur baby!

  29. Stephanie T.

    We have 8 rescue dogs. Two are seniors and one of our rescues, Stuart, was abused by his prior owner and has had serious anxiety issues since we adopted him a few years ago. He normally keeps a stuffed toy in his mouth (he has his own toy chest full of stuffed animals) for almost the entire day as way to self soothe. He has improved over time with lots of love and finally feeling safe but still suffered from anxiety and was always nervous. We tried some other recommended treatments which did little to help. I did some research, read reviews and decided to go with King Kalm. Best decision ever. I cannot express how much this oil has helped Stuart with his anxiety. He does not even need a stuffed animal for comfort at all times and he is so much more relaxed that he even likes to play and run with the other dogs! It is such an improvement, something he rarely did before. It is well worth every penny to see Stuart so happy and relaxed. I also give some to our two senior dogs and have noticed improvement with them as well for mobility. I love that King Kalm sends the detailed information & instructions on dosing as well as the two droppers. It was also nice to see they run specials on their oil and the more you buy, the more you can save. Customer service is great and shipping is fast. We will definitely be ordering again and I look forward to trying some more products. Thank you.

  30. Kerie M.

    Lola is our 6 yo French Bulldog. We found out after 2 weeks of getting her (10 weeks old) she was completely deaf. At 1 yearold she had her soft palette trimmed and nostrils stiched for breathing issues. At 18 months she was not well and one day went completely blind with bulging eyes. We rushed her to our vet then 300km away to an animal eye specialist. Turned out she had a form of autoimmune disease but did get about 40% vision back in 1 eye after 4 days. She now has about 20% vision in 1 eye and is on Prednisone, if she goes off it she loses sight and it doesn’t return as well so she is now on it for life, 5mg every second day as well as Dioxine and Zantac which is for reflux. 2 years ago her balance seemed to be going and she was dragging her front foot through and skipping on a hind leg. After a CAT scan we found she has not 1 normal vertebrae in her spine. She progressively got worse and seemed to be in pain. We tried a few options including Gabapentin but if it helped the pain she seemed lethargic and unhappy and not eating. I finally found King Kanine CBD Oil and tried it. We could see the change immediately. We ordered a second bottle but as we live in New Zealand it took a while to get here and we ran out for about a week. We noticed the change for the worse. I now make sure I order in advance. Lola has 1 1/2 mls 2 times daily and although it is not fixing the spinal problems she is happy and pain free. I cannot say enough about this product and if it was not for this Lola would not be with us today.

  31. DonaLee

    A.J. (our dog) who is 8 years old had a spinal stroke last December. His back leg was paralyzed for a while and did physical therapy. This is just about when we started hearing about CBD for dogs. Physical Therapist agreed is may help. My pharmacy carried your dog treats so we started with them. I wanted to buy the oil but there was no way we could put the oil in his mouth. The biscuits made a big change in his walking. After about 3 weeks we noticed the improvement. In talking to the pharmacist, he said we could put the oil in his food. I cook for him so putting in a piece of meat worked well. I started with the 75 mg and wasn’t aware of how the mg worked. Like the higher the mg, the less dosage (more concentrated) from what I understand. So now he has is using the 600mg and he is great. Back to his long walks, his coat looks shinier and he is a happy puppy!

  32. Elizabeth P.

    My 12 yr old chow mix has a bad hips. He struggles with walking on any floor that isn’t carpet. He moves so much easier when he has his CBD oil. He never laid directly on the hard floor until he started the oils!

  33. Susan S.

    Layne is soooooo much more playful!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Zachary C.

    Absolutely amazing stuff

  35. Tammy P.

    Can’t say enough how the CBD oil has helped my 12 year old Lab…..

  36. Richona X.

    I am able to give this to my dog is has severe anxiety/noise anxiety and my other dog who has a bulging disc in his back who has issue walking. This has given both my dogs a better quality of life and we couldn’t be happier that they are no longer suffering like they were before we found your product.

  37. Dianne d.

    Tyson is a 13-year-old XL Labradoodle with a bad knee and a bad hip. His stomach doesn’t tolerate pain medication so I’ve been eager to help him with pain management. The King Kalm CBD oil is really doing the job! He’s more ambulatory and is no longer panting or groaning when he repositions himself. The dosing chart is very clear and the CBD oil is simple to add to his food. Hallelujah!

  38. Patricia G.

    My poor pit bull was urinating on the floor. every day when I came home from work I had a mess to clean up. He is about 8 yrs old and has been with me for 5. He was a rescue. I started him on the oil & about a week or so of using the CBD oil he finally stopped urinating in the house
    I’m very pleased & grateful for the CBD!!!

  39. Judy B.

    my 7 mo old Yorkie absolutely loves this CBD, she licks every last drop of the liquid up!! Definitely a winner for our lives, calmer and easier for the groomer too!

  40. Amanda S.

    My 5 year old boxer/bulldog mix was starting to limp and xrays showed an onset of hip dysphasia. CBD is the only thing to help ease the pain and he’s playful again

  41. Melanie M.

    My dog slowly became anxious and afraid of everything in her aging years. I happened upon KingKalm and ordered some for her. It has been amazing! I’ve been giving it to her now for about 3 months. She is almost 12 years old and honestly, she is behaving like a puppy. She has so much energy and doesn’t seem to be afraid anymore. She plays more with her toys. I totally recommend this Canine CBD!!

  42. Kathy T.

    Willow is a 7yr old lab/beagle x that I adopted as a rescue when she was a little pup.
    She has always had a little anxiety and I add the 300mg cbd to her food twice a day to help with that.

  43. Frances/Felise S.

    Helps a lot with my younger dog’s car anxiety and my older dog’s joint pain!

  44. Monica I.

    Great product! Has helped both of my dogs.

  45. Amanda S.

    Leo started with slight hip dysplasia about 6 months ago and I can certainly see a difference since he’s started taking cbd oil. He’s not limping as bad, appetite is back to normal and he’s playful again. Yay for cbd!!

  46. Lisa G.

    My dog has really bad anxiety and this helps her so much with that. Also shes over 10 years old and still plays like a young dog.

  47. Gabrielle K.

    Works awesome to help calm my biggest gentle giant who greatly fears fireworks and storms. It works wonders!!! The spray and balm are amazing also! All 3 of my dogs love the treats too!

  48. Margarita N.

    Been using that for 2 months. Good product

  49. Jayne L.

    My pup is petrified of fireworks and we use King Kanine to help him get rest. It works; it’s safe and the company is a great supporter of rescue groups.

  50. Cynthia m.

    Thank you for making such a high quality and helpful product. We have been using the King Kalm 300mg for over 6 months now. Coco, 130lb Mastiff, was not able to move easily or walk at all; now she is able to move, walk and go for fun rides in the car. With the vet’s help and your product,
    her health and mobility are greatly improving.
    In deepest appreciation. Cynthia in Maui

  51. Trisha B.

    The CB oil has helped out my dogs so much! Absolutely love the results since I have been using this!

  52. Patrica T.

    Our boy is walking longer and getting up from his bed so much easier. He’s able to move and get around easier now after taking almost two full weeks of CBD. We saw significant improvements in just a few days. Ordering my second batch now!

  53. Linda O.

    I adopted a wonderful shelter dog and he adopted me as his person. He was perfectly behaved and so loving! A few months later I had to leave him to go on a business trip. Afterwards, he developed severe separation anxiety. He would chew up things – including the woodwork around the door – when I would leave. He became so protective of me that no one could get near me when he was around. Our Vet treated him with prescription meds and we tried behavior modification, but it only got worse. He even nipped at a family member. Finally, our Vet recommended that he be euthanized, stating this his behavior would continue to get worse. I was heart-broken! I tried King Kalm CBD and it slowly helped. He is on his second bottle and I believe I have found the right dosing schedule for him. I have been able to leave home without him becoming destructive. He still barks at people when they come into the house, but quickly calms down, and he no longer tries to bite. I am so thankful for King Kalm CBD!

  54. Ricki W.

    My lab/golden mix was struggling after playing at the park with constant limping. We started CBD and she has been limp free and so much more energetic and comfortable!

  55. Corie G.

    My Shepherd has suffered from DM. It has made his life more mobile even if only for a short time.

  56. Virginia J.

    I think it’s working!!!!! My dog has allergies & I think I can tell a difference after giving her CBD oil for the past 3 weeks.

  57. Paula C.

    My dog has no issues taking the CBD oil. I can give it to him straight or just put on his food. I think he knows it will make him feel better.

  58. Melanie H.

    Chester, a 12 year old blue note pitbull has always had a very light fur coat, but this spring he also developed several types of skin growths. He wishes I had taken a picture before he started taking King Kalm, because the first thing we noticed was a healthy new coat starting to grow in. The skin growth shown here is on his back centered over his hips and had become the size of a new pencil eraser. Already looking smaller, darker, and he is not worried about it at all.

  59. Christine N.

    Dog likes it, I will buy it again, oil and treats.

  60. Carlina K.

    Delilah is doing fantastic! She definitely is doing better after she started drinking King Kanine! She is more agile and alert.

  61. Marissa A.

    His skin inflammation went from 100 to 0 after 3-4 weeks of use! Nothing else worked! This is truly awesome and high quality CBD!

  62. Anthony C.

    works on the dog

  63. Diane D.

    My girl Suzie had a CCL tear and the CBD oil helps with her pain and inflammation.
    At 12 years old we decided to brace her leg instead of surgery and happy we didn’t put her through that.

  64. Suzanne V.

    Mack has back leg issues and since taking the CBD oil, his leg doesn’t seem to be bothering him as much.

  65. Virginia j.

    My 146lb Great Dane has skin allergies. She was on Apoquel, which worked, but I didn’t like the long term affects. I’m somewhat pleased with the CBD oil but still adjusting her dosage. You can see why I am wanting this 15% discount, as her weight dictates a large dosage large twice a day. Do you offer larger quantities, or perhaps higher than 300mgs?
    Thank you!

  66. Marilyn C.

    My dog does really well on this product

  67. Greg A.

    Doakie is an 11 yo hound that has been taking your cbd for several weeks and acts like a puppy

  68. Georgette A.

    I have tried several brands of CBD for my 180lb girl who had a knee injury and have not noticed a lot of difference. With the King Kanine 300 I noticed she doesnt seem to be as sore, so I will continue to use in hopes it gets even better

  69. Velvet A.

    Giving my little dog Boomer a small amount to sustain good health. Seems to be working. Thank you

  70. Karen W.

    I absolutely swear by this product! My 15 year old black lab acts like a MUCH younger girl! She was keeping up with a 2 1/2 year old kissing her and playing. A complete miracle ♥️♥️♥️

  71. Brandon b.

    Mollie is our senior dog at the age of 14 1/2 years old. She was barely getting around, losing a lot of weight, and had severe skin issues. We were at the point of having the discussion no dog owner wants to have. However after we started her on your product she turned completely around and acts years younger and seems so much more full of life. Thank you

  72. Carol M.

    Franklin is 14 years old and starting to experience some difficulty getting up and moving around. His appetite has declined as well. Even though I have not been giving him the oil for very long, I can see a difference in his appetite and it even seems he isn’t struggling as much with getting up. I am hoping that I continue to see improvement because at this point, I am your biggest fan!

  73. Kathy T.

    We have a 13 yr old lab x that is more active and now even a little playful with her twice daily dose of cbd. She definitely feels much better and has a little zip in her step.

  74. Katelyn C.

    Love the despence method and my 3 dogs seem to like the taste.

  75. Ruth w.

    Henry is sleeping better and playing more a couple weeks after starting his CBD oil. Thank you!

  76. Carter S.

    My 2yr old American Bully Pitt is very anxious and has trouble sleeping through the night. After starting him on the k9-CBD, he is much more relaxed and doesn’t get up at 3am. He sleeps straight through the night and even later in the mornings! Thank you!

  77. Audrey A.

    Since using King Kanines product, Monkey has been a lot more active and willing to do the things she used to do when she was younger. She is now 11 and has a thyroid problem along with Cushings which both cause her to gain weight but with her being more active she is currently losing weight. Thanks King Kanine for changing my babies life!!

  78. Marisa A.

    My poor Frenchie’s face would break out constantly even with regular cleaning and limited exposure to allergens and such. NOTHING WORKED! I decided to try some of King Kanine’s CBD oil in hopes it would work a miracle and help him out, one month later of daily dosing and just look at his face! Zero breakouts! He loves the oil, he looks forward to taking it daily as part of his routine and I’m so happy his breakouts are completely gone! Thank you!

  79. Katelyn t.

    Our dog has severe allergies, we slowly took him off of his meds. Which had bad side effects and didn’t really work for him. We added salmon oil, cbd, and a bone broth pour over to his food and this is the best he’s looked in the past year and a half!

  80. Cindy S.

    I ran out of CBD for Louie for like 2 weeks. I can notice a difference. Need more ASAP!

  81. Donna G.

    My poor baby couldn’t even jump up into the boat before we started using King Kalm CBD 300mg. Now she bounces around like a puppy. So nice to see her back to her old self. Thank you King Kanine.

  82. Katie L.

    My huskies are very healthy-they are 13 and 14 yrs old-they have a little trouble getting up once they have been lying down. I have been using the oil for both of my dogs for about 9 days and they no longer have issues getting up from a lying position and my male’s anxiety has improved 95%-I know longer hear howls when I leave for a walk with my female. I LOVE THIS-my huskies have become teenagers again :).

  83. Maryann A.

    I love it! It has helped my blue so much!

  84. Sarah R.

    LOVE King Kanine for my energetic Bully! She has showed some aggressive behaviors and CBD oil really calms her down.

  85. KarenLee W.

    Girls have calmed down considerably due to the CBD oil. We will continue using this great product. Thank you.

  86. Debbi D.

    I just recently moved into my first home. Sadly my dog and parents dog were separated. He started these weird behaviors he never used to do before. Not even as a new puppy. Jumping up on the counters, raiding the pantry, getting up on my coffee table, and chewing! I tried walks. I tried coming home at break. I bought gates, and doggie cams. Then, I spoke to my aunt who said “ he may be suffering from separation” and “ acting out”.. was he ever I thought. She told me to try this product and day 1 I was AMAZED! He’s now relaxed and not into everything. This product is safe. He doesn’t particularly care for the smell but he gets by. Can’t say enough amazing things about this! In the picture you’ll see him before standing on the back of my couch( big no no) and then you’ll see him after..sleeping in his bed

  87. David R.

    Our Sandy was barely walking we got her CBD treats and that wasn’t cutting it she was still having trouble walking. After just a few uses of king kanine she was up and moving again.

  88. Anna R.

    Loved it! Truly recommend this product.

  89. Edith H.

    This product sincerely helped my Labrador, Toby, who has Wobbler’s Syndrome. He seemed always ill at ease since we adopted him two years ago. Now, he is a happy, relaxed playful pup! Even his veterinarian agrees that this product is helping him. Thank you King Kanine.

  90. Jennifer S.

    Penelope my 8 yr old Pitbull recently beat Lymphoma only to be diagnosed with a ACL tear in her back leg and an immune disease the following year ( possibly from the Chemotherapy treatments). I purchased the CBD oil to help with her leg pain and overall wellness and mood. She’s been on it for 2 weeks now and yesterday she hopped into the car excited for a car ride on her own (we have been lifting her into the car recently)! I will absolutely continue using this product 🙂 Thank you !!!

  91. Trisha b.

    This stuff is amazing! It has really helped out my baby and her joint issues!

  92. Debbie G.

    Tuffie, our 14 year old border collie, was not as eager to get up in the morning as she has been. After being on KingKalm CBD oil for two weeks she is hiking, playing and going out to do chores with us. It is so good to see her engaged in life again!

  93. Darcy H.

    She seems so much more comfortable! My Aussie is 15 years old with quite a bit of degenerative hip disease. I want to give it a few more weeks to see if the CBD can get her back to going on a short walk.

  94. Heather R.

    My 3-year-old mix (lab, boxer, German Shepard) had increasing noise anxiety. Due to my job we had to relocate from a quiet town to downtown Boston. She was so anxious and stressed that even walks had become hard for her – buses, trucks, construction – she was terrified. It was heartbreaking to see her so scared and anxious. I thought we’d have to move again, but a friend recommended I try CBD oil. After a few weeks of King Kalm CBD Oil, she is back to her old self – loving walks and being outside. Loud noises may still startle her, but she isn’t nearly as stressed! Thank you!!

  95. Pamela S.

    Best oil for older dogs!

  96. Cindy S.

    This is our precious Louie… he had a bad start in life and was found in a crate where he had spent most of his younger days. Because of this his back legs never developed correctly and he has always walked a little off balance. As he ages he sometimes has a difficult time but the use of King Kanine CBD oil has helped tremendously

  97. Kelli B.

    I saw the difference immediately!
    My senior dog, who had been slowing down was up and active again!
    I was honestly shocked by how fast it worked.

  98. Judi B.

    My dog is 13 and has lost her hearing over the past year (due to age) and now has reduced vision as well. This has caused her to have severe nighttime anxiety which made her continuously whine/whimper and unable to settle at all. It took three weeks on King Kalm before we noticed a difference. Though she has a little bit of anxiety here and there, her ability to settle at night has improved dramatically with King Kalm CBD oil, thus making her evenings, and ours, relaxing and enjoyable once again.

  99. Sarah R.

    My pup beagle| bulldog (9 years old) Has separation anxiety and toy aggression. The cbd oil has helped tremendously! She is much happier and calmer now.

  100. Ken R.

    Several months ago my 11 year old Bouvier des Flanders Kona started having serious mobility problems including a pronounced limp. I treated him with all kinds of supplements, including CBD from a different vendor, and took him weekly for physical therapy and acupuncture. It seemed to help a bit but he still was suffering. I saw an ad for King Kanine CBD and decided to give it a try. The results were life changing!!! Kona is still a senior dog but he is now limp free, leads the way on walks rather than lagging behind and constantly seeking to take breaks. The level of improvement is beyond anything I expected for a senior dog. I give their CBD oil my highest recommendation and have already gotten several of my friends to start their dogs on it. As Kona’s veterinarian joked, maybe we should take it!

  101. Yvonne C.

    I purchased this product for our 11 yo olde English bulldogge who was diagnosed with lymphoma. It improved her appetite and her anxiety. I wholeheartedly believe it made her much more comfortable. Unfortunately, the lymphoma was too aggressive and we had to let her go but I’m a believer in CBD now. Now using it for nausea in our 13 yo Shih Tzu who has congestive heart failure.

  102. Charles M.

    Good product love it thanx a million

  103. Amanda s.

    My dog, Leo is 4 year old boxer/bulldog mix. He was diagnosed with slight hip displasia and has on and off stomach issues. After a month of 1.5ml cbd oil a day the limping has subsided and he’s eating all of his food everyday. He gets excited for walks and always down to play. So happy!

  104. Dan M.

    Miracle is a rescue Tripawd Pitbull that has been abused and has a lot of fear based anxiety. He tends to get spooked but the slightest noises and paces back and forth a lot. I decided to try CBD oil to see if it would help calm him, and King Kanine was recommended by our trainer. He has been taking King Kalm for about two weeks now and there is a very noticeable change in his demeanor. He is much more relaxed and even seems happier. It is helping with his training, as he is more engaged and less anxious. I will definitely continue to give him King Kalm. It truly has made a difference.

  105. Josh C.

    Rio had an amputation recently due to a bone tumor. We have tried a few CBD oils and this is by far the best.. she is very relaxed about 30 minutes after having some, she seems to have vivid dreams too! Nice ones with her running in her sleep. Will be buying more.

  106. Al B.

    This CBD oil works better than I expected for my dog Maka (15 years old).

  107. Donna A.

    Jake is doing well. No more limping! He is 10 years old, so he still suffers from aching and stiff bones but I love the reaction he is having since taking CBD. We all want our fur babies to be well and pain free.

  108. Pam J.

    Our very old lab-pit mix cannot walk or even stand up without this stuff. We give her the medicinal dose listed for her weight in the morning and evening. This is vastly improving her end of life care.

  109. Cynthia M.

    We are using King Kalm Balm on our Mastiff’s elbow and ankle rough dry patches and it is healing them already. Thank you for such high quality products.
    Highly recommended.

  110. Lauren G.

    After being diagnosed with pretty severe hip dysplasia and walking around on three legs, King Kalm CBD oil saved my dog! He was back to his normal, goofy self and walking perfectly within a couple of days. We were able to stop all other pain meds with just the standard dose for his weight (120 lbs). Within days, his energy level was up and he wanted to play again. Clearly he loves it, and we are definitely going to keep giving it to him!

  111. Patricia S.

    My 9 year old Husky has occasional pain problems with his hips. Only happens when he gets rowdy and high activity leaves him sore. I’ve learned to have this stuff on hand before big outdoor adventures and also during holidays or having guest over, just in case. I’ve only had a great experience with this for my dog, very grateful to have something that helps him heal faster from spells of pain because this is about the only thing that actually gets him to lay down and relax and rests as the doctor recommends he does.

  112. Kathleen K.

    We though the summer of 2018 would be King’s last. His old (13 1/2+) husky/malamute body was failing quickly. Steps were near impossible. We tried, by recommendation, King Kanine CBD oil and thought it was our last ditch effort to give him some relief. He responded within the first week so we increased his activity to gain strength and now, 6 months later, he’s eager for his daily walk, 2 miles, and has much less difficulty with stairs. He has his 3 year old attitude back. So gratifying to see him happy.

  113. Susan K.

    It helps my sweet dog to feel better… What more could I ask?

  114. Warren P.

    I rescued Excalibur in the middle of December. I noticed he had some issues from neglect, abuse or both. He doesn’t jump and drags his rear legs from time to time. After X-RAYS it was determined he has hip dysplasia at just under 2 years old. He also has anxiety which gets bad at times. I’ve known about CBD oil for years and wanted to give it a try. He has been on the KING KALM 300MG since Dec. 14th. His anxiety has definitely gotten better and every week he starts to use his hind legs more and more. We are close to be able to jump on the bed which wasn’t even a thought when I brought him home. Can’t say enough good things about this product. He gets 1ML every morning in his food. (We tried direct and even though he does like the taste we haven’t mastered getting it all in his mouth. We’re still working on that.)

  115. Cynthia m.

    Coco is our beautiful 9 year old female 131 lb mastiff. She had an emergency vet visit due to an inability to walk with her whole body trembling in pain. After two weeks on the four traditional vet prescribed pharmaceuticals, we added the medicinal dosage of 300mg CBD.
    She is now doing remarkably better and can walk on her own again. Her neck/hip pain is reduced, and she is loving all the TLC and attention on her new big bed being the center of attention. Feeling grateful for this product and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for relief.

  116. Lisa M.

    So far so great! Using King Kalm to keep my sweet girls bladder polyp from growing and becoming an issue. I’ve had great results thus far and hope for more of the same. She loves it, no adverse reactions, etc. THANK YOU!!

  117. Kristin R.

    The CBD oil has helped our dog tremendously with being more focused. Everyone has noticed a difference.

  118. Cody K.

    He loves his cbd and so do I. It keeps with his inflammation and makes him feel better.

  119. Karen K.

    Sherman our 3 year old German Shepherd black lab diagnosed with hip dysplasia a year-and-a-half ago. King Kalm seems to help the stiffness he gets after his walks :-). We look forward to other benefits as he gets on a maintenance dose program.
    Thank you!

  120. Dale B.

    Excellent product! Has helped our little “Mini-Pak” immensely!

  121. Karen K.


  122. Niloo K.

    Great product !

  123. Artie M.

    This stuff is great! It just keeps our dog calm. Doesn’t knock him out. But if you want to relax… so will they.
    Will always have it!!

  124. Pamela S.

    Excellent product!

  125. Annie H.

    My baby girl is an 8 year old English Bulldog I had her on prescription meds a year ago that I didn’t feel was good for her so I decided the CBD Oil which has worked wonders. She’s like a playful little pup again can get around not sore or laying around all day she’s an active pup again and I can see it in her face how happy she is!! I’ve also tried the edibles and the shampoo which is amazing as well. Thank You King Kanine

  126. Donna A.

    Hi My name is Jake. I am 10 years old and I am becoming and old man. Before using King KalmCBD I was taking Dasuquin and Phycox max to help with my joint pain. I was limping on a daily basis and having a hard time walking, partly bc I had ACL surgery last year, but i recently started limping on my other leg. After taking King KalmCBD my pain and limping has drastically reduced! Im such a happy boy and my mom will definitely be purchasing this again for me

  127. Courtney K.

    First of all, my dog LOVES taking his oil. I literally ask him “CBD Kane?” And he runs to the pantry. Also the lavender smell is a very nice touch to the krill oil mixture, it’s not off putting like others I’ve bought. And finally, I think my dog, Kane, seems much less stiff he seems to be much more comfortable. We are on our third bottle.

  128. Angela B.

    My pups are all using King Calm and getting different benefits, great for all 5 of them!

  129. Linda M.

    My younger dog seems to be more calm. Then my older one has a better body movement. Both have improved coats, they are most happy!

  130. Gary H.

    Pickles is doing way better than expected this may not work your pet but for our Pickles just remember we was just a day away from going a different direction this is not a decision its our love for her to make the right decision thanks so much guys we made the right decision

  131. Susan B.

    Pup with hip dysplasia started on 300 mg CBD oil with remarkable improvement in mobility. Thanks!

  132. Victoria D.

    Katie and Stanley both use King Kalm. It’s helping both of them!

  133. Tony L.

    I was skeptical at first but your product prove me wrong. Angel is more alert and playful now.

  134. Jenna M.

    Your product has made my Bobbi-Ricki spunky and full of energy again!

  135. Marie M.

    So amazing to know my dog is comfortable

  136. Karen D.

    The formula seems to have changed. Previously, the oil was thick and yellow, a lot like the fish oil that many of us humans take. This new batch is thinner and pink. Makes me wonder if the quality has dropped. It still seems to work fine, and she always takes it without complaint (quite the victory for a VERY picky dog).

  137. William M.

    Moose is anxious around strangers, and noises from outside. He also has a few skin issues which have cleared up since using CBD. I’ve tried King Kanine and stopped it after a month to see if there is a difference, and there is. Now if we could only get them to sell it in larger quantities

  138. Gary H.

    Pickles was down
    In her hips to the point of a last resort before putting her down to our surprise within 3 weeks she is back as you see she in the water playing with her ducks!

  139. Steve H.

    I have been using this on my 11/12 year old doodle mix who was diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma of the right elbow last July. To date his appetite is good and so far their doesn’t seem to have been any progression of the tumor. He did not have radiation therapy, chemotherapy or surgery other than a debunking of the tumor. His only treatment so far has been the CBD oil and Tumeric.

  140. Eileen W.

    My 2-1//2 yr old rescue dog Sassy suffers from separation anxiety. Since she has been on CBD now for about a month the change in her is amazing.

  141. Soyoung L.

    My 17 years old Maltese daughter was diagnosed as hemangiosarcoma, and had a surgery to extract one kidney which the tumor is as big as one kidney. It led to renal failure and she was suffering from lost appetite, seizures, dehydration. I am very lucky to find King Kanine CBD. Whenever she is trembling, CBD’s effect is immediate. Sometimes she looks very energetic as before. After one month of struggling, her BUN and creatinine are back to normal. There is no doubt that CBD has played great role to support her treatment. Always thanks to CBD,

  142. Jacqueline S.

    Seamus started CBD oil about a month ago for a cough he has had that has been thoroughly run through the gamut of tests. Only inflammation and redness was present on the endoscopic exam. His cough is better on this product and hoping it continues to help with the inflammation. Your customer service is wonderful, have had a nice chat with Lynette who was a great listener and helpful.

  143. Nicola S.

    Sasha is my 90lb 15y/o girl who had been struggling with orthopedic pain…this has provided her with a new lease on her mobility 👍🏻😊🐶

  144. Jennifer G.

    Sadly, our 4 year old pitty Pepa has the early stages of spondylosis (aka discospondylosis). We wanted a more natural way to relieve her inflammation and pain. KingKalm CBD (300mg) has worked wonders! She no longer gets up like a senior dog. Her movement, energy, and mood has improved greatly! We also purchased the KingKalm Soothe for her sensitive, itchy skin and that has also seen marked improvement. Our 14 year old boxer/lab/dane(?) mix has also began moving much better, even running and jumping with Pepa! We LOVE the ingredients in both. The Krill oil in the CBD is a much appreciated added bonus with its inflammation fighting ability. The Aloe Vera, tree tea oil, chamomile, and colloidal silver in the KingKalm Soothe are a perfect combination for easing Pepa’s irritated skin. We are so happy to have discovered KingKanine products! 🙂

  145. Tracy B.

    I give the King Kanine CBD oils to my sweet old golden, Chuck. He moves around so much better when he’s on the oil and he is back to his goofy golden self!

  146. Anna M.

    Lucy has a nasal tumour she has now had treatment which was not successful but she is still with us. She is on other medications but not chemo as we did not want her in it. We think the CBD is working nicely for her

  147. Christopher S.

    Love the concept of product. Wish it was cheaper, treatment doses 1.5-2 ml’s for 60 pd lab goes quick. Maybe a nice subscribe and save like amazon, or just buy x and get 1 free. Good post surgical product, using it for inflammation and nerve damage.

  148. Alisha s.

    Zoe loves her CBD. At first she didn’t like the taste, but now she can’t wait for her morning dose! I think she knows it helps with her anxiety and joint pain. Happy to have found this product!

  149. Cheryl N.

    Love the CBD oil for my senior dogs with joint pain. They are happier dogs now with this product!

  150. Marcy L.

    Koda is taking King Kalm 300mg for anxiety (noise and general reactiveness), pain and a fatty tumor. We can now go through a thunderstorm without a 65# dog crawling and drooling all over me. He still gets tense but no longer a danger to himself or others, he will sit next to instead of on top of me. HUGE improvement. He will also approach strangers in a friendly manner now.

    The big one is when we started the CBD there was a fatty tumor slightly larger than a golf ball, six months later it it’s the size of a small grape.
    We can’t say enough on how much improvement there has been

  151. Steve H.

    I started my 11 1/2 year old doodle mix on one of your products after he received the diagnosis of soft tissue sarcoma on his elbow. Tumor was debulked but because of his age I decided not to put him through chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Started him on King Kalm 300 RX. To date four months later he is doing very well. He is able to enjoy his morning walks which he has done since he was a puppy. His appetite remains good and so far residual tumor has not returned. Friends and family are amazed. Many commenting that he is a whole new dog.

  152. Eril G.

    My dog Penny seems to be doing much better with her anxiety .She has a lot of issues and she seems to be happier these days.

  153. James C.

    I’m still trying to find the correct dosage for my dog, but she has a lot of issues, and is taking a lot of pain and anti-inflammatory drugs . But at the current dosage that I am giving her she seems to be a little more alert and a little more mobile

  154. Sara C.

    Started this when Simon tore his ACL. He limps less and has more energy.

  155. William r.

    We have 13 year old triplet pit bulls with various health challenges. We turned to King Kanine after I did extensive research and believed this was the company with the highest quality products and the one I could put my trust in.

    One of my girls has a tumor on her spine and was unable to walk. The combination of traditional medication along with the 300 King Kanine CBD oil is working wonders. She is now standing again and walking short distances.

    Thank you King Kanine.

  156. Cindy G.

    My rescue pup Zoey has always had major anxiety whenever she hears noises. Smoke detector low battery beeps, fireworks, etc. This CBD oil has reduced her anxiety dramatically. Her reaction to trigger noises is much less intense. Thanks so much!!!

  157. Nell W.

    My 7 year old Shitzu is absolutely terrified of rain , thunder , when the pressure drops , weird sounds , my other 2 dogs hacking …….. a whole lotta stuff !! I have tried everything I could think of to help her but to no avail !! BUT ,,, this product has been a true Godsend for my sweet Gracee ! She is still aware of the above mentioned but instead of tiptoeing across the floor or using the bathroom in random places , she now just lays down or goes about her normal daily activities !! I have slowly adjusted her dosage to what is good for her & our sanity !! Thank you King Kanine for such a wonderful product that I have highly recommended to so many already !!

    Thanks again ,
    Nell & Micheal Wagner
    Gracie , Gracee & Tilly Wagner

  158. Debbie S.

    My sons dog Bear has adjusted well to the higher dose. I think the 150mg wasnt the right strength for his skin rash. So happy Thankyou Kingcanine👌🐶

  159. Melissa L.

    My sweet baby has tumors all over her body. The CBD oil has made such a difference! And she LOVES the taste!

  160. Nancy L.

    My 6yr old shitzu was diagnosed with Glaucoma 6mo ago,he eye qas extremely swollen she was on special eye drops to bring down her eye presure,after a week on the eyedrops, I started researching and I came across your product after seeing all the reviews I went ahead and ordered it, started using is right away twice a day, after just 5days of using the product her swelling was gone… totally amazed at the results I posted it all over social media and even told her vet about the progress, thank you so much for this amazing product that is helping so many fur babies I will continue to purchase….

  161. Cody K.

    My dogs name is Dice and he is a Great Dane. He is starting to get older and have more pain in his paws and joints. He also suffers from anxiety, especially when I am forced to leave him at home. The CBD oil has worked wonders, his anxiety is way better and he licks his paws and legs less which is an indication for me that he’s not in as much pain. We love this product and will continue to keep getting it for him.

  162. Shannon M.

    My eleven year old Gloria developed an arthritic “knot” on one leg over a year ago ..after a year on Tramadol and Deramaxx the only time she’s been able to play, run up the steps, or even walk without a limp is after a couple of days on King Kanine CBD oil. I had originally gotten it for my boy Jimbo to help with his appetite and nausea after he was diagnosed with a bleeding splenic tumor..It did just that! That sweet boy started eating again and didn’t have to suffer with all the nausea in his last days. I’m so thankful a friend recommended this!

  163. Laura D.

    Autumn has shown marked improvement in reduced stress and her mobility has gone from resting in a chair to playing with our other dog Penny.

  164. Missy S.

    Codi on the far left is a rescue, approx 3 that has anxiety and is terrified of loud noises. It seems to be helping and she doesn’t mind the flavor… She licks the end of it when I am done giving it to the other dogs. Zeus in the middle just turned 10 and he lives for being active yet with swimming, playing frisbee & hunting but gets very sore afterwards as he just turned 10… We use this as needed for those two dogs. Lola on the far right gets it daily. We recently found out she has a tumor on her liver. She is almost 12 so I will not put her through the surgery. Since starting the oil on her her personality has gone back to when she was a puppy… She is full of spunk and she can jump up onto our bed on her own again… it’s been years since she could do that! I can tell she is happier & more comfortable. We’ve only been using it for a month so we’ll see how the rest of her health progresses, but for now she seems to be doing outstanding on this!

  165. Jessica K.

    Our Old English Sheepdog Ralphie came to us through rescue as a frightened puppy. He shied away from strangers and sometimes even us. No extensive training or conditioning was working. He was experiencing “sundowning” in the evenings, wrestless and edgy. After a week on CBD we saw a profound difference in his demeanor toward visitors and us. He is a relaxed and almost normal dog. His pointer sister, a German Shorthair, Lilly, is thirteen. She could barely do stairs and was very weak in her hind end. After two days on CBD her strength and energy were truly miraculous. She is jumping on her favorite chairs, runnning up and down stairs and is like a younger dog again. CBD is a miraculous answer to many issues our pets exhibit. LOVE IT!!!

  166. Roxanne C.

    So thankful for this product!! This has helped my girl a 10 year old pit bull so much after surgery and during recovery. Helped ease the pain and inflammation. I’m so glad I read all the reviews and tried this product. I was Looking for a more natural product and I found it with King Kanine.

  167. Kathleen A.

    We use this to calm her down when we will be out of the house, because she has separation anxiety.

  168. Chad G.

    Love the stuff! Been using it for a couple years now and definitively see the benefits!

  169. Collete B.

    This stuff is amazing! Our rescue French came from Souh Korea and her skin was in bad shape. She hardly had any fur on her tail and had several spots on her back, head and ears that we missing hair. It’s been less than a month and almost all her fur has grown back and she is far less itchy than before. This stuff works wonders!

  170. Todd A.

    No seizures and calmer! Thank you

  171. Lisa T.

    I bought 150 mg CBD oil for a bit of stress when I leave the house… she is now resting while I prepare to leave instead of getting stressed. It seems to be helping and she loves it. I say you want your oil, and she comes running.

  172. Yvonne Z.

    This is Baby my 13 year old lab and she’s had hip problems for a while. Since we started giving her this product she seems to be doing well. It’s only been 3 months since we started so we will see how she does after 6 months.

  173. De anne H.

    I know my dog feels better I see that puppy spark in my 10 year old!

  174. Cindy S.

    My Rocco is still doing wonderful with your product! He loves it which makes me love it. Thanks again 🐶❤️🐶

  175. Tabitha G.

    Our Pittie mix, Apollo has suffered from anxiety and a host of allergies (skin and food) for over a year. Our vet suggested we put him on Prozac to help manage his anxiety. While we love our vet and trust her immensely, we just didn’t want to do that. I did research and found that CBD oil might help him. We found King Kanine and I am so grateful we did! Not only is he doing better in terms of his anxiety, your other products (the balm in particular) has cleared up the dry patches he had developed on his joints. I saw an immediate difference with the CBD treats and when your stock ran low and we didn’t have any on hand, the difference was impossible to ignore! He needs those treats. THANK YOU for helping us help our sweet boy! He is happier and we are too!

  176. Judith K.

    This is Shanti, my 9-year-old Yellow lab. She was limping badly and in pain when we got to the cottage this summer, but after just a week of King Kalm CBD she was peppy, walking without a limp, and loving her daily swim in the lake! We’ll be continuing with this treatment, for sure. Thanks, King Kanine!
    Judith Kenigson
    PS – I tried many times but couldn’t get a photo to upload at all…

  177. Tracy M.

    Kato is a Shiloh Shepherd who will be 13 years old next June. The vet told us that his life expectancy due to his size is around 8-10 years old. So as you can expect, he has joint point at his age. We use the King Kalm CBD 300mg and give him the daily dosage recommended. We wanted to make him as comfortable as possible in the last stage of his life. After some research, we read great reviews with King Kanine products and decided to give it a try. Thanks King Kanine. T.Russell Canada.

  178. Juliane m.

    Mabel is a 50 pound mutt who was rescued from the mean streets of Saint Louis and has moved with me all over the country. She lives with 3 other dogs ranging from 6-25 pounds. She has had major stranger anxiety with men and is very fearful of sudden movements and loud noises. Using King Calm, I have been able to reduce the amount of medication she takes for daily anxiety and she has been much more calm around strangers and calmer around loud noises (no longer avoids the ice machine/fridge or dishwasher when its on). It has brought more peace to my pack and I have been sharing the CBD oil with the other senior dogs just for general wellness. Everyone is doing great on King Kalm! Cannot thank you enough!

  179. Tina P.

    My dog is extremely afraid of storms. Just a week in of using the product and we already see an improvement. Although he’s still bothered by them he isn’t as frantic as before

  180. Pamela S.

    Love this product!

  181. Cindy S.

    I can’t believe how our Rocco is doing. He eats, walks, has bones and yesterday he even chased a squirrel!! Love love love this product 🐶❤️🐶

  182. Denise M.

    My dog, Star has a lot of anxiety. I decided to try CBD oil. A rescue group I follow recommended the King Kanine brand. Because of Star’s large size I went with the 300mg bottle. I give her a standard dose of .7ml every other day.
    She is doing great!!! Her anxiety is reduced significantly. She has stopped chewing up her back and she is laying down to take naps (pictured).
    I’m so glad I finally ordered!!!

  183. Jennifer L.

    This is my girl Ruby. She is scared of everything and doesn’t like loud noises. She also has knee problems that cause her pain. I noticed a change in her behaviour the first day I began giving her the CBD oil. After one week she is less scared seems more sure of herself and seems more peppy and spry. I hope it continues to work for her. Happy so far!!!

  184. Laurene D.

    My dog recently had 2 sarcoma tumors removed. I know that the one product I can rely on is her King Kanine CBD Oil to help in the recovery process. I strongly feel like this is helping aid in decreasing her pain and discomfort and making her more comfortable after a rough surgery. She’s 11 years old and has been using this CBD oil for almost a year. My Vet always comments on how great her overall health is and I know this oil is a factor in that. It’s the one thing she loves and gets excited to take.

  185. Taylor C.

    I’m so happy with the King Kanine CBD we bought for our dog Pepper, who is going to be 13 soon. After adopting her in September, her tumors have shrunk significantly and with the help this product she has not lost a drop of energy, and is even more energetic in the heat than last year. Going to continue using this every day and give Pepper the best life we can, thanks for the help King Kanine!

  186. Jamie R.

    Chance is a 6 and a half year old Pitbull lab mix. In November of 2017 he was diagnosed with lymphoma he’s also been on medicine for anxiety since he’s been taking King kalm products is anxiety is down and he’s off his medication. He loves all three flavors of his treats he doesn’t mind the oil on his food his fur and skin is doing better with the shampoo and the bomb is awesome for his feet .

  187. Jennifer

    Bailey loves the taste. She come running when I open the box. 🙂

  188. Cody K.

    This is Dice!! He normally has very extreme anxiety especially when I have to leave him at home. He also is about to turn 6 and is starting to show signs of aging with pain. This product has greatly decreased his pain and he has calmed down so much. Sometimes he just can’t relax and now he just loves cuddling. All 130 lbs of him.

  189. Jessica K.

    Our 12 1/2 year old dog was unable to move without falling down from the weakness in her back legs. After two days on CBD oil she is jumping on the furniture and taking stairs up and down without any difficulty. SO RELIEVED we have this resource for her!

  190. De Anne

    My big boy Teagan seems to have more pep. He just turned 10 had hip replacement at 1 but seems to suffer from joint pain. We’ve been able to cut down some on the Rymadyl since he’s been on CBD.

  191. Cindy S.

    Rocco is still doing amazing with 300 mg CBD oil. It calms his stress and helps his appetite. I’m not sure he would still be here with us without your oil. Thanks 🐶❤️😤

  192. Morgan M.

    Very easy to dose with guide that is included!

  193. William M.

    Started my 3 year old Great Dane on the CBD 300 hoping it may help him better deal with separation anxiety, and with being in public, in general. While he is not afraid of public places and people, he can get a bit defensive when strangers are too close to him/us. I have been giving him the maintenance dose for a month now and it seems to help. He is a bit calmer in public. He’s even allowed a few polite strangers pet him (i.e. asking first).
    He’s excited when I get home, but seems to not be as stressed when I do return home. I will add that he also has a bit more energy. He also seems to like the taste.
    It’s time for another order. It would be nice if larger quantities were available for those of us who have large dogs. That little bottle doesn’t last very long.

  194. Ashley O.

    I have a 16 month cocker spaniel/staffordshire mix and she has been very anxious since moving into our new home. I tried melatonin, benadryl, trazodone, and xanax and nothing even touched her anxiety. She’d run around in circles on the first floor and constantly ring the bell on the door and squeak her toys and she’d stay up at night keeping me awake too. The first day I gave her 1ml of CBD oil (she’s 38lb) and she calmed down and chewed on her antler. She didn’t seem sedated at all, just calmer and more comfortable. I use xanax on my other dog as needed but with the treats she stopped barking at every noise she heard outside and she calmed down as well and isn’t as overprotective of the house. (My other dog is also 40lb but will not eat the oil so I’m glad she can have it in a treat). I’d recommend this product to others for how effective it was for my two dogs. The only downside is how expensive it is, but it’s worth it in the end.

  195. Jim D.

    We adopted our little GSD from the Humane Society after he had been returned twice for “anxiety” issues. We worked with some trainers and one suggested your product so we gave it a try. Our GSD does much better now on his walks (and so do we as his handler) but the product has definitely helped.

  196. Suzanne V.

    It worked very well with my dogs anxiety and my other senior dog with hip pain

  197. Nancy K.

    We almost lost our dog in January. She was barely able to climb the 6 steps from yard to patio or stand up from laying down. Now she runs up the stairs and wants to play ball! Absolutely amazing!

  198. Pamela S.

    Our 13 year old rescue dog has been on King Kanine for about a year. He has been on pain management for a couple of years. Supplementing his medication with CBD oil has allowed us more quality time with him and we couldn’t be more thankful.

  199. Amy R.

    This product has been amazing for our 10 year old boxer she is more puppy like and not in constant pain, and she is relaxed during major storms. Honesty, it has been a miracle for her. It’s all natural, and was recommended by our vet as an alternative to harsh pills. We even gave it to the cat when we had to evacuate for the hurricane last year. We have been using this company for over a year and have purchased many of their products all with excellent results. It has improved the life of our pets. Anyone that knows us, know that our animals are our life and I would not recommend a product if it weren’t safe and we have seee results first hand.

  200. Olivia S.

    King Kanine have been very helpful and answer all questions. Shipping was great.

  201. Nancy K.

    We almost lost our Airedale, Josie, in January. After getting her stable, we took her to a Functional Medicine vet who did extensive testing. He put her on your CBD oil. It was a miracle! She went from struggling to walk or climb a few steps to running around the back yard and up the steps. She just turned 13. This product is amazing!

  202. Jacqueline H.

    We’ve had three moves in one year while our new house was being built and lost our older Rhodesian Ridgeback at 12 years old. After we moved into our new house, our 2 year old Ridgeback was showing a lot of anxiety and we were concerned that it could turn into aggression . The trainer we brought in to help recommend your product and it’s really helping. Doesn’t change his personality, just eases the anxiety.

  203. Cindy G.

    My 5 year old Labrador Madison Monroe suffers from joint pain, this product has helped her immensely (CBD oil 300 RX). She is less stiff and has a lot more energy. We were slow to reorder and it was apparent almost immediately when she has to go without the relief. Would definitely recommend for other pet owners searching for help for pets.

  204. Bonnie R.

    You have saved Hank the 170 lb great Dane,he has come out if his shell and is now more social and less stressed no crazy barking

  205. Brianna H.

    You have saved Hank the 170 lb great Dane,he has come out if his shell and is now more social and less stressed no crazy barking

  206. Heather M.

    Such a great product

  207. Stephanie O.

    I have a severely anxiety-ridden dog, and King Kalm helps him be a little more comfortable in his own skin. It took a while to take effect over time, but I think it’s helping and, thankfully, it hasn’t changed his personality.

  208. Natalie G.

    I could tell a difference in my dog’s energy level right away. She is in less pain than before and has become more playful.

  209. Jeffrey B.

    My dog is like a puppy again with KingKanine’s CBD for dogs! His has arthristis and and a partially torn ACL. We have to postpone surgery due to financial restraints for now, but I swear since using this he is not even limping anymore!!!! Top it off with Bulldog horrible allergy issues, guess what?
    Freaking gone!!! Completely off costly meds for that! I’m beyond amazed with this stuff!

  210. Bonnie R.

    I ordered this and i was afraid i would just be spending more money because i was worried it wont work.well let me tell you we are 3 weeks into it and Hank our Great Dane has become a more relaxed,less nervous also way less separation anxiety ,he is more relaxed and loving,Thanks to your CBD oil,Hanks a large dog so hes got a higher dose of oil.It wont be cheap to to keep giving him it but hes worth it. Thank you Bonnie Russell

  211. Kim L.

    Noticed improved mobility within the first few days. Less limping and increased activity level. Thank you for an amazing product that has significantly eased some of her pain.

  212. Kim M.

    My boy has a lot of anxiety, especially when on walks. He is very leash reactive to dogs, scooters, bikes etc. Using King Kalm CBD has really helped him. He is much more relaxed and I can actually get him to focus on me now instead of reacting to the stimulus around him.

  213. Susan P.

    Our 130 lb. English Bulldog Mastiff mix Bear has been suffering with arthritis! We’ve tried everything and nothing worked not even vet prescribed pain medicine. We wanted a more holistic approach and discovered King Kanine website. I called and spoke with Jeff who was amazing to say the least. After explaining Bear’s issues Jeff explained about KingKalm CBD 600 mg oil. He sounded like a scientist!! Well we ordered the oil and after a few days and not only is Bear getting up and down without assistance he is also going up and down the stairs again! Needless to say we are overjoyed with Bears results! Not only was this oil everything we were hoping for, the knowledge and patience I received from Jeff was superb!! Bear has responded so well we are now going to incorporate the food recommendations Jeff gave us! Thank you King Kanine we will be customers for many years to come! I tell all my friends with fur babies about our wonderful experience!!!

  214. Annete D.

    Anya calms right down with the King Kalm 600 CBD for Golden Retrievers. She loves the taste too!

  215. Suzette H.

    My dog is not a picky eater but he HATES the CBD oil. We have tried it on his regular food, hamburger and peanut butter. No dice. Waste of money for me.

  216. Bernadetta S.

    Very happy w/ the product. I see tremendous difference (positive) in my oldest boxer behavior. We are still working on hips as they are slowly giving in, but I am hoping w/ using this product her hips will improve as she has harder time to get up from sleeping after long periods of time on the floor.

  217. Nicole J.

    I don’t see a big difference in his anxiety. Although I think it’s helping. Willing to stick with it.

  218. Traci G.

    My 13 year old husky/Akita mix can sit now that she is taking the King Kalm CBD oil. She was having a hard time with her hips and now she’s doing so much better.

  219. Elaine R.

    I have been giving it to my 14 year old Yellow Lab for his arthritis and do not see much improvement however I have also been giving it to my 12 year old Pomeranian and see a great change. She has arthritis in her neck and has been able to lift her head up with no pain since she has been on the CBD oil.

  220. Anna C.

    We moved into a 120 year old house and Kaya my chocolate lab was having a lot of troubles with the hard wood floors (always slipping) and the narrow doorways. She would not get off the bed on her own for 3 days straight. Day and night we carried this 125pd. Lab back and forth.
    The day it arrived, I gave it to her immediately. And now she is running thru the house and playing in the backyard with my other two labs without any worries. Couldn’t thank you enough. Kudos to Tucker Budzen for referring us. Stay blessed and remember, it’s a dogs world. We just live in it 🐕🐾❤ 🎖⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  221. Donna H.

    severe hip dysplasia so far so good string to move around a little better.

  222. Xan G.

    Haven’t got my order yet been waiting weeks not happy at alll.

  223. Betty R.

    Very pleased with smell. Soft smell Max has seizures and my husband has copd. So I need soft smells

  224. Traci G.

    My 13 year old husky was having trouble with some pain in her back end. She was having trouble sitting and laying. Using this oil with a prescription from out vet she is doing very well. She can sit and lay down better than before she started the oil. By combining both medicines, my husky is doing very well!

  225. Tandis A.

    Dog seems to be a bit more mobile and in less pain.

  226. Mitch M.

    My dog recovered from illiasoas hip muscle issue and at almost 11 now as athletic as ever! Works wonders!

  227. Collen C.

    I’m giving my old dog the CBD oil and we have seen a remarkable difference in her. She gets around better and is much calmer than she was. We are thrilled with this oil.

  228. Laurice L.

    Bella is an 11.5 year old Great Pyrenees with dysplasia in one hip and arthritis in both. Her stomach is very sensitive to the NSAID’s, pain meds, and antibiotics! I use CBD for myself, so asked her vet about it. It is now one of the key ingredients in keeping her comfortable. It has made a big difference! I used to buy your product from a local distributor, who stopped carrying it. It’s less expensive buying directly from you! Bella likes it and will lick it from her dish when I forget to put it on dinner.

  229. Debbie R.

    This has been helping our male husky hip problems from falling on ice in the winter. I stopped at one point and had to start the dosage again. Now I will continue always.

  230. Gemma H.

    Arthritis and old age is starting to get to my weimaraner. He would start barking at night from the pain. He is on an arthritic pain med, but still we can see him limping and hurting.
    We introduced CBD300 oil each night and he’s mellowed out and resting comfortably at night.

  231. Gemma H.

    This cbd oil is God send. I was skeptical when I purchased it for my dog. When I received it, I introduced a small dose to her and observe. She love it and was calm and sleep throughout the night. The next day, we experienced an unexpected thunderstorm. My dog is petrified with thunder, fireworks, and loud noises. She would hide, shake, and fant uncontrollably. I gave her a dosage. Within a few minutes she calmed down. Slept through after the thunderstorm. Which never happened before. Thanks for this wonderful product.

  232. Jani W.

    Worked a miracle on our Furkid. He walked on 3 legs for 2 month’s,3 visits to the vet and was told to give him aspirin,which didn’t help. One of the Vet Tech’s recommended King Kanine which worked for her dog,bought,tried it,and was almost like a miracle, within 2 week’s. It hasn’t helped much with his travel anxiety,but it’s got him walking on all fours. I didn’t care for using the syringe,but I just ordered two bottles and it came with a dropper. Work’s so much better for me. I watch for good sales,then always buy 2 bottles. I would highly recommend.

  233. Jess M.

    The oil is fantastic! but the plastic disk top has cracked and the syringe is broken and coming apart after 1 week of usage. we can currently in the the presses to contact Craig about getting a replacement. We are liking tons of product because of this crack.

  234. Katie L.

    My dog has had both of her eyes removed, the CBD helps with anxiety when left home alone

  235. Joseph O.

    Ordered 14 days ago, have not received it

  236. Tina L.

    This has by far worked well for our 12yr old lab. He was having bad hip issues and arthritis. We used vet prescribed medicine but it was hard on the liver. He’s been using King Kanine for 6 months and is like a puppy again. Thank you!!

  237. Emily L.

    My dog has been having hip problems.. while it doesn’t “cure” it (only really expensive surgery will take care of it) it makes her more comfortable to move around. We had her on an anti-inflammatory and feel she does better with the CBD.

  238. Lorraine H.

    It works great! I was greatly surprised at how immediately it went into effect.

  239. Joseph V.

    I put the CBD oil on a treat and he loves them!

  240. Renate S.P

    Have tried other CBD products that did nothing! This calmed my 5 year old lab right down. Very impressed with result, will be perfect for our insane vet visits!

  241. Karin R.

    I have been having aggression problems with my two male dogs. Both have been neutered since they were pups and are currently nine years old. Just started with the CBD at the 300 mg strength. They appear calmer with each other, we are still in the trial phase. 🙂

  242. Bryant T.

    Even with the highest recommended daily dose, we haven’t seen any change in our dog’s demeanor daily or during thunderstorms which is the primary reason for our purchase. He has severe storm anxiety that we are desperately trying to mitigate. Had hoped this would come through for us when we have had no success with other solutions including thunder shirts and medications.

  243. Marie G.

    Love this product & love the company! This is the only thing that has helped my pup with storm anxiety. And she loves the flavor!

  244. Jeffrey R.B

    Dog appears to be more active after using this product.

  245. Benjamin P.

    My dozer was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and has found great relief in using King Kalm CBD oil. My heart is full, he is comfortable and more than anything happy. Thank you.

  246. Kristin B.

    My 11 year old Beardie has artiritic joints and hip dysplasia, and I’d tried a few differentbrands of CBD, but it wasn’t until I tried the King Kalm that I really noticed a change in him. He’s got his “bounce” back now, and can go on the longer walks that he loves. Thanks for a great product!

  247. Angela T.

    Your product has helped my rescued/adopted 18 month old Newf who has severe separation anxiety in addition to fear of any type of noise. We have the separation anxiety under control and now working on the fear of noises. It is a slow process but we are getting there.
    Thank you and appreciate the help your product has given me in helping my fur baby.

  248. Cathy K.

    It works-his thunder anxiety isn’t gone, but it’s much better with King Kalm than any other product we’ve ever tried! And we’ve tried them all!

  249. Mary H.

    My JRT mix is very agitated with loud noises, thunderstorms, fireworks. CBD oil is the only treatment that has worked for him He has been on Prozac, Amytriptyline, and Trazadone all of which has not worked long or short term. Will be using it for the upcoming July fireworks

  250. Jessica L.

    I have a toddler, and since he’s entered the “terrible twos”, my 9 year old Husky/German Shepherd has been more ornery, anxious, and displaced. He’s whining and howling more than I’ve ever heard, so figured I’d give CBD oil a try after hearing so many positive stories. He’s only been on it for 6 or 7 weeks now, and I’ve seen an improvement in his mood and well-being. I look forward to coming back in the future to hopefully update my review with 5 stars. I have high hopes!

  251. Kimberly M.

    King Kalm is the only product I have found to settle my fur baby down when it is storming or there are fireworks. I also use it when we are going on a road trip to keep her calm.

  252. Anthony C.

    MAYA, Is a 4 1/2 year old long haired German Shepard. She is showing early stiffness in her hind legs and is having some difficulty getting up from a lay position. Also she hasn’t had a good appetite. I have been giving her King Calm 300mg/ml for over one week now and she is getting a increased appetite and better mobility in her back legs. This product is great!

  253. Ellen L.

    tried it before thunderstorm and it really helped to calm him down.
    No more nervous pacing and didn’t need thunder shirt.

  254. Anthony V.

    MAYA, Is a 4 1/2 year old long haired German Shepard. She is showing early stiffness in her hind legs and is having some difficulty getting up from a lay position. Also she hasn’t had a good appetite. I have been giving her King Calm 300mg/ml for over one week now and she is getting a increased appetite and better mobility in her back legs. This product is great!

  255. Isabella M.

    I have tried other Brands but this Brand is better than others. I shall be reordering again .

  256. Susan D.

    It really seams to work! He seems less anxious when we are gone.

  257. Jordan S.

    My American bulldog has bee struggling with a ligament injury on and off for some time now. Tried several other brands of pet cbd oil with mixed results. After his first dose of king kanine I noticed an improvement in his movement. After several applications hes able to move around fairly pain free! Cant recommend this enough

  258. Tracy@cbdinside.com

    Tracy M.

  259. Katie L.

    My husky is 14 yrs old and in great shape-she was having a little trouble getting up after she was lying down for awhile and she was a little slower on her walks-since I have been giving her the oil, she is like a 2 yr old husky!! I LOVE This-and my girl does, too!

  260. Tracy M.

    Both of my large breed dogs took this I gave it to them with in the storm reaching our area on radar. Both of them stayed close to me but there were no bruises on me from them trying to climb in my lap. Soon as it passed they calmed and went to sleep. You can be assured I’ll keep this product on hand.

  261. Kelsie L.

    Timely delivery and great product!

  262. Alba C.

    excellent product

  263. Jessica N.

    This CBD oil has been life changing for our dog! She’s a purebred American Bulldog that we rescued, and the runt of the litter at that. We always knew that she was going to have leg issues later in life, but they hit sooner than we expected. She had been limping more and more, and not really wanting to run around. Once we started giving her this oil, we saw a change within 4 days! She’s more active, limps only when she’s played a little too actively, and is just an all around happy dog. I am so happy!

  264. Elizabeth M.

    Great product, I have a 15 Year old lab and she moves around a lot better now that I have started her on this product

  265. Erendira R.

    My puppy has really bad separation anxiety and this keeps him calm all day while I am gone to work! Thank you king Kanine!

  266. Michele T.

    Has done amazing things for my 15 year old golden retriever!

  267. Carole G.

    my dogs happiness has increased he no longer is in pain

  268. Lisa t.

    Our Labradors had been struggling with inflamed shoulder on and off for three years which was causing frustrated and aggressive behaviour, within two days of taking this amazing stuff we have our beautiful pain free happy girl back 💞

  269. Kellye T.

    Great product and fast shipping

  270. Kellye T.

    Great product – fast shipping
    Really notice a difference in my senior GSD mobility

  271. Shannon B.

    I started giving my 7 year old Great Dane the CBD oil and I have noticed a big difference in his mobility. He also likes the way it tastes so administering it isn’t a problem.

  272. Linda D.

    The syringe is not good. I had to run up to vet to find another one.

  273. Melanie W.

    I have been giving this to my Maltese for 3 weeks so far and there does seem to be improvement. It’s probably too soon to tell but I’m seeing less stumbling and falling for sure. I bought this for the arthritic benefits. I bought the highest mg as I felt it was a better deal for my money and it seems to be working out great!!

  274. Denise M.

    The product is expensive so I tried another type and the results are not as good and my dog does not like the flavor. I have to hide it on a treat whereas this product he licked it directly off a paper plate. I wish it was less money is the one thing and it seems I need so much more of it than other products.

  275. Helen H.

    My Doberman has arthiritis in one of his back legs and instead of giving him the usual medication that vets prescribe I gave him King Kanine for dogs it was working . Unfortunately my dog has a very sensitive s tomach and had diarrhea. I had to stop.
    I would highly recommend it but I cannot use it .

  276. Helen D.

    My dog is 12 and was having some issues ( anxiety, stomach issues and pain and weakness in his back and legs) this product has worked so well treating these issues.

  277. Leslie D.

    Seems to be helping…not as much groaning when he lays down. Been a couple months, will keep using.

  278. Liam H.

    Wish the 300mg CBD oil came in a larger bottle

  279. John C.

    The 300 mg product has helped keep my beloved Pinot’s sarcoma in check – there has not been any increased growth in months and, actually, the vet believes there has been a monor decrease in its size. Thank you so much for helping us get though our pet’s health challenges.

  280. Theresa H.

    My dogs love this! It has a calming effect without making them groggy because sometimes our household is full of people & energy that is a lot for dogs & this has really helped calm nerves.

  281. Claudia W.

    Our Dog has lymphoma. We got started with the therapeutic dosage of the 300mg twice a day. We are also naturally treating him in other ways so it is hard to know how much of the CBD is working but it definitely stimulates the appetite and he is doing well. We wouldn’t be without it. We showed the Certificate of Analysis of King Kanine’s CBD to our Pharmacist friend and he is impressed with this product and considering for his dogs and cats. We also give normal dosage to our other dog for aches and pain and poodle warts. Her appetite is up. She rests easier and we will see about the poodle warts. We go to a wonderful Holistic Vetinarian who muscle tested it with our dogs and the results are strong.

  282. Kacey M.

    Kacey M. – January 22, 2020

    We have a 4 year old male Labradoodle rescue who has a 10 month old Border Collie/Shepard rescue brother that sometimes gets in his personal space. He used to get very angry
    at his brother especially at night, so he had to be in his kennel overnight. After a week of using King Kalm 300, he no longer has to be in his kennel at night!

  283. Karen F.

    I have a 14 year old Cocker who has been treated for years for seizures but still has breakthrough issues. He is often shaky and twitches. He has also had appetite problems and a poor cost. I believe the maximum strength drops added to his food is helping him. He has gained some weight and in general seems more engaged and more comfortable

  284. Elisabeth R.

    My dog has been on three different anxiety meds prescribed to her from the vet and none of them even came close to helping her like cbd oil has. I tried a different brand that was less expensive and it didnt even help as much as King Kanine. She’s a totally different dog

  285. Yvonne C.

    My elderly dog was having a hard time with her back legs getting up. Now that I have given her this CBD oil, she’s like a spring chicken 😍

  286. Kae S.

    I have a Golden Retriever with some serious health issues, he has congenital defects in his liver, and when he doesn’t feel well he can be aggressive with my smaller dogs. Since using King Kanine CBD oil his aggression has markedly decreased. It’s not a cure but it has definitely tamped down the tension everyone was experiencing.

  287. Lara M.

    Phenomenal improvement in her anxiety and mobility!! Would highly recommend

  288. Debbie K.

    Maggie seizures have stopped for 10 days now! I hope it continues! She is doing well and celebrating her 10th birthday today. One symptom she is having is she has been burping and gagging sometimes though. But, other thsn that it’s been great! Thanks!!

  289. Hourvash A.

    My dog Lillee becomes restless at night and can’t get comfortable. I gave her a therapeutic dose of CBD and she was so much more relaxed and not so uncomfortable.

  290. Deborah G.

    I have a 10 year old Australian Shepherd. I got her when she was 5 from a rescue organization. She has always had anxiety – noises, other dogs, the UPS man. And she would start, not just barking very aggressively, but snorting, crying, running around in circles whenever she encountered any of these situations – and they are everywhere. I was using Bach Flower Remedies and that helped a little but the CBD oil has really helped her. She will still bark, but she can now calm herself down faster. It doesn’t another hour of her snorting and pacing to calm down, she barks, and then calms down. This is giving us the ability to go to so many other places than we used to. Very exciting.

  291. Elisabeth R.

    My dog has terrible separation and social anxiety. She’s been on two prescription anxiety meds that didn’t help her at all, but two days after starting to give her CBD oil I already noticed a difference. Now, her social anxiety is almost completely gone, and her separation anxiety is improving A LOT

  292. Josi F.

    my little dog has terrible anxiety with grooming and I’ve been able to brush and do nails with out him biting me for once tha m you so much

  293. Carla N.

    Love it

  294. Kae S.

    I like this product, it does what I’m using it for which is helping anxiety in my dog.

  295. Stacy W.

    Bought for my 8 yr old Cattle Dog mix she had 2 grade 1 mast cell tumors removed and I want to keep remaining tumors at bay.

  296. Deborah G.

    The Kanine Kalm product is the best CBD product I have used. I have tried two other with little or no discernible effect for my one dog who suffers from acute anxiety. The Kalm had immediate results so much so I could remove his muzzle as he was no longer reactive with other dogs. It was a beautiful thing to see him interacting without concern. My other two dogs have issues with pain, the visual effect for them is less obvious but I am certain their pain is moderated with the use of the Kalm. I highly recommend King Kanine all my interactions with the company have been professional, courteous, prompt, educational, and extremely friendly.

  297. Justin S.

    I have a 13 yr old rottie mix. She has had issues with her hips for years and we have seen the difference using the CBD oil vs. meds. Thanks for a great product!!

  298. Sara W.

    My dog has separation anxiety. This cbd oil helps him be a bit more independent, especially while eating meals and staying home alone for a couple of hours.

  299. Shari P.

    I have 3 rescue doggies and I have used this on 2 of them !!! My 15 year old jack Russell for 2 thunder storms and my German Shepherd who gets anxious when I leave , The product worked with in minutes and stopped my Jack Russell from scratching on the door and he rest peacefully all night long through a thunderstorm and it has come to my German Shepherd down so she can relax when I leave the house!!!

  300. Gregory P.

    I first heard about King Kanine King Kalm from my friend who runs a Great Dane rescue. They showcased a beautiful 3-legged Great Dane that suffered from severe anxiety and that prompted me to give it a try for my Dane. My 3 year-old boy was the runt of his litter and is by far not the sharpest tack in the box. He may be the sweetest, most cuddly daddy’s boy ever but he is so afraid of his own shadow and never handles being away from me well AT ALL, even though he’s in a big pack. Though he’s the gentlest of giants, Loki was afraid to let strangers touch him and taking him out in public was very traumatic. There were even times where he’d be sod anxious he was afraid to get out of bed in the morning and go outside in his own backyard.

    I had tried 3 different prescription anxiety medications for him and while some worked for a bit, the effects soon tapered off as his body became accustomed to the dosage. The others came with side effects such as horrible diarrhea.

    I gave King Kalm a try and WOW! After the very first dose he was a totally different dog. I took him to lunch with my roommate and one of our other Great Danes and I was in shock. Loki was actually approaching complete strangers to be pet, was totally calm with his surroundings and able to enjoy being out in the world for the very first time. After having some of those experiences Loki became somewhat less anxious even without King Kalm in his system.

    Today, he takes King Kalm anytime I plan to take him out and about with me, he is going to ride in the car (with my driving – he needs it), I’m having people over, or plan to do big, noisy projects around the house. Loki is still a 100% daddy’s boy and definitely does not like it when I’m not home, but he is able to get through life as a normal Dane and enjoy the occasional outing with his Dad. I’m even able to clip his nails without having to go to the vet for sedation now!

  301. Pete Y.

    I’ve got a sixteen years old German Shepherd it helps him body and mind.I give it to at bedtime he sleeps comfortably.Without it he is not the same.I see that stress and pain from not sleeping.

  302. Rita S.

    Honestly, I wasn’t sure if it was really helping until I stopped giving it to her. Then, I realized it was making a difference in her overall demeanor. My GSD will be 14 years old in August and she’s dealing with all kinds of old dog issues. I guess I need to make sure I don’t run out of this product.

  303. Torea R.

    Moxie has been diagnosed with Lyme disease and as a result has had joint issues. The King Kalm helps her with both the inflammation and the pain. She really is a different dog on and its been a huge contribution to her recovery

  304. Michele B.

    I have one complaint, should do more than one syringe or offer a pack. It is easy to administer, Dog has not problems. We do Am go for walk, same in evening this lets her have nice time to get oil into her system. After walk she gets healthy treat.
    We also use other products that back up the oil, stop licking. We are pleased.

    Will try to get picture of doing it, then massage with oil. I find putting oil on my thumb nail then warming between two fingers makes it so pliable to go into fur to area we want to massage esp at her hock where stiffening is. Shampoo was great, lively smell, great shine. I do believe her skin is softer, her fur more shiny. I used balm on eye area she was rubbing, it helped heal. WE kept out of eye, used Vet drops then we gently rubbed in raw area. Vet med did not heal for over month, in two weeks we saw hair growth, healing.

  305. Leigh S.

    We have LOVED your CBD oil products for our darling Dandy! She was born with several problems, including hip deformity and no knee caps. We knew we didn’t have long with our girl, as she was to exceed 100 lbs as a full grown beauty. Our lives changed dramatically when she experienced relief from her pain using your CBD oil and she got to live her last 5 months as a pup experiencing life full out: she played, she jumped (for the first time), she RAN, she tackled our lab and she fully participated in life. Thank you King Kanine for making her last remaining months so amazing! We love our Dandy and miss her terribly!

  306. Heidi M.

    King Kalm CDB has greatly helped my two Great Danes as they recovered from surgery. Thank you for such a dependable and natural product!

  307. Heather M.

    This has been a life saver for my dog!!

  308. Kathleen A.

    It has worked very well for our Great Dane. Am very pleased with the results.

  309. Maris M.

    It’s our 1st experience with CBD oil and so far things are looking good.

  310. Jim D.

    Slowly getting results

  311. Amy S.

    Great product

  312. Garett Z.

    The product is great and the customer service is awesome!

  313. Jullie D.

    I was buying my dog a CBD oil that was working but the 300 is so much stronger. Was very happy to find it. The oil works instantly and Elle May can move very well. I love this stuff. It has given me more time with my old girl. She is so worth it.

  314. Julia G,

    This product really works!!!

  315. Maryann F.

    My golden, who is 6, has inflammatory bowl disease. He has not responded well to traditional medications, he has tried as least 5, the last being a pre-chemo drug. I have him on 350 mg of CBD and he has responded wonderfully. No more diarrhea, more energy, such a happier dog. If need be, I would try a higher dose of CBD before I ever tried a chemo drug again.

  316. Debbie R.

    Seams to be working great on my 12 year dog

  317. Nicholas Y.

    Arthritis and old age is starting to get to my weimaraner. He would start barking at night from the pain. He is on an arthritic pain med, but still we can see him limping and hurting.
    We introduced CBD300 oil each night and he’s mellowed out and resting comfortably at night.

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