JustCBD Liquid Honey Tincture 550MG

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Our CBD liquid tinctures have been carefully formulated to bring you the fast relief, great taste, and high-quality experience JustCBD strives to provide. Our unique recipe, designed to be taken by droplet under the tongue, comes in a convenient travel sized bottle, ensuring that relaxation is never more than a drop away.

Ingredients: Pure Honey, Vegetable Glycerin, Cannabidiol.


18 to 34, 35 to 49, 50 to 60, 60+


Female, Male

26 reviews for JustCBD Liquid Honey Tincture 550MG

  1. DEANNA B.

    Liquid Honey Tincture
    Awesome, the best. Couldn’t get through the day without it!

  2. Ginger K.

    Liq honey tincture
    This is nice for a boost! 500mg

  3. Michelle M.

    My husband swears by this product. He is a barber and he stands all day and noticed a huge difference in his feet and back pain after using this CBD oil daily!

  4. Cathye N.

    Review by Cathye N. on 10 Oct 2019My very first purchase of CBD was with Just CBD, recommended by a friend who had done the research about different companies. They let me try one of their gummies. I ordered the 1000mg strength. I do feel they helped with my pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis and now Fibromyalgia. Also one of main reasons to try CBD is to try to decrease my use of pre Read Morescribed Norco. I believe it is helping. The form is easier, and of course taste good. The Liquid Honey Tincture 550mg, taste fine, but I personally have too much difficulty opening the bottle. My next purchase will be back to the gummies and need the 1000mg strength.

  5. Thomas C.

    Has a good taste.i would
    Has a good taste.i would order again

  6. Susan K.

    I do like the taste. I wish these products were a little cheaper but this bottle was on a discount code so affordable. I still don’t know if it helps because I couple it with pain meds. I think it does

  7. Bill L.

    Almost too sweet but works 100% for me
    Mox with honey and more potent than all the rest. Even the pain of diabetic nerve damage is reversed. My hands are getting better as we speak.

  8. Karen M.

    CBD – Love it!!
    I deal with a lot of stress in my job and it had started to affect my sleep and anxiety level through the roof… So glad I started using this oil!! TY!!

  9. JKay L.

    This is great!!
    9I love the taste & it works so well for me. I was in constant pain & now I’m in no pain!! The first night I took it I slept through the night for the first time in 15 years!!!!! Thank you so much for such a great product!!

  10. Harry G.

    JustCBD 550- Harry Garlock
    I have arthritis in both knees. Bone on bone and offset. Needing new knees soon. This product has been so helpful with my pain. Because of the effectiveness of the oil I can walk with little to no pain.

  11. Sam e.

    Pretty good stuff. The taste is so so.

  12. Britton B.

    Excellent product. Great taste.

  13. Kayla K.

    All good

  14. karen

    hard to rate but…
    so first time trying it at the recommendation of a Dr. I have Fibro so not an easy thing to manage. I have noticed a few positive effects, a more awake feeling, less pain in my hands and just overall stimulation. However, the cost will prevent me from continuing until prices come down, being on a fixed income. I also had an issue with the dropper, Read MoreI use these all the time with face serums, mine would leak, drip and it has been messy to administer so hoping this is either a fluke in packaging or this issue is checked out and corrected especially considering the cost. Also bought the steak chews for my pup just not sure of effects.

  15. Sue B.

    Best I’ve tried!
    I have tried several different brands and find Just CBD to be the purest quality and most effective. I use it at bedtime and find sleep comes fast. Thank you Just CBD!

  16. Patricia O.

    Arrived promptly. Nice taste.

  17. Mark M.

    Too Thick
    It appears I’m in the minority on this one. I find the tincture too thick, even at room temperature. The dropper doesn’t fill uniformly and the stickiness factor has pushed me into the vape cartridges (which are great, but I’d rather not trash my lungs). I can suffer with a little bit of bitter taste vs. the sweet goop…again, I’m apparently in t Read Morehe minority!!!

  18. David A.

    Great product
    I tried other brands before trying JustCBD and the comparison is night and day.

  19. Karen C.

    Tried other cbd and they tasted awful your product taste like honey I am very happy with it and would purchase again

  20. Diana C.

    Just cbd tincture
    Love the honey flavor makes easy to add to tea! Haven’t used long but seems to relieve some of the pain

  21. Eddie O.

    Easy to deal with.

  22. Maryann M.

    I have been taking it on a regular basis since January 8, 2018, which for me so far has been 2 drops in the morning upon waking, 2 drops in the afternoon and 2 drops at bed time. I. Purchased 550 mg tincture. It has been controlling the pain of fibromyalga in my feet and other areas of my body.The honey taste is great. I also use a green apple gum Read Moremy or two during the day. I highly recommend to try it. The worst thing to happen would be it doesn’t work.I was skeptical but I’m very happy I gave it a shot.

  23. Kelly M.

    FANTASTIC taste
    This CBD tincture tastes fantastic- it’s made from honey, so it tastes like honey. I’ve tried a few different brands and this is the best tasting by far.

    The only drawback (this isn’t really a complaint just a preference) is that it’s very thick and sticky (because of the honey) and the dropper isn’t marked, so it’s difficult to precisel Read Morey dose. I take 8-9mg of CBD at a time and this product isn’t really designed for that use (the recommended dose is 1-3 drops). So if you’re seeking a precise dose, this may not be the product for you.

    That said, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product to anyone it would be suitable for – it’s delicious and high quality.

  24. Mark B.

    I just started with CBD but I have noticed a different in my sleep. The only issue would be the labeling isn’t clear on what the dosage level truly is. Also I it isn’t clear on weather this product will give a false positive on drug testing.

  25. Sharon Q.

    Love the taste

  26. Jennifer A.

    Pleasant taste whether it is under your tongue or in a beverage.

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