JustCBD CBD Gummies 250mg Jar

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We know how difficult it can be to find to find time to relax with a busy schedule. It’s why we offer delicious CBD gummies, on top of cartridges, tinctures, and CBD doobies. CDB Gummies are the perfect, tasty, addition to any daily routine, guaranteed to set you on the path for a relaxing, positive day.

Clear Bear Multi-Color Bears, Sour Bear, Apple Rings, Happy Face, Worms, Rainbow Ribbons, Sour Worms, Peach Ring, Gummy Cherries, Blueberry Raspberry Rings, Watermelon Rings, Sugar Free, Freedom Jets, Freedom Soldiers


18 to 34, 35 to 49, 50 to 60


Female, Male

637 reviews for JustCBD CBD Gummies 250mg Jar

  1. Gina Y.

    These are wonderful and work superbly.

  2. Leiha B.

    These gummies taste great! I like them better than the sour emoji faces.

  3. John D.

    Amazing as always, JustCBDstore always has perfect items.

  4. Colton S.

    They are great tasting and they work great for sleeping and pain

  5. Susan K.

    Works great AND tastes great too!

  6. Michelle C.

    Works for me so far.

  7. Zachary N.

    Delicious gummies that are high quality!

  8. Amber J.

    This helped me sleep. My overall pain was better. Overall happy with this product

  9. Christine B.

    Will buy again
    I loved these, they worked great when I needed some settling down.

  10. Sarah S.

    Great taste. Puts me to sleep instantly. Highly recommend, want to purchase more asap!

  11. Eden B.

    I got the 250 mg sour cherries. Tasty and effective!

  12. Taire Y.

    I have trouble sleeping through the night even on a melatonin , now with one or two gummies I have an amazing sleep!

  13. Ricardo G.

    It really helps with pain

  14. Nicole C.

    Amazing product

  15. Mary h.

    In pain and sleepless
    I think these ease my back and joint pain. Also mildly relaxing. Definitely ordering more. Great tasting too.

  16. Debbie O.

    Helps with sleep
    Review by Debbie O. on 27 Jan 2020Did not know what I was really getting, but these CBD gummies helped with my stress and a better nights sleep. I just ordered another jar of the peach rings. First order was the cherry gummies, and they helped alot. Thought I would try the peach rings. Just enough CBD in these gummies to help relax. Now looking for a little stronger for pain in my Read Moreknees. I will keep ordering from Just CBD, other companies do not put enough cbd in their gummies. Also the shipping was fast too.

  17. Jessica P.

    I really appreciate how quickly I got my package. The quality of the product is splendid as well.

  18. Lyne P.

    Amazing relief of pain
    I got the 250mg jar of gummy worms and they are amazing! The taste is good and it has helped relieve my back and neck pain tons to the point I feel back to normal most days! Plus the sleep I get after taking them is fantastic!

  19. Jessica Y.

    Recommend 100%

  20. Samantha L.

    These gummies are super delicious and help me to get rest at night. I wake up well rested without a stoneover.

  21. Eissa B.

    Best CBD gummies
    I’ve tried many brands and varieties of gummies. Not only do these taste amazing, they are super effective. I will be a repeat customer for sure.

  22. Stephanie C.

    Amazing helped so much with my anxiety would also use it for the day I was extremely sore from the gym works wonders!

  23. Jacquelyn J.

    CBD Gummies
    I really enjoy the taste and I feel like they are working. So I will order again!!!

  24. Mikayla-Linn M.

    CBD gummies
    Gummies are great!

  25. Beth

    Affordable! Fast shipping! I love the products and will definitely spread the word! These CBD products have really helped me in so many ways!

  26. David S.

    Helped me sleep

  27. Marcia Y.

    Excellent product, fast shipping!! They taste great, help me sleep at night and have helped ease my anxiety! I highly recommend.

  28. Christa S.

    Don’t know that any of the insomniacs in our household would be managing without your product.

  29. Geraldine S.

    CBD gummies
    Review by Geraldine S. on 23 Jan 2020I found these really helped me with my sleeping problems & yes I am ordering another supply.

  30. Kandi G.

    Peach rings
    They have a slight plant taste to them, not enough to dislike them. These are my daughter’s favorite of the ones we’ve tried so far.

  31. Anne H.

    My granddaughter ordered me the gummy bears when I was having anxiety with upcoming surgery. It really did help me relax and I decided to order more.

  32. Brianne W.

    Great for bedtime!
    Review by Brianne W. on 21 Jan 20202-3 gummies 20 minutes before bed and I’m snoozing in no time. Plus wake up feeling great the next day!

  33. Denise L.

    Love them
    Have been taking these for almost a month now! They have helped so much with my anxiety and being able to sleep better on my days off! I work Night shift so that can sometimes be an issue. Placing another order now!

  34. Matthew C.

    Amazing help me sleep

  35. FRANCIS S.

    Calm Down Child!
    My 10 year old is over anxious and it causes her to be disagreeable and moody at times. 1/2 of a CBD Gummy in the evening has made a change for her. Her attitude has improved and she has more patience while working on projects both at school and home. She enjoys the flavor so it is not a fight to get her to take this product. We prayed for wisdom Read Morein how to help her, and so far, this is the answer for us. Thank you!

  36. Stephanie K.

    Great tasting gummies
    I recently purchased the gummy bears and I will definitely be purchasing again. I bought them to calm me throughout the day since I can get anxious and nervous. I have been taking them consistently and can notice them making a change with the way I feel throughout the day. Plus they taste great! Will definitely buy more soon

  37. Tina C.

    Great product.
    Love this product. Well worth the money. No bitter aftertaste. Item shipped quickly.

  38. Brittney D.

    These are so tasty and really help with my anxiety 10/10 will be buying more!

  39. Jennifer U.

    Very tasty and very effective!

  40. Debra C.

    I will be ordering more as I want to use the gummies for a longer period to see even more results.

  41. Gustavo R.

    Helps with insomnia
    I started taking this product as an effort to fight my insomnia. I take a cherry gummy before going to bed to bring on sleep. I don’t feel the grogginess and hungover effect that sleeping pills give me when I wake up the next day. I’m very satisfied with the quality of sleep I get. Great to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

  42. Mary b.

    working great
    i got these for my mom, because she has had problems with her legs twitching at night for over 20 years and gone to many specialist with no answers.
    Finally after giving her plenty of reading material and documentaries to watch. she felt comfortable to try, she was so happy the 1st night she slept all night with no twitching. she had a buzzing Read Moreso we cut her dose done and it seems for her around 11gs works best.
    she is so happy she has got dad to try them and we are going to get him some.

  43. Karla R.

    Great taste! Love them!

  44. Jennifer N.

    Flavor is great. My parents absolutely love these. The dosage is slightly too small for me, but will be purchasing again.

  45. Zara R.

    Just what we needed
    The gummies are so easy and I love the CBD for calming nerves and helping pain. We will keep ordering them.

  46. Alexander P.

    These are delicious and effective. I usually have neck and lower back pain and I’ve been able to sleep throughout the night with these. Definitely gonna purchase more

  47. Sarah T.

    Yummy and effective
    These are tasty and have a fairly good dose of cbd for me in 2-3 worms. Good for aches and pains and also for relaxing and before bed.

  48. Kassandra R.

    They work good for my anxiety.
    These taste really good, kind of reminds me of the lifesaver gummies. So far they’ve been working really good. I usually take one when I start to feel my anxiety come on but sometimes I have to take 2 if just the one isn’t really working.

  49. Lori M.

    Good stuff!

  50. Jeanette G.

    Great taste and fast shipping

  51. Obreisha W.

    The description fits the product perfect. Great customer service and prompt and fast delivery.

  52. Anna D.

    Subtle but helps
    First time I took one, I didn’t realize how sleepy I would get. I took it 3 hrs before bedtime. What I realized was if I took one during the day I would feel pretty calm. But if I took it anywhere in the evening I was crazy tired and actually irritable. But nights I had trouble falling asleep I’d take one and boom asleep immediately.

  53. Chrissie M.

    Yummy gummies
    Great tasting mellow

  54. Joseph L.

    Helped with my back and sleeping problems!
    My job has really been taking the toll on my back and my sleep. I’m not really a fan of taking over the counter meds so CBD was the obvious choice. I ate of 2 of these gummies for the first time and within 45 minutes i felt them take effect. My back pain subsided and it also made me sleepy but in a comfortable way. I woke up clear headed and was n Read Moreot drowsy at all. Bottom line, these things work. Im happy with my purchase & will definitely buy either the 500 or 1000.g next time. Thanks, JUSTCBD for the awesome product!

  55. Angel D.

    Sour gummies
    Review by Angel D. on 4 Jan 2020They are everything 🥰😍

  56. Scott l.

    Great Product!
    Very helpful for my anxiety and I sleep through the night because they take a big edge off my back and sciatic pain.

  57. Derrick C.

    Cherry Gummies
    These were so good. It helped me sleep. And it was worth every penny. Not really expensive.

  58. Luann K.

    Great product

  59. Tammy G.

    CBD Gummies
    We have been taking the gummies for about 5 weeks, we sleep through the night and wake up refreshed, We absolutely love them.

  60. Leila A.

    Great product overall
    Gummies have a pleasant taste and texture

  61. Tanya H.

    I have been having trouble with anxiety at night and sleeping for a few years now from hormone related issues. This product has been a lifesaver! I get a restful nights sleep with little to no hangover (depending on how late I take it). I highly recommend this product.

  62. Marie H.

    First time
    Was a little skeptical about ordering anything with CBD online but I’m happy I did. These gummies really do help with my stress and anxiety. Thank you.

  63. Malena S.

    Amazing taste, highly recommend it if you want to feel relaxed and get some good sleep 🙂

  64. Monique W.

    Amazing product
    I love these worms. They remind me of my childhood candies. The effects were were quick and long lasting

  65. Lindy M.

    Love my Just CBD Gummies!
    JustCBD c helps me have a deeper sleep, fall asleep faster and stay aslep all night. Also they have helped with my depression and anxiety. I will continue to order from JustCBD and will recommend it to freinds and family.

  66. Sara M.

    The best🖤
    This flavor is life! I take two at night and I get such good sleep!

  67. Charles L.

    I love the product it helps my knees A lot I have arthritis and it helps it out a lot helps the pain

  68. Tracy M.

    Nice flavor.

  69. Bret W.

    Very tasty….good dosage…
    This is a great product that I found not too long ago helps me with my information and definitely helps me sleep well.

  70. Jonita A.

    These were just what I needed to sleep and for my anxiety . I highly recommend for your first time !

  71. Maritza S.

    Great flavor. Arrived fast. And as a first time user and someone who deals with killer migraines I recommend this to anyone who is curious about cbd .

  72. Lexus M.

    First time
    Mind relaxing

  73. Felicia.ornelas

    Great with my anxiety
    I was worried these weren’t going to work at first. But after taking one my anxiety stopped acting up after about 5 min. Definitely will be buying again.

  74. Lita N.

    Tastes amazing!
    I ordered the Sour Gummy Worms. They smell and taste just like the Trolli Sour Gummy Worms! I definitely want to order these again.

  75. Lamom

    Better Sleep
    I have never used CBD, but purchased for sleep support. I sleep through the night now.

  76. Roy D.

    Excellent product definitely helps diminish pain

  77. Lynn W.

    Great service, great price love ribbons

  78. Myaja W.

    Very good
    This product was definitely worth the 20 dollars!

  79. Jackson S.

    Good product
    I thought the product was very good in a few different categories.
    Taste 9/10
    Effectiveness 7/10
    Overall 8/10

    I would and will buy it again. This specific CBD product is one of the best I’ve tried. This helps me sleep and recover from long days, hard workouts and overall sleep rejuvenation. Would highly recommend the product Read More. The only thing Different is I wish this Product would tell you how much mg each gummy was on the website. Instead of the entire mg of the bottle.

  80. Christine M.

    Taste great

  81. Katie B

    CBD Gummies
    They work AMAZING with helping me fall asleep and sleep peaceful

  82. Korey M.

    Great Product
    I’ve had serious back pain for years and this product helped to relieve pain and hive me a great nights rest!

  83. Abby B.

    Really great
    Will totally buy again

  84. Iris S.

    I love these!
    The gummies are very tasty. They really help to relax me.

  85. Oona R.

    I am happy it was in a bubble wrap package

  86. Keshaun B.

    They work perfectly fine and takes the pain away!!!

  87. Bianca D.

    Great so far!
    Delivered quickly. The gummies have been helping me calm down before bed and have improved my sleep dramatically.

  88. Candace G.

    Lovely Product!
    I got these for me and my family to try out. My mom and my family has medical issues, they worked extremely well which I didn’t think they were going to. Truly relaxing of pain and calming of the nerves. I highly recommend these gummies! I will purchase again since they helped me and my family out.

  89. Madelynn G.

    This is the best CBD gummies I’ve ever tasted. I’ve tried other brands before but nothing beats the quality, purpose and taste of JUST CBD. Ever since I been using this, it’s definitely helped me sleep better and I wake up refreshed and clear-minded. My first purchase was the peach rings 250mg and I love it!

  90. Rosetta F.

    Gummies are a Great!
    Have bad back & joint pain – gummies have
    Helped immensely in relieving pain
    1in AM & I am good for the day!!!!

  91. Nealy D.

    Love them
    I take one gummy bear an hour before bed and I sleep like a baby. It helps with my restless leg and any pain. Taste is a bit bitter but delicious at the end. I will definitely will purchase again.

  92. David K.

    Great product

  93. Pamela D.

    The Gummies where not bad
    The Gummies where not bad tasting but I did notice that when left in warm conditions they do get a bit oily and oily tasting but overall as long as kept in cool conditions not bad as for working on pain management not sure yet only been using them for a week but did help me sleep a little better which I am grateful for but I need more for pain the Read Moren sleep so still testing out

  94. Sara S.

    Awesome service. Got here very fast. Quality was amazing.

  95. Rebekah P.


  96. Leona S.

    Delicious and Effective
    I’m surprised at how well these gummies work!! They definitely deliver the promise of easing pain and anxiety. I’m sold on cbd’s and plan on being a repeat customer.

  97. Aubrey B.

    Best sleep in years
    I’ve had insomnia for several years and don’t like taking heavy medications to fall asleep, I tried these gummies and I have slept this well in years. I am able to relax and get quality sleep without the next day sleep hangover.

  98. Brittany H.

    This is our second time ordering from here so far and we love them! Helps put us right to sleep and shit off our brains for a restful nights sleep.

  99. Chelsea Z.

    Great for my pain relief and relaxation.

  100. Charlotte W.

    Only problem with my order was you sent me one jar of 500 mg 2hen I ordered two jar of 250 mg. Otherwise I like them very much. They release my pain and help me sleep. I have Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy sand fibromyalgia.

  101. Kaleesha M.

    Good gummies
    They work well. Helps me feel more relaxed and helps me sleep.

  102. Erin G.

    Absolutely love this product!

  103. Samika M.

    CBD gummies
    Great product! Definitely repurchasing

  104. Leon C.

    Good stuff
    I take these after meal, before bed or after a long stressful and it makes relaxed and at ease. Just CBD provides a tasty edible that delivers that right amount of CBD to get the relief you need. Also the transparency of the ingredients and nutrition value ensures you are getting what you pay for.

  105. Colleen T.

    Blue Raspberry Rings
    Great taste, my first CBD was the Gummy Bears, also delicious!
    I definitely can tell when I do not take my gummies, my sleep is interrupted for sure! Great product all around and I’ve been talking up the product to friends and family! You’ll get more customers soon!

  106. Skylar G.

    CBD gummies
    They taste so good, I take one before I go to bed every night! They also help with my anxiety.

  107. Sandy L.

    Love these!
    I have really bad anxiety, I feel that I cant really tell during the day when I use it whether it helps. But I notice more at night when my mind is racing and I have a hard time breathing to fall asleep when I take two I am instantly asleep out of nowhere. Thank you!!!

  108. Alexander V.

    Been taking 1 at night for stress/anxiety and feel really relaxed and calm . Doesn’t make me tired at all , but maybe with 2 it would . Will be buying again 😁

  109. Keely A.


  110. Ann K.

    Great flavor! Helps with the pain.
    I just had neck surgery so I was waiting to try these until after my surgery. I’ll have to play around with how many/little I eat though. Just taking one took the edge off my pain, helped me rest & the flavor is great! Definitely recommend these and will buy again.

  111. Conor H.

    Anxiety no more!
    Nothing has ever helped me cope with my anxiety more than JustCBD products! The sour gummies are excellent, and tasty! I also use the CBD Full spectrum oil tincture and couldn’t be happier!

  112. Erica A.

    Good Sleep!!!
    I purchased to assist with my anxiety and depression. I got a low dosage because I am new to CBD edibles. They make me extremely sleepy. Use more for my insomnia.

  113. Renee S.


  114. yamilettp

    Amazing and yummy!
    First time trying a CBD product and if I could give this 10 stars I would! I take 1 before going to bed and it completely relaxes me and help me knock out! Highly recommend!

  115. Gina R.

    Love them
    I bought these in the hopes they would help with pain management and they did. I am usually a skeptic but was glad to be proven wrong

  116. Monika R.

    Insomnia has disappeared. Feels good to be sleeping all night again. The taste is great!!

  117. Jessica S.

    The flavor is good and I feel it helps me fall asleep quicker

  118. Jay R.

    Excellent product

  119. Christopher S.

    for my wife to try
    I bought these for her to try due to her chronic neck/ back pain and overall stress. After a week she said “I haven’t had any issues with my neck or back” and attributed it to these.

  120. Donna W.

    They work for my pain and for the pain of the others that I have bought them for….Arthritus pain …We all have a form of it ..some mild, some severe and we are all satisfied customers. Thank you for your concern.

  121. Corinna V.


  122. Angel M.

    Apple rings
    I had gotten the Apple rings. At first I was skeptical about CBD but boy does this stuff work. I have anxiety and hard time falling asleep, this helps with both and I’m so happy I found something that works! The taste is great too!

  123. Kelsey Z.

    Great taste!
    These gummies definitely help my anxiety and they taste great!

  124. Ana D.

    Cbd gummies
    Loved these gummies definitely going to buy more 👍👍👍👍

  125. Kevin A.

    Exactly what was advertised.

  126. Barbara D.

    Great product
    Exactly like description

  127. Felicia S.

    Will try again
    First I have to say the taste of these gummies are fantastic. You can taste the medicinal quality in them but it isn’t terrible. I actually quite like it.

    I purchased these to help control chronic nerve pain (Trigeminal Neuralgia) and I feel like they were helping along with the pot.

    My next repurchase will be a higher mg as my Read Moretolerance is fairly high so the gummies could have likely done more.

  128. Darahlee E.

    Great product
    I have tried melatonin and it didn’t worked. This has helped me get the best sleep ever and it tastes great!

  129. Caleb K.

    Cbd gummies
    Awesome product really helps me relax and chill after a hard day at work

  130. Joselyne A.

    Love these. They really help me sleep and relax me. Definitely buying again.

  131. Andrea G.

    Really helps you sleep.

  132. Raphael B.

    Very relaxing.
    Review by Raphael B. on 25 Helps me to sleep through the night. Good tasting, too.

  133. Sheryl K.

    Sleep is finally possible
    After months of leg pain issues and waking up constantly no has surgery. Leg is fine sleep continued to be a struggle. Taking my less allows me
    To sleep peacefully for a night with few wake ups and never awake to stay.
    It is almost too good to be true.

  134. Barbara C.

    Great product
    I was referred by a friend to try your products for inflammation and though I haven’t been taking it for long I do see a difference. I ran out of the small jar I ordered to try the product and within a couple days I could tell a difference of not having them. I ordered a larger jar and was pleased at how fast I received that order. Very satisfied.

  135. Brittany M.

    Vegan ribbons
    Absolutely LOVED these. not only bc theyre vegan, but they’re actually good, taste like regular candy. Was worried they’d taste gross, but no. I love them. Thanks!!

  136. Nicholas P.

    Been struggling to sleep and these gummy worms really helped me. Finally found something that works. Best part is that I have deeeeep dreams and I love it! Thank you!!

  137. Caryn H.

    Great flavor!
    Fast acting, great results and best tasting CBD gummies!!

  138. Natalie C.

    Helped me sleep

  139. Ella D.

    Real cherry flavor
    If you like cherry flavor this is for you. This reminded me of cough syrup. I prefer the “party pack”.

  140. Kathlene T.

    Very effective

  141. Nicole W.

    This was my 1st time buying CBD gummies and I really enjoyed it. I’ll definitely be purchasing again. Thank you!

  142. Phillip M.

    CBD Gummies
    I have been sleeping much better and my anxiety is so much lower!!

  143. Yolanda L.

    They was helpful in helping to relieve stress and anxiety. The taste did not bother me at all..infact it also helped in decreasing your appetite.

  144. Charles M.

    Love it!!
    Came quicker than expected. Will be ordering more soon

  145. Amanda F.

    Absolutely love these
    They tasted so good, much better than I expected and they were amazing at helping me get a good night’s rest! Will buy again ASAP!

  146. Mark B.

    Cbd newbie
    So it took forever to receive
    Taste and texture are very good but as stated in title I’m new to this stuff and didn’t know what to expect
    I’m looking for products that promote mood stability and calming effects A “relaxing state”
    As long time canibis fan thought this would be good alternative to pot
    I think cbd gummies May be o Read Moreverboard on price as I would have to of eaten quite a few to achieve my state of mind goal

  147. Cheryl L.

    Watermelon Ring Gummies
    The best tasting and best acting CBD gummies I’ve tasted! 5/5

  148. Katie P.

    These were delicious! I will definitely be ordering them on a consistent basis.

  149. Melissa S.

    Great taste and really helped with my anxiety!

  150. Heather O.

    Gummy bears
    Has helped my bones a lot and I sleep better

  151. T.J. L.

    these are great and help relax enough to fall asleep

  152. Darlene C.

    Work great!
    Got these cause I needed help to relax after a long day. They do exactly what they’re supposed to and they taste great!

  153. Kyle C.

    Worked as it always does

  154. Stacey F.

    Works like a charm and super tasty!!
    I’ve been having bad anxiety at bed times and trouble sleeping due to obnoxious upstairs neighbors, taking 1-2 of these before I go to bed at night has helped SO much! I’ve mentioned them to multiple people already. Will definitely be grabbing more!

  155. Tina L.

    Very good yes I would buy again helps me sleep.

  156. Melissa N.

    Cherry gummies
    These were delicious and worked great for my anxiety.

  157. Melanin S.

    Great taste

  158. Jeanette

    Love love love!!
    Ordered the blue rings to start, had the best sleep OF MY LIFE for a week- then ordered the party pack because I can’t live without them!

  159. Paula F.

    Good stuff
    I have been using this brand for over a year and it has helped my pain, digestion, and sleep.

  160. Diana B.

    Love these gummies
    Great for sleeping! My boyfriend and I typically take 1 gummy before bed and we pass out in no time. All of the flavors are great

  161. David P.

    Great tasting, really helped my joint pain

  162. Deborah H.

    Cbd gummies
    Very quick delivery. And a great quality product.

  163. Ana J.

    It Works!
    I bought the CBD gummies to try on my 92 year old Mom and myself. We were both having trouble sleeping thru the night and were looking for something that worked. I checked with Mom’s primary care doctor and her pulmonologist and though they were skeptical it would work, they had no problem with her trying it.
    I have to say I’ve noticed we’ve b Read Moreoth had more energy and sleeping better since taking them. Definitely recommend them and will be ordering more.

  164. Marcella A.

    Totally love these gummies, they taste great and are perfect for after a stressful or anxious day.

  165. Michael P.

    CBD Gummie Review
    These gummies were not just any cbd treat that you can get anywhere, they were tasty, low cost, and a great experience! I definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a new cbd experience.

  166. Nathalie S.

    Great product, helped with anxiety and sleep.

  167. Abigail P.


  168. Jesus D.

    Anxiety and insomnia sufferer
    I’ve been at my wits end with trying to find something that’d help with my insomnia. I’ll be up from anywhere to 2-3 days to an entire week sometimes when my insomnia gets really severe. It’s gotten to the point of giving me anxiety on top of not being able to sleep.

    I was a bit skeptical when someone told me I would give CBD a try. Not e Read Moreven prescription medication can help me sleep so I figured…how could a little gummy make me sleep if that doesn’t do it?

    I was wrong.

    Since I’ve been taking CBD gummies, I’ve been sleeping for the entire night for the most part. Even if I do wake up, I can actually fall back asleep instead of just lying in bed and staring at the ceiling. A little tea and a gummy before bed and I’m out👌

    I recommend these to anyone who has trouble with insomnia and medication just isn’t working for them. Also they taste pretty darn good, too.

  169. Rozanna S.

    i can sleep!!
    i’ve tried everything and i still have restless nights. From the first night after taking one of these i knocked out so fast. This is makes my anxiety disappear!! I will be buying again!!

  170. Melissa B.

    great sleep!!
    I’ve been on sleeping medications for over 10 years. These get me to sleep, and keep me asleep without that awful groggy feeling

  171. Thomas D.

    Great Product
    I recently bought 4 small jars of the gummy bears and gummy rings ( different flavors ), I didn’t know what to expect from them, maybe hoping for something to relax my mind a little bit. I can honestly say, that these products exceeded my expectations, I have suffered with insomnia for years upon years upon years, and while this doesn’t put me out Read More, it does create a relaxation that helps me be able to actually attempt to sleep. I will be continuing to buy. Easy to order and fast shipping. Thank you

  172. Alyssa A.

    The best sleep I’ve ever had

  173. Ellie B.

    Great Company. Great Product
    I have bought 2 different items from this company and both have been incredible. If you are on the fence, I would encourage you to try! They taste so yummy and have a really natural calming feeling for me. They are discrete in public places, which gives me peace knowing that I won’t be questioned about what I am doing. Love this company. The packa Read Moreging is even cute!

  174. Jesse H.

    Cbd gummies
    Helps me sleep

  175. Cory T.

    Worked awesomely. Really recommend

  176. Dawn H.

    Great Way to Get a Small Dose
    These CBD isolate gummies are a convenient, excellent way to get a quick small dose of CBD to help one relax. I use one in the middle of the night when I wake up and know I won’t be able to get back to sleep easily. It usually does the trick. (They taste like regular gummy bears.)

  177. Sherry B.


  178. Francis H.

    Good Medicine
    Excellent gummies perfect for my Anxiety/CPTSD. The only reason it got a 4 is because I prefer the dried fruit, which was sold out. Keep up the good work JustCBD. Really providing people with good medicine.

  179. Robert M.

    Fast shipping and the has such a great effect!

  180. Breanna F.

    really helpful with sleeping and delicious! I’m so happy I found this company!

  181. Takila J.

    Great Product
    These gummies helped with my tension headache and helped me get a better nights sleep. Placing my second order today

  182. Alice S.

    Very good!
    I’m still learning how to use these. They definitely help me get to sleep, but sometimes the issue is that 2 am stretch of waking up and not being able to get back to sleep. As I experiment with taking it later, like 10 pm instead of 8, it works better for me. I will be getting more, for sure.

  183. Fabian V.

    They taste amazing, I bought them for my girlfriend cause she struggles to fall asleep and they helped her sleep early and still wakes up early the next day to go work

  184. Jessica M.

    New user
    Easy ordering and fast shipping was great! The product is great. It is really helping my mom.

  185. Cathy R.

    Helpful for generalized anxiety
    Noticing a significant improvement in my daughter’s generalized anxiety with CBD gummies. CBD was recommended by her therapist as she has seen much success with her clients who use it.

  186. Susan R.

    Gummies Bears
    Great to use to take the edge off and sleep enhancement!

  187. Linda N.

    What gummies
    Fantastic way to help me sleep!

  188. joelle s.

    so good
    there aRe so good . u want to eat the jar empty

  189. Carlie R.

    First time trying any type of CBD product, they were great!

  190. Heather C.

    Will buy again!
    Tastes great and works great. Love their products!

  191. Adriana V.

    These gummies have been so life changing. I used to have the hardest time falling asleep and feeling so anxious. Ever since taking these gummies, I feel less anxious and am easily able to fall asleep! I highly recommend to anyone and have been telling all my friends about them!

  192. Calandra s.

    Great flavor and great relief
    Novice to the whole CBD world. I was pleasantly surprised at the pleasant flavor of the gummy bears as well as how effective they were in helping me sleep soundly. My next order is already on its way 🙂

  193. Dawn F.

    I bought these for my daughter, because she was out of the 5 peach rings I paid $15 locally. She loves them, and now she has enough to share! With my coupon, I’m going to get myself some!

  194. Wenona W.

    Bought for my son.
    The gummies are tasty and effective. He is more concentrated and not sleepy 😑

  195. Annette B.

    I’m a huge fan of edibles and the JustCBD Products in general. Since using I no longer have an issue with my chronic migraines. I’m on my feet 8+ hrs a day and have plantar fasciitis, taking the gummies makes me no feel the pain at all. I also sleep better than ever!!

  196. David M.

    First time using CBD and they have helped me to calm my anxiety. No bad after taste and act on you pretty quickly.

  197. Elizabeth P.

    Taste great
    This is my first Cbd product and so far it works well. For me this helps me sleep better throughout the night. I used to have trouble falling asleep but taking one of the gummies before bed has helped me fall asleep. The peach ring flavor was yummy!

  198. Ashlee R.

    The best

  199. Christopher H.

    Game changer

  200. Aremi G.

    Sleeping Beauty
    Taking these is like getting the best sleep you’ve ever gotten. I can not recommend enough. I can’t wait to try the other gummies.

  201. Sarah M.

    Love them!
    Perfect because I take 1 just before I go to bed and it help my mind slow down!

  202. Dawson S.

    Worked great

  203. Jessica S.

    Yum 😋
    They are very good ! Tried the watermelon 🍉 and the sour worms both good , sour worms are delicious ! Definitely will be repurchasing

  204. Elsie O.

    Really good product!

  205. Jeffery Y.

    Satisfied Customer
    These tasted great, and definitely help me and my wife sleep.

  206. Catherine m.

    I get stress dreams & it a really hard for me to sleep through the night, i take 2 gummies and i’m out within the hour

  207. Joan P.

    Sleeping so much better.
    CBD gummies have helped me so very much in getting to sleep. I don’t lie in bed thinking of all the things that I didn’t get done during the day. I just go right off to sleep!
    Thanks so much.

  208. Elenoa F.

    CBD 250
    Great !!! The gummies were perfect for when I need to go to sleep

  209. Rebecca G.

    Works wonders!!!
    I love these. I only take two at a time and they help with my anxiety and put me right to sleep!! Will be buying again!

  210. Anita e.

    CBD Gummies
    I feel relaxed when I take 2 at night, best nights sleep in years, woke up feeling refreshed.

  211. Sandra H.

    Actually work take one before i go to work

  212. Aerriel S.

    My husband and I love the sour bear gummies. We have tried a few different gummies, but JustCBD has no aftertaste and the sour bears were our favorite hands down. It only takes two bears to wind down for the evening. We aren’t even out yet, and I’m making a new order for them.

  213. Patricia P.

    I sleep so well when I take these

  214. David W.

    These are very helpful with anxiety and occasional insomnia. Highly recommended!

  215. Judy B.

    They’re great!! They help me sleep and I’m ordering them for my niece this time. I have told my whole family how much they have helped me. Absolutely love them.

  216. Denise E.

    These gummies did the job! I slept better at night and the taste was great. Would definitely be buying again.

  217. Dominique B.

    Works so well to help me fall asleep and sleep more soundly.

  218. Riley S.

    CBD gummy bears
    I feel calm and way less anxious when going to classes/work. I also eat one before bed to help me sleep. Taste is awesome too!

  219. Tracy H.

    Love this store!
    These CBD gummies are great tasting and so cute! Little happy faces! Perfect dose to get me through the afternoon. Reasonably priced, free shipping and fast delivery! I love Justcbd products!

  220. Alyssa L.

    These are great! They taste awesome and help me sleep through the whole night without waking up!

  221. Alysha Z.

    Second time buying
    Was iffy at first but this product does wonders for me. I sleep so well, it helps my migraines and even my IBS life changing gummies!

  222. Brandon G.

    Cbd gummies
    I recently tried the cbd gummies they really help with my anxiety.

  223. Josh E.

    Good stuff
    Love the taste and quality. Relaxes me quickly.

  224. Marianna K.

    Much better than all the other I have tried

  225. Melissa B.

    Rainbow gummies
    These CBD gummies are great they taste amazing and they are the perfect amount of oil to help me relax after a stressful day and get me some sleep at night.

  226. Caroline T.

    10/10 recommend if you have trouble sleeping, or if you have anxiety. These gummies work wonders. 😌

  227. Amber C.

    Watermelon rings
    Good quality and taste well, Helps calm my nerves and helps me sleep!

  228. Ivona p.

    I could see my sleep has improved. Definitely need to buy the bigger bottle now.

  229. Audrey W.

    Simply amazing
    Tried just cbd for the first time and it worked so well and was just amazing. I have problems with melatonin in products and these are the first ones I have found with no melatonin! Will absolutely purchase again!

  230. Sherry L.

    Gummies 250mg
    My husband and I both have trouble sleeping since using 1 each every night we both sleep great!

  231. Ashley P.

    Amazing product!
    Helps me so much with my anxiety! I love it so much. And such fast delivery! Will continue to order from here

  232. Madeline S.

    Good but..
    They’re really good, the product is awesome. But I was honestly expecting a bigger jar. I feel like they’re super expensive and I’m willing to try another brand that’s cheaper.

  233. Kelly M.

    Best product around ! Great prices

  234. Ankita P.

    Great Product
    I loved the gummies. I’m new to CBD and I wanted to try a product and tried these gummies and loved them! Not only do they taste great but they do the trick!

  235. Brian M.

    These gummies are amazing I take one before bed and I’m asleep in 30 minutes. I’ll definitely keep buying these!

  236. Makenzie H.

    I got the sour gummy worms in 250mg and i’m really happy with their effect. They help my anxiety tremendously!

  237. Danyelle H.

    If you’re on the fence about buying this. I highly suggest it! I wasn’t sure if it would work but they work great with my anxiety!

  238. Ashley P.

    The gummies taste good while helping with anxiety!!

  239. Angela G.

    Didnt get a chance to adequately try it out. Havent had a lot of stress to see if it helps with that, which is y i made the purchase.

  240. Karen G.

    Rainbow gummies
    I have tried others brands but no more… Just CBD is the one for me. Not only have these gummies helps with my back pain they also taste amazing. I prefer to take two strips at a time. I’m a female , 5’3 and weigh 135.

  241. Jennifer H.

    Really yummy and helps me sleep and relax

  242. Amber D.

    Yummy and effective
    Love these things.

  243. Cecelia L.


  244. Edward M.

    CBD Gummies
    The CBD Gummies are amazing. Tastes great and helps me relax and stay focused throughout the day.

  245. Marilyn L.

    CBD gummies!
    Have to say these gummies are great already ordered some more. Very good product on top of that delivers are super fast! Well done you guys

  246. Stephanie N.

    The real deal
    I purchased for pain and sleep. I’ve now quit opioids for pain and benzodiazepines for sleep!! Going all natural because of these gummies. Have controlled my daughter’s anxiety also! Fantastic!

  247. Lynette D.

    Love them
    I got the cherry gummies and they are the best! I picked up the Halloween gummies too! Can’t wait !

  248. L. G.

    They’re So Tasty, Too!
    I bought the 250 mg jar of the blueberry-raspberry rings for myself and my son. We’re well satisfied with the results and the flavor! Also, it’s cheaper buying them here on the website – especially with free shipping – than it is to buy them in a dispensary! Thanks, JustCBD!

  249. Gina M.

    Awesome gummies!
    These peach flavored gummies are awesome tasting and chill me out. They arrived supper quick too! Will definitely reorder.

  250. Wanda M.


  251. Jimmy N.

    Got this little guy to try it out and must say its working for what we need. Decently priced and fast delivery.

  252. Joseph R.

    Great tasting and well balanced effect.
    Safe and subtle response. Purchased the gummy rings and have nothing but great things to say about the product. Recommend eating 1/2 dose to understand tolerance, then full-multiple doses once established.

  253. Deb B.

    I can finally sleep!
    The CBD gummies are the only thing that works to help me fall and stay asleep! I did not want to take any prescription medications, and melatonin, valerian, and chamomile did nothing for me. I have my energy and positive attitude back!

  254. Sonja B.

    Great gummies
    I use these for my autistic son for bedtime and he falls asleep quickly. He doesn’t like all the flavors but he will eat them.

  255. Kayla M.

    Best CBD product out there
    I have chronic back issues and sleep issues and this product has helped tremendously! Plus it tastes amazing!

  256. Elisha B.

    I love justcbd Gummies,. The gummies relax me when I’m feeling stressed out and they also help me sleep at night! I’ll definitely be buying more 😉

  257. Tony B.

    Cbd gummies
    They tastes really good! Shipping was fast too. I need to take two gummies just so I can feel it. But again the taste was really good, it taste just like watermelon candy.

  258. Nicole C.

    Best ONLY CBD on the market
    Review by Nicole C. on 9 Oct 2019I’ve tried several companies out there and by far this one works the best. Been using this line for 3 years now.

  259. Jessica I.

    Love these, they help me out alot. Grateful I found JustCBD!

  260. Maureen D.

    Very happy with the quality and taste of the gummies.

  261. Anthony M.

    The Cure for Sleeping problems
    I don’t have a problem falling asleep the problem is staying asleep. After 3-4 hours I usually wake up and then toss and turn for hours. When I take Just CBD gummy worms I sleep the night through. Not just that it relieves my aches and pains as well. I suggest to anyone who has any of these issues try Just CBD gummies.

  262. Cat L.

    CBD Gummies
    I found the 250mg to be the perfect amount to help with sleep, and take the edge off fibromyalgia pain. The gummies are very flavorful, and fresh. Will definitely order again!

  263. Kelly D.

    Works great for anxiety

  264. Bryanne C.

    250MG Sour Worms
    Love these! Taste like a regular sour gummy worm with no after taste. Won’t buy any other brand!

  265. Brittany S.

    The Best
    Better sleep, better focus. Highly recommend

  266. Shawna E.

    Great taste and helps me fall asleep quickly. I just wish u made the 250 mg in a larger size container like 50 or 100 pieces in 1 container. It’s more cost effective and helps save the environment with less plastic.

  267. Hannah D.

    Works Wonders!
    I have trouble sleeping and relaxing and these worked amazingly and calming me down and helping me fall asleep and stay asleep for the whole night. I highly recommend to everyone! I was also extremely excited when they sent me a reusable metal straw with my last purchase!

  268. Ryan B.

    Really good

  269. Diana K.

    Awesome product
    I love this product. It is absolutely worth every penny! I love this website too!

  270. Joseph S.

    Taste was fine …. let you know more after I finish the second jar…

  271. Jackie

    Blue Raspberry Rings
    one of these delicious gummies helps me fall asleep very easily! Although they don’t really help me with any pain, they do help with my sleep.

  272. KARLA T.

    Best CBD Gummies in the county!!!
    I love Just CBD!!! They have the BEST CBD Gummies in the county!!!

  273. Natishia A.

    Best purchase
    I was skeptical about these but after buying these gummies at a grocery store I was surprised how well they worked. I ate 2 and felt super relaxed not agitated as usual. They taste great. My second purchase was the gummy cherries which were just as tasty. Will always purchase from JUSTCBD!

  274. Zoraida M.

    CBD gummies
    Amazing products help me with anxiety,sleeping and simply relaxing

  275. Eric W.

    So i ordered my gummies on a late friday night, and i got them the next Wednesday. Now thats some fast delivery to me. I tried them that night. And i have to say within 30min i could tell that I could see the effects. I was more relaxed, and not as anxious as normal. Ive had anxiety for multiple years and Ive been looking for something to help me Read Morewith that and i do believe ive found it

  276. Giselle R.

    They are amazing !!
    They help me sleep I do not feel groggy when I wake up they just help me relax me highly recommended my friend just got some too!

  277. Ashley V.

    Highly Recommend
    These have been great for me. I was having trouble falling asleep/staying asleep throughout the night, I take 1 and a half of these and I have no issues. Definitely will be ordering more!!

  278. Matt A.

    Quality product and quick turnaround
    Very pleased and will be ordering again !

  279. Diana C.

    Good review
    I am a cbd oil user and have had tremendous benefits from that but it’s messy and I spill it because i suffer from both types of arthritis and fibromyalgia and the taste and breath was inconvenient for me. The gummies work just as well for my symptoms with none of those drawbacks so I have ordered 3 times now and I still haven’t received a 25 perc Read Moreent discount so I would like to receive more discounts on products that I know will be using regularly. My husband has also tried the gummies and gotten relief for his back pain but he’s a diabetic so I need to get him some sugar free ones next. This is also helpful to me with my anxiety and depression. I have been able to regain so much activity that I had lost and would highly recommend this!!! I don’t have Facebook and don’t know a lot about technology with these phones but I have shared my sight on email!!

  280. Charles P.

    CBD Equals Sleep
    Wife has had a bad problem with falling to sleep and these CBD products are helping out so far. Tried regular gummies and we’ll try the rings.

  281. Kaylee T.

    Watermelon Gummies
    These are great! Taste fantastic and seem to be working! I do these in the morning and the oil at night.

  282. Claire G.

    CBD gummies
    I love these! I use them to calm me down before bed and they work wonders

  283. Natalie L.


  284. Elijah A.

    Helps me sleep
    I bought it as a test run and I was immediately impressed with how fast it worked and helped me relax and fall asleep on time.

  285. lori n.

    Taste is great, would purchase again!

  286. Annika T.

    Just CBD
    I’m currently using the cbd gummies for anxiety. For me, this stuff works amazingly. It’s truly a game changer for alternative medicine!

  287. BaileyG

    Works really well and tastes great!

  288. Rachel W.

    These taste just like gummy bears and help me stay calm when I’m feeling anxious. I highly recommend and will be buying more!

  289. Heulitt D.

    CBD gummies
    You will love the cherry CBD gummies they’re delicious, and soothes your pain.

  290. Nicole L.

    So yummy – and helped with my sleep!
    Okay so first things first, I am OBSESSED with gummy anything. Like, literally any kind of gummy. So, this means that I know what a good gummy should taste like, and these hit the spot! There is no word hemp aftertaste, and I love the flavors of each gummy. They’ve also really been helping with my sleep, too!

  291. KEVIN H.


  292. Tyler R.

    I struggle with anxiety and just 1 gummy is enough to calm me down for hours. Highly recommend.

  293. Jennifer P.

    I can finally sleep!
    The taste is just a little off, but that’s to be expected! I have been having such horrible issues sleeping but once I started taking the peach gummy rings I finally got some decent sleep! I’ve already ordered my next jar!

  294. Shannen

    V yummy
    Helped calm my anxiety, thank you!

  295. Shirley M.

    Helps with pain
    When my pain is really bad it helps me sleep better

  296. Taryn C.

    Taste great
    Taste amazing, really helps me sleep

  297. Amber V.

    Taste delicious
    I keep mine in the refrigerator because where I live gets pretty hot. They taste great and work for me .

  298. Paola C.

    Love them!!
    I recently purchased CBD gummies and totally love them. They help me relax and sleep throughout the night.

  299. Ryan

    Awesome find!
    Really helps with anxiety only issue are the yellow are extremely tart and so those are the only ones left.

  300. Richard B.

    Good Product
    Works for anxiety and a sleep aid for me. I have bought Apple Rings and Blueberry Raspberry Rings and both have a great taste.

  301. Michael B.

    This product helped me so much with my chronic pain, and helped to reduce my anxiety. I 1000% recommend this for anyone who experiences the same issues. Also, they taste amazing, and the variety of flavors is super cool!

  302. Peggy t.

    they taste of the blueberry gummies was excellent, they were fine.

  303. Jacqueline C.

    Genuinely top notch, great tasting and affective.

  304. Madison K.

    Best Sleep Ever!!
    I eat 2 about 40 minutes before bedtime, and I sleep so good. I feel like I tried everything and these gummies are amazing at putting me to sleep and easing my anxiety throughout the day.

  305. Davonne T.

    New to cbd an i love these gummies the taste how they make me feel will definitely be buying often

  306. Catrina C.

    They actually work for keeping a high strung, anxiety ridden teen chill. It’s been an absolute blessing

  307. Veronica G.

    My son has autism and
    My son has autism and sometimes has high anxiety. We have been using the gummies and see a huge Improvement. He seems more relaxed which allows him to do more things. The gummies also taste good which makes them easy to consume. I ran out once but never again.

  308. Tanner K.

    Amazing product
    My first purchase w/ y’all! I am able to fall asleep faster and get legit rest! It’s also helping w/ my knee & ankle pain! Not waking up w/ right ankle is an amazing thing! Thank you for selling a great product! I should receive my order tomorrow (9/16) which is ahead of schedule! I can’t wait to continue my CBD journey with y’all!
    Read More
    Tanner Kelly

  309. Sherry J.


  310. Joseph Z.

    it was relaxing
    only regret is shouldve got a higher dose

  311. Molly V.

    I’ve been taking these gummies to help me sleep! They are awesome! I love that there’s no uncomfortable side effects and shortly after consuming it I’m out like a light.

  312. Gary C.

    tasty gummys. ..not sure if effective.

  313. Lauren S.

    First time ordering cbd and it helps so much with my anxiety. Works within minutes! Can’t wait for my next batch!! Taste just like the actual candy !

  314. Monica O.

    Great product. Helps me tremendously.

  315. CRAIG M.


  316. Lucilio M.

    Like it alot!
    Really good!

  317. Nicole L.

    Best thing I’ve ever bought
    I was skeptical at first but literally I sleep the best when I take one. It’s not even compared to melatonin because I don’t wake up with that tired hangover feeling like whereas when I take a gummy i don’t get that feeling. Definitely recommend.

  318. Rosemary R.

    Thank you
    It’s calms my anxiety and helps me sleeps but with no side effects. I took an anti anxiety med for years and I was fearful to stop because it can cause seizures. Well your product also helps with seizures. Thank God for your products

  319. Madison T.

    Amazing product
    I was skeptical since I’ve tried many CBD products before and none of them seemed to have any effect. After 30 minutes of eating the gummies I can feel a marked change in my anxiety and feel completely relaxed. It’s perfect to take right before bed time and helps me fall asleep immediately

  320. Nichole C.

    We bought the 250mg jar to try them out, now I wish I bought something bigger! They taste delicious, no smell or aftertaste. I suffer from migraines and these gummies took the pain and helped me to sleep!! We will definitely be buying more! The only downfall was the shipping took longer than expected and I wish there was an option to have it deliv Read Moreered sooner.

  321. Judy H.

    They helped me sleep way better n controlled my anxiety over night !! I will buy them again .

  322. Mary B.

    A good tasting gummy. Works like a charm.

  323. Alejandro T.

    I was reluctant to try at first, but I’m glad I did. I’ve got back problems and get a lot of headaches. Anxiety and stress would be the cause of my sleeplessness. Simply amazing how I’ve been able to sleep without waking up groggy. I’ve also felt refreshed at work. Most definitely buying again and recommending to others!

  324. Michelle T.

    Great taste
    I would definitely recommend this for anyone who struggles with anxiety and sleep. Since I’ve started using these I sleep like a baby and do not wake up feeling groggy.

  325. Brenda B.

    This product is the bomb. The flavor is terrific! I have RLS and I have a hard time falling asleep, this product is a great help for this condition, (at least for me).

  326. Bobbie A.

    You will not be disappointed!!
    Very satisfied with the product and glad I decided to buy. Quality of product is awesome and I will definitely be a return customer again and again! Shipping is very fast as well

  327. Kelly M.


  328. Isabella H.

    Great for pain & Anxiety
    I have migraines and these gummies help so much. Also helps get rid of general anxiety & depression before work so I can have a great day.

  329. Megan R.

    I had trouble sleeping throughout the night and would feel tired after sleeping 9 hours! I started taking 2 of these gummies at night about 30 minutes before bed and instantly got 6-8 hours of sleep through the week and felt fully rested!! I bought the 3,000mg already!

  330. Joon O.

    Great company
    Shipping is pretty quick. Customer service is responsive. The products are good. This will be my go-to for cbd going forward.

  331. Desiree S.

    Soon as I take it a 1/2 an hour later I’m sleep

  332. Sabriyah B.

    Great CBD Gummies
    They came perfectly packaged and faster than expected. They taste like real sour gummy bears without a bitter aftertaste. Best of all, the dose of CBD is perfect.

  333. Alexis W.

    Amazing and Yummy!!!
    Bought these to help with stress, anxiety, and sleep issues and they are exquisite!!! They have been great can take during the day or right before bed! Will definitely be buying more!!

  334. Matthew D.

    Works great for me before bed.

  335. Diane C.

    Bought cherry gummy. loved the taste, & they were effective.

  336. Rita H.

    Great product

  337. Laura S.

    Great for relaxing before bed

  338. Anna A.

    Good choice
    Helps relax me for sleep; esp good since I have severe arthritis

  339. Lynn L.

    Works great
    Bought the cbd gummies for my family and me for pain. They taste good and work great

  340. Christina B.

    Amazing Product! Will definitely buy again

  341. Madisyn R.

    Good product!
    I purchases this product in hopes it would begin to help with some of my chronic illness symptoms. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I have been sleeping without waking up since I started taking this! If I had to make one complaint it would be that there is a little bit of that CBD aftertaste but it is so minimal you barely notice it!I just o Read Morerdered another jar 🙂

  342. Andrew S.

    Great taste, awesome results
    I got these to primarily help with controlling anxiety and falling asleep. It did both as expected. They taste just like sour gummies too. No hemp taste at all!!

  343. Stephanie C.

    Product taste is great! Really help with sleeping issues.

  344. Shannon W.

    First time user
    I have suffered from migraines for a few years now since a bad car accident and was tired of using prescription drugs that weren’t very effective. I was pleasantly surprised at how well these gummy‘s helped with my migraines

  345. Ashley

    Taste is great, very effective
    This is the second jar i’ve purchased here. I first tried the sour bears. Taste was fantastic with little to no after taste. I now have a jar of Sour Worms. The taste is absolutely delicious. Even though I’ve only tried the Bears and Worms, it is my favorite flavor! No after taste for these ones. 12.5mgs is also almost perfect for me, being a 114l Read Moreb female. I usually have to take 1 1/2 , occasionally 2 for my insomnia and anxiety and only 1/2-1 (depending on severity) for my headaches and back pain. I cannot wait to try another flavor! I’m very pleased with this product!

  346. Virginia S.

    They work!
    They really do work just wish that there wasn’t a nasty taste because of the oil.

  347. Brian S.

    good product reasonable price

  348. Robin S.

    Rainbow 250
    I got the rainbow strips and they are so yummy and give me the perfect calm.

  349. Zuwelkys V.


  350. Valerie T.

    Chewing 1 Now🍒
    Review by Valerie T. on 22 Aug 2019This tastes Sooooo Good it is HARD to eat just 1❣

  351. Maria D.

    Great product
    I have a hard time sleeping. Ever since I started using this product I’ve been sleeping like a baby. Uninterrupted sleep!!

  352. Gabriela B.

    Good product
    I liked it definitely relaxed me and made me a little drowsy which is great because I got it for sleeping aid purposes but I found my tolerance being high or dosage small because I found myself eating like 2-3 a night so it went by quite fast for me and I shared with my husband so super fast lol

  353. Heather W.

    It works!
    The taste is way better I imagined and it definitely has done so much for my anxiety. I was having problems with falling asleep and these WORK! I don’t feel groggy next morning, if anything I feel more rested and it’s not as hard to wake up. I only take one gummy in the evening and it’s perfect!!

  354. Sheila O.

    Worked and tasted great
    They helped me fall asleep easier and they tasted very good!

  355. Taryn M.

    Helps with MY anxiety
    I love these gummies. I have been dealing with really bad social anxiety all of my life. These gummies DO NOT completely cure anxiety, but they help me be less anxious. They are also great if you have trouble sleeping due to anxiety. I only gave this product 4 stars because of the price 🙁

  356. ERIN C.

    2 of these before bed and I’m out like a light! No waking up with insomnia!

  357. Christina H.

    SO good
    Really tasty, no real aftertaste besides the gummy flavor. Really calming and helps me with my anxiety.

  358. JaRon M.

    Great product! They taste awesome!

  359. Michelle W.

    Worked really good!!
    The product worked great for my anxiety, however had a bad aftertaste..

  360. Alexandria B.

    Beyond Happy
    This helped me so much with my anxiety and depression, like I can’t explain it the CBD products are so great I will definitely be ordering more!!!

  361. Jo R.

    Love These!
    Great flavor and they had a strong effect, making me feel relaxed. I use them before bed to chill out and have a good nights sleep. I will be ordering more for sure!

  362. Pedro N.

    Super delicious

  363. Sydney R.

    Best CBD gummies by far
    They work on me very well! Within 30 mins I’m ready for bed. Perfect for what I need them for! Amazing quality!

  364. Jay W.

    Best CBS gummies

  365. Marie T.

    So yummy!!
    Peach rings are my favorite and taste like the real thing!

  366. Laura P.

    Tasty & effective!
    My boyfriend introduced these to me a few months ago because I have a bad back. These products really help me anytime I have back pain and I’m able to still function unlike with muscle relaxers. They are also very tasty!! O started with the sour belts, then tried the peaches and the plain gummy bears. I’m definitely ordering again!!!

  367. Chris m.


  368. Barbara C.

    The taste was good and I will be buying again

  369. Nicholas K.

    Good product and taste fine
    No problem with the taste at all. No bad aftertaste. Wish the site told you how many are in a jar and the serving size. Didn’t find this out until I got the jar. For the 250mg jar there is 25 gummies and a serving size is based on what you want. I eat one just to get a little mellow and two to fall asleep in an hour. I ate two late one night and t Read Morehen all of the next day it was hard to wake up. I found if this happens again the best thing to do is eat and drink a lot of water to get rid of the CBD in your body. Will buy again now that I know more and will take advantage of the quantity discount for a larger jar.

  370. Paul J.

    Extremely effective against anxiety and as a sleep aid. Quick and easy purchase.
    Great taste and highly recommended.

  371. Virginia S.

    Love them

  372. Tanisha S.

    Great !
    These are great , bitter after taste but not too bad 🥰

  373. Stephanie W.

    Would definitely order again, the only thing I didn’t like is they left a weird taste in your mouth

  374. Mikayla S.

    Love these
    I got these because I heard that CBD has a lot of benefits & I used Taylor Caniff’s discount code. Everytime I take these before bed, they help my sleep so well. If I have any trouble going to sleep, these will do the trick. They also help to calm me after being stressed. They honestly aren’t priced bad at all. I will most likely purchase thes Read Moree again once I run out!

  375. Phoebe

    Good stuff quality shipping

  376. June E.

    Easy transport
    Very easy to just drop in my purse with other assorted candies so no one knows what i am taking. I am elderly and some of my friends do not approve even though it is legal

  377. Staci

    Love! Love! Love!
    taste great and works fantastic. I sleep so well now

  378. Nick d.

    They good
    I actually really like these, they taste good make you feel good kinda tired though.

  379. Kris L.

    Fast shipping in descreet packaging.

  380. Maggie K.

    Great Product
    Noticed it has helped myself sleep better at night. The gummies taste good too.

  381. Nicole P.

    100% natural. Works wonders for anxiety. I will definitely order again. I forgot what it’s like to relax completely. Wow!

  382. Travis S.

    Absolutely fantastic. Great taste, great feeling!

  383. Harri-0

    The Answer👌👌👌👌
    Great Flavor…….Freshness…..Awesome…..

  384. Noconie F.

    Wonderful product!

  385. Christina T.

    I have such a hard time sleeping….and find myself taking a xantax just to calm down….these have changed my life. I hate taking medication and feel so much better about taking this to sleep. thank you so much!

  386. Kayla O.

    Taste good and they really work!

  387. APRIL W.

    CBD gummies 250 mg
    These are amazing, I have spinal stenosis and I am a CNA at a nursing home. I eat four bears when I’m in pain and it works better than any pain pills I’ve ever taken.

  388. Sarah C.

    Bought these to help with my knee pain from a gym injury & to help with my anxiety. I have never been more relaxed & can go about my day without being in so much pain!

    Definitely will buying more.

  389. Sherry H.

    Great high quality product.

  390. David B.

    Tasty and effective
    I liked them.

  391. Darletha P.

    Thanks again the gummies was
    Thanks again the gummies was helpful. My plans is to continue buying your product.
    Personally I feel that the gummies are extremely expensive when you’re on a limited income. I’m a senior citizen.
    Discount Discount and more Discounts.

  392. Amanda B.

    Taste was great. I should have bought 750 mg. 250 not enough for pain control.

  393. Felicia L.

    Great for pain
    Works wonders

  394. Lauren J.

    Great product
    I’ll be buying from here every month now!

  395. Wendy D.

    It was great it got rid of my headaches and my back pain and ankle pain from surgery I would buy from you again wendy Doak

  396. Angela

    I bought them on vacation
    I bought them on vacation the cherry ones I was so pleased with the results I ordered more when I got home they had a great taste and were fresh they chewed up nice and desolved well they were better than what I had been buying at the despencery

  397. Liz C.

    Blueberry rings
    They are just like the picture on the website and absolutely tastes great. Thanks Justcbd

  398. TERESA T.

    very good

  399. Cheryl C.

    Liked the producted but due to heat while in travel mode had a melt down. Put in refridge was able to consume still. Not sure I will be purchasing again.

  400. David H.

    Great product
    Product works great. First shipment gummies were melted but they sent out a 2nd for free immediately. Great service

  401. Kareen P.

    Just the right dose for me

  402. Emily Z.

    Gummy bears
    They are great! Taste great! And help with stress and sleep!

  403. Zachary M.

    Great product

  404. Marcus S.

    These have helped me sleep better! It has calmed my nerves. Has helped a bit with my seizures.

  405. Anna L.

    Great taste and very effective. I use them everyday for anxiety and pain.

  406. Jowan M.

    Amazing for sleep
    Loved the apple rings! Had trouble sleeping for months after a week of taking I can fall asleep a hour after taking! Love it

  407. Katie A.

    Sour worms
    I purchased the sour worms and I have to say that they are incredible. I suffer from kyphoscoliosis and can never seem to find relief without constantly stretching and cracking my back. But these relaxes me to a point where I haven’t had any pain or aches in almost a week. Will continue to buy.

  408. El’lisia S.

    They help
    I purchased because i get bad menstrual cramps and I work overnights so i have a hard time sleeping. They’ve been helping me sleep after work so I’m satisfied

  409. Tysen B.

    Gummy Worms
    They are tasty little worms. I feel relaxed after having 2 of them. Just wish they were little more potent and not so expensive.

  410. Lisa D.

    Good tasting
    Product arrived quickly. Tastes very good.

  411. franklin l.

    Work great
    They taste amazing. Work great. I sleep like a baby and my knee pain goes away. Love them.

  412. Laura C.

    These help me relax after a day of working in an office full of jerk offs who have nothing better to do but judge and sneer. Take one before bed and I have no trouble falling asleep plus I wake up so refreshed.

  413. Amber V.

    Amazing and great customer service
    The Just CBD gummies are amazing and have helped me out with my health issues. I recently ordered some gummies and when they arrived they had melted. I contacted the support team at Just CBD and they sent me out another jar and made sure that it was shipped priority with a received signature to ensure that the gummies would not be put in the mailb Read Moreox to melt in the summer heat.
    Very pleased with this company and their products.
    Thank you

  414. Breanna K.

    Peach Gummies
    This was my first time getting CBD in gummy form. The only downside I found is they can melt if left in a hot car etc. they do have a little CBD after taste but if you’re used to eating CBD they’re very close to the peach rings you ate as a kid. Would buy again 🍑

  415. Laurie M.

    Love it.
    This is the best cbd I have used.

  416. T

    I was a little skeptical at first if they would work so I got a small container to try. Boy was I made into a believer. They are very yummy like the ones you used to enjoy as a kid & they pack a punch of wellness that has helps with anixey & pain; not to mention helping my dad take the “edge” off his pain who suffers from chronic pain. He Read Moreloved them so much I bought him some of his own. Thank you for such a wonderful product, I’ll defiantly be a repeat customer.

  417. Danielle B.

    Worked! and tasted pretty good
    I ate a few of these while having some back and hip pain, it relieved my pain, and tasted pretty good, just had kind of an odd after taste.. i would definitely buy these again in the future

  418. Kimberly D.

    Works well my joints are improving

  419. Rickeia O.

    Review by Rickeia O. on 17 Jul 2019Definitely enjoy every part of the snack😜😜😜

  420. Nicole94


  421. Dawn B.

    Tasty and they really work !!!
    These cbd gummies are awesome ! They are yummy and they work wonders ! I take them for pain and sleep and I’m amazed ! I’m almost out so I’m going to buy more !! Thank you 😊

  422. Shenna B.


  423. Jake G.

    To quote Tony the Tiger they’re great

  424. Melissa T.

    Works great!!

  425. Ronald B.

    Works good. Relaxed and better sleep.

  426. Mirta C.

    Love my Gummies
    Your gummies are the best!
    Love the taste and they have been a life changing for me.
    Thank you for the great quality and attention you put into your products.

  427. Harriett w.

    great product for anxiety and sleep

  428. Megan K.

    Amazing !!

  429. Brittany J.

    Great taste
    Felt like I was eating real candy but i’m not sure if I took them long enough to feel any difference. The small container only lasted three days. Next time i’ll get the larger container.

  430. Kerry K.

    These are the best! I’ve tried oil from a different company before which didn’t really do the trick. These gummies are so yummy and taste just like the actual candy and have made a significant impact on my sleep. I ran out a few days ago and have had a hard time falling asleep since. Ordering more now!

  431. Krisel J.

    It’s amazing I’m getting more

  432. Frederique S.

    Great taste and helped a lot with my inflammation and pain. Definitely will buy again.

  433. Messina S.

    Best Sleep Aid Ever
    After having multiple months of restless sleep my husband and I decided to try these gummies. Not only do they taste great but they are the BEST non habit forming sleep aid we’ve ever tried. We both slept great and woke up feeling rested and ready for the day. Absolutely no feeling of “medicine head” the next day that many sleep aids have give me. Read MoreI would definitely recommend these for anyone that needed that restful night.

  434. Lylibeth S.

    They were delicious
    They helped calm me when my anxiety was bad, and they also Helped me sleep better

  435. Megan K.

    First CBD experience
    Taste and texture of the gummies is great. They do make me pretty tired but for the time I’m able to remain awake they help tone down my anxiety and ease muscle pain. They also help me sleep longer than I normally would be able to.

  436. Amanda H.

    Amazing and effective
    I’ve tried others and these are definitely the best!

  437. John B.

    Five stars more or less
    Hard to review these gummies. Yes I feel less back pain and more upbeat after consuming. But maybe I’d have felt that way anyhow, sans CBD. And maybe not. Tough to gauge CBD’s impact, because, you know– who can explain the interplay of brain, synapse, joint, muscle, mood, outlook… Well, probably somebody. Me, all I know is when I ingest these g Read Moreummies I usually feel better, sometimes a lot better. Is that because I believe I OUGHT to feel better, a sort of placebo effect? Who knows. But anyway, most often I feel better, and am glad for that.

  438. Selene O.

    Delivery was fast and these gummies help alot when my anxiety acts up at night, they make me drowsy so that’s really the only time I try to take them at unless I know I wont be leaving the house.

  439. Scott R.

    First purchase, GREATNESSES
    Product received at warp speed, packaging was awesome, gummies are all gone!

  440. Madison G.

    I was truly amazed by these. I don’t like hemp after taste that most gummies give off but these have no after taste and taste amazing.

  441. Elaine M.

    Watermelon Rings
    I enjoy them . I would recommend them if anyone want’s to purchase this flavor. I would order more if and when the time come’s.

  442. Will E.

    Highly recommend

  443. Dave C.

    My wife has been using them and they working great on her minor arthritis pain.

  444. Christian C.

    I deal with severe anxiety and found these. What a perfect fix when I feel I need something to calm me down!

  445. Carol B.

    Delicious and Effective
    These taste almost as good as the originals. Dosage is easy, start with one or two and see what works to adjust. Already reordered!

  446. Valon L.

    Very good

  447. Jennifer M.

    These gummies taste amazing. They work better than any other CBD gummies I have ever tried. No side effects. I wish I had known about this company years ago!

  448. Rita S.

    They taste great and they work. Thank you.

  449. Tywann N.

    Just awesome

  450. Kaycee

    These are the first cbd gummies I’ve tried and they were amazing! The flavor is delicious. I feel really relaxed & sleep so well. I take two gummies & feel the effects. One is a mild feeling & two is moderate.

  451. Amanda C.

    High dose but easy to cut in half
    I don’t recommend eating a whole peach slice unless you’re either super high-tolerance or want to go to bed for the night.

  452. Emilie S.

    The worms were great tasting and super effective!!!@!!

  453. T

    These are truly wonderful. Not only do they help relax me & with my pain. My dad is a chronic pain patient these have helped him so much. If your sceptical please give them a try, you will not be disappointed.

  454. Michaele H.

    Great product that works!
    We tried others. These worked!

  455. Alma R.

    They are everything I expected. Very pleased with the taste and effectiveness.

  456. Barbara D.

    Sweet n sour
    Yes , I like them I think they help me with my arthritis. Very satisfied 😉 . Would order again, and have recommended to other people.

  457. Erik C.

    Cbd Gummies
    Wonderful product

  458. Marylou M.

    Slept like a baby

  459. Starr H.

    This was the first oral CBD product that i have tried. Have used creams in the past. Taste was great with a calming effect. will be buying again.

  460. Julie R.

    These are great for chronic pain and anxiety.

  461. Robert W.

    I don’t really remember the last time I had a Gummie but it tasted very good

  462. Cameron S.

    Tasty and Effective
    The cherry flavour was SO good. I wanted to eat them like candy (I didnt though, lol). The effect it had was really great. I slept better than I had in 3 weeks. However, I noticed that it takes 3 to have an effect on me, so I’ll be ordering the 500 mg next time.

  463. Melissa G.

    I bought these because I was curious about what people were promoting on ig. Decided to go for my favorite candy, peach rings and I must say I could not be more pleased! Treated myself to 3-4 gummies after a workout and honestly I am so happy not sure if the happiness is from the great taste, for the relaxing feeling from the cbd and not being sor Read Moree the next day but I LOOOOOOOVE these sososososo much

  464. Kathryn C.

    Sleeping better.
    One or two clear bears at bedtime and I fall asleep easily and stay asleep (and yes, I compared to my last few bear-free nights and it took forever to fall asleep and I woke up repeatedly.) I’m restocked and looking forward to a good night’s rest. Plus, they taste pretty good.

  465. Jon D.

    Good stuff
    The gummies are great and the delivery was on time. Thanks.

  466. Victoria R.

    Favorite new product!
    Buy it & you will not regret it one bit!!!!

  467. Madeline S.


  468. Holly W.

    Tastes great but…
    These did not make me feel relaxed or peaceful. After an hour or two I felt like I had just taken a bottle of cold medicine. I felt extremely groggy and found myself dozing off. I tried taking at bedtime thinking it would help me sleep in that case, but it didn’t. I still couldn’t fall asleep, I just overslept and had crazy dreams that made me fee Read Morel weird upon waking. I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression and after reading all the studies and online hype of CBD I really wanted this to work, even just a little bit… 🙁

  469. Margaret W.

    The gummies tasted just fine
    But the taste is not my concern….. the price is. It’s hard to tell if there is any result really since I’m not sure what to expect from the Gummies. I certainly don’t get the same relaxed feeling that I get from my prescription Cannabis so i will not purchase any more until they get below almost $2 per ring. Thank you.

  470. Crystal C.

    Great…I upped the mg

  471. SHERRY S.

    the real deal!
    I was hesitant to order , because I have bought some cbd gummies from other companies, that didn’t seem to have any effect at all on my migraines and insomnia. I am so happy I did now, love these gummies!

  472. John w.


  473. Amanda V.

    Yummy Gummies
    The gummies are awesome! Helps me sleep better at night and more relaxed for sure during the day. Definitely would buy more.

  474. Kirsten B.

    Great product & company
    Turned my skeptical husband into a true belieber in the healing power of CBD! He now sleeps like a baby and has to take his gummy before bed! Ha! Also, this company has amazing customer service. I won’t go into detail- but thank you guys. Awesome place!

  475. Natasha P.

    This is the best. I
    This is the best. I take one every night. I get a good nights sleep feel refresh in the morning and so energetic throughout the day. The bestttt

  476. Kathleen K.

    Goodbye Melatonin, this is the most effective, subtle , calming treat I’ve had! As if I couldn’t be happier saying goodbye to Tylenol PMs etc the customer service I have received has been top notch. Very happy (and well rested) to recommend this product and this company!

  477. Brittaney S.

    They worked amazing for my nerve pain.

  478. Kim H.

    No after taste whatsoever

  479. Barbara N.

    They are great

  480. Caitlin B.

    Yummy gummies
    These are very tasty and helpful in relaxing

  481. Urszula S.

    Makes you feel nice and relaxed. Perfect for stressed out parents or anyone looking to unwind.

  482. Heather C.


  483. Denise M.

    Great product!
    Has helped me to sleep through the night much better.

  484. Sara M.

    I love this product!! I recommend them to everyone!!

  485. William C.

    Flavor and content.
    The flavor was just like any gummy candy. They were delicious with a great texture. The dosing was exactly what I wanted and worked as such.

  486. Krystal K.

    Help me fall asleep faster

  487. CHARLES R.

    Just CBD
    Great CBD product and company

  488. Barbara R.

    gummie bears
    great product and has worked well for me. Will purchase again

  489. Nancee S.

    Texture is good, flavor wasn’t my personal favorite. Good, I just prefer the rainbow ribbons.

  490. Tina G.

    Exactly what I was looking for! I love this product. I’m going to buy some of these great gummies for my mom!

  491. Michelle

    Too Good…
    This is beyond yummy, gives just the right amount of chill and requires a master class in self-restraint. Love it!

  492. Crystal H.

    Love them they help so much

  493. Orvilla P.

    Gummies bears
    Not sure what to think yet. This product looks promising if consumed more than recommended. Still not sure?

  494. Jessica D.

    Great product but shipping has been taking over a week, was expecting last Thursday and only arriving today.

  495. Debra P.

    Fun variety from my bunnies! Taste really good!!

  496. Anthony P.

    Great taste
    Loved the flavor of the sour gummies!! Hella good and did exactly what it needed to do. I have a high anxiety problem and it helped a lot with coping with it and just calming myself down. Miracle work right here lol

  497. Anneke P.

    We love them so much we made another purchase within a week. They taste amazing !

  498. Kassia M.

    Happy faces.
    I bought the happy face ones and it was good. The taste was nice. Wasnt too sour. I kinda thought the amount would be more. As I couldve are the whole jar in one sitting. Effectiveness I’m not sure. I purchased the tincture and found that better then edibles. But I would still purchase again. Maybe higher dose and larger quantity.

  499. Alicia B.

    I really love the flavor and the effects hit me so differently compared to oil. For the price these are some of the best CBD gummies I’ve found.

  500. Ashly C.

    Great product!
    I’ve always been a night person, so it doesn’t matter how long I have worked day shift, I can never fall asleep easily at night. These things are great! I eat one or two about an hour before I plan on going to bed and I’m out within 10-15 minutes of laying down, rather than the normal 1-2 hours.

  501. Deseree I.

    Awesome product

  502. Tracy L.

    Order for some family members and they say they help with pain and restful night sleep

  503. Alex F.

    I feel relaxed
    I tried a couple at a time before things got busy at work, usually when my anxiety would kick in and I’d be getting frustrated, and I wasn’t as irritable as usual. Wasn’t sure how many I should take for anxiety so I’m still going about trial and error like. Three seem to do well, even if it only lasts me a short while. I may buy again.

  504. Kimi f.

    Loved it

  505. Tracy L.

    These work great help allow for a great night sleep

  506. Jacklyn P.

    Really helps me out with my anxiety plus when I feeling pain in my muscles

  507. Nicole B.

    Great taste and they work wonderful! Very relaxed.. I take them for anxiety! They work!

  508. Lulu

    love them
    I bought the rainbow ribbons to try out, wasn’t sure if they would help. my anxiety literally vanished after eating 2 of them. i have crippling anxiety, ocd and depression and these gummies have helped significantly. i really didn’t want to go back on pharmaceutical meds again because of the side effects, and now i don’t have to. so thankful.

  509. Elaine C.


  510. Nora H.

    Great product
    These gummies have really helped with my anxiety and neuropathy! Thank you.

  511. Tricia W.

    Wonderful customer service,and fast shipping!

  512. Sabry O.


  513. Maureen M.

    Best yet!!!
    I get all my CBD products here…. timely delivery, sealed container, tasty, EFFECTIVE!
    Love the clear gummies and also the apple rings… wouldn’t change a thing💚

  514. Stacey K.


  515. Josh M.

    Great product helps with my bipolar all I take is CBD

  516. Kvtecarter

    Tastes just like you’d expect a sour gummy worm to taste! Soft, sour, sweet. Did wonders for taking the edge off my anxiety and pain relief for my rolled ankle, not to mention some of the best z’s ive had in a while.

  517. Claudia N.

    Definitely relaxes you into a good night of sleep

  518. Kiona B.

    These worked great, I may have ate too many at a time a few times in a row, slept really well.

  519. Josh H.

    Love this it works

  520. Baylee G.

    Taste was good and was helpful getting us relaxed to sleep.

  521. Claudia K.

    These are very tasty, I was quite surprised. I have rheumatoid arthritis and was looking for something to help me sleep. While I still have insomnia, I’m sleeping a few hours a night which is better than before. I think over time I’ll see more improvement.

  522. Rachael B.

    Perfect and tasty!

  523. Cprice

    How many in a 250mg of the bears. How many are in the container?

  524. Laura B.

    I’ m sold
    Great product! The peach rings taste just like peaches and the cbd works to ease my back pain so I can sleep.

  525. Dominique S.

    Best CBD gummies!

  526. Daniel D.

    Help me fall asleep at night

  527. Veronica M.

    I’m sleeping great!

  528. Jane C.

    Blueberry Rings
    Out of every brand that I have tried your brand is the best especially the flavor these rings are tasty but the only thing is I taste the dye ion them they would be perfect without it

  529. Sarah M.

    This little babies will make you relax and sleep great.

  530. Darren V.

    Always great
    Best flavor yet. Works like a charm!

  531. Samia H.

    Cbd gummies are great!

  532. Michelle P.

    Great product!
    I bought the gummy bears. The product is great in alleviating my chronic pain. I will buy this product again! I have also told all my friends about it!

  533. Stephanie B.

    These gummies not only taste good but they work. I take them before bed and become relaxed and able to fall asleep much better then with out.

  534. c s.

    fair thank you.

  535. Katia

    200mg gummie bears
    They came in a timely manner, but I was disappointed at how they over wrap the product & it was smaller than I thought & I found it expensive & I got them for my stress & anxiety & obsessive thoughts & I don’t really see or feel a difference. I know we aren’t supposed to get a high, but I can take two & I don’t notice a Read Moredifference & I was told it’s mostly for inflammation & meant to be a body relaxer, but I’m still unsure about this product. The gummies taste amazing though!

  536. Christopher C.

    Excellent product that taste good and gives results

  537. Airis G.

    *head nod*

  538. Karina G.

    I have to say, at first I was a little skeptical about trying out a CBD gummy. However, I must say I am in love with this product! I always have such a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep, as my mind has a tendency to just spin out of control. These amazing gummies not only taste great l, they allow my mind to relax.
    Shipping time is Read Moresuper fast and I just couldn’t be more happy! I will keep coming back for more!!

  539. Kim V.

    Great taste!
    These taste great! I have gotten the peach rings, the apple rings, and the bears, and I have to say that all of them have been worth it. YUM! 🙂

  540. Deborah m.

    they were ok but not that strong

  541. Danielle

    Had the 250mg 3inch gummy worms. Ate one and had the best sleep of my life. No nasty after taste, or weird side effects. I would definitely recommend this to any one with insomnia!!

  542. Alyssa H.

    Clear gummies
    Soooo yummy! Which I could eat the whole thing in one sitting lol. Definitely helps me sleep – or at least fall back asleep faster when I wake up. Love love love.

  543. Misty G.

    Great products, good prices & fast shipping
    These are the best I love the cherries & the other ring flavors. They really relax me & help

  544. Paul G.

    Yum Yum Yum!
    Went in my tummy and worked!

  545. Robin H.

    I love the products. Keep up the great work!

  546. Susan H.

    CBD Gummies 250mg Bears & Cherries
    They taste great! I take between 10-30 mg for anxiety every 6 hours( 1-3 bears or 1 cherry). 20 seems to be about the right dosing for me. I feel a good amount of body relaxation and reduction of anxiety. If I take 30 or more at a time, I get a little too sleepy and dizzy and have to lay down. The effect is similar to lorazepam.

  547. Alexis B.

    Taste good, shipped quickly and packaged nicely, helped with both anxiety and chronic pain

  548. Tamirose

    Not one for the sugar mess –
    Will not order again. Taste wasn’t bad, but preferred the Cherries instead that I had ordered. This latest order I did the Clear Bears, so I’m waiting for them to arrive.

  549. Ellen P.

    Clear gummies
    Love them! Pain so much better in my knee!

  550. Bowdy H.

    Works good
    I really love this product I first started taking it 3 weeks ago I got the sour gummy worms and I will say it helps big time when I’m at work because it can get stressful and also after combing home from the gym it’s really nice and helps me calm and it’s really good for helping me sleep.

  551. Amanda G.

    Best sleep
    Been struggling with insomnia for 8 years now that included waking up 5-6 times a night , and just taking 1 gummy helped relax me just enough to sleep through the night and actually feel super rested in the morning! Bout time! I’m soooo happy!

  552. Kayla H.

    My husband loved them

  553. Carolyn M.

    great service anand products
    Love this store

  554. Vachel V.

    Taste is lovely

  555. Kerry

    customer service

  556. Gerald B.

    CBC Gummies
    Taking one and a half gummies at bedtime as a sleep aid. Works really well for me. No more Xanex!

  557. hector d.

    they are great .will buy them once am out again

  558. Duncan R.

    CBD cherries
    I bought a small bottle of CBD cherries and have been pleasantly surprised with the purchase. I have ordered other bottles for my nephew and another larger bottle for my sister. She is in Maine, just lost her father in law this week and our mom will be moved into a memory care unit. So I believe they will help with sleep that is much needed. I tol Read Mored many friends about them and one of my best friends from kindergarten had a stroke 10 years ago..he and his wife ordered a bottle..I told them it helped me with sleeping thru the night. So all is go from this customer!

  559. Robert M.

    there great
    they relax my neck an help the headaches don’t last real long but they do work great ill just get stronger next order. an btw WOW on the taste they taste better then the ones in the store lord the smell alone makes you want to eat the whole jar lol

  560. Richard F.

    I wish I tried these sooner
    I work full time graveyard shift (10pm-630am) and I’m a full time student (afternoon classes), I come home and try to sleep and the most I can get is 3-4 hours without waking up because sleeping during the day is hard. I started taking the peach rings with 25mg and the first day I got 7 hours of sleep without waking up, this is big for me Haha and Read Moreyou dont wake up drowsy or anything the way you would if you would take zquil (which I’ve tried). I will be a continuous customer. Great product!

  561. Cody H.

    Great stuff

  562. Elizabeth H.

    I visited the JustCBD store hoping to purchase some of the 100ml tincture but it was sold out. The gummies were a good substitute; they taste good and were easy to divide so that I could experiment with the dosage. I’m pleased with the gummies but still looking forward to trying the tincture.

  563. Carolyn P.

    Best ever
    I use these for sciatica and migraine pain. It helps immensely!

  564. Tim W.

    good taste good results

  565. Theresa P.

    Loved them

  566. Chantel c.


  567. Andrea T.

    Great product
    I was skeptical about cbd gummies but took a chance on these and really enjoyed them. They have a good taste. I would definitely re-purchase.

  568. Meghan S.

    Love these and they really help with my sleep and anxiety
    Share ‘ Share Review by Meghan S. on 1 Mar 2019

  569. Sierra P.

    Love it
    Omg this was great. I loved em! Will order more

  570. Aracelis R.

    It’s ok

  571. Vernon C.

    Beginning the use of product.
    At this point I do not have an opinion either way. In the future I will have a better idea if it works for me.
    Thank you.

  572. Nicole D.

    Works great

  573. Darah D.


  574. Christina b.

    They are great
    Wow love them

  575. Brittani J.

    Great product & very tasty.

  576. Jackie

    I passed out for 2 solid hours
    Being new to these and not knowing how my body would handle these I got the 250mg. I was hoping it would help with anxiety but it actually knocked me out for at least 2 solid hours. I only took 1 so maybe I know to wait and take these at night time more so than during the day. The taste was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I’m a candy fanatic and these were o Read Morene of the best tasting gummies I have had. I did the blueberry ring flavored.

  577. Nykeria J.

    I love them. Make me so relaxed!

  578. Kristy R.

    Love the gummies.
    These have helped me so much. I suggest everyone should be taking these. They are amazing. I sleep better at night. During the day I have a better attitude.

  579. delorian m.

    Great 👍🏾 loved them worked great

  580. Jane C.

    Cherry gummies
    I loved the taste and they also helped me relax I will buy again

  581. Ashley K.

    The taste was great and I was finally able to have a full night (9hours) of uninterrupted and deep sleep. Will buy more soon!

  582. Sharon Q.

    So far it good,

  583. Alice R.


  584. Kim R.


  585. Christy F.

    Great for sleep and taste
    Loved it, taste great will definitely be buying again soon

  586. Sharon G.

    CBD peach rings are now my favorite way to have CBD. They are so tasty and 25 mg each

  587. Laurie C.

    Helps with anxiety levels not much for pain

  588. Aaron L.

    Gummy worms, gimmy more!
    I have had other gummies out there that have a bit of earthy taste to them. That was not the case with these. I thought I was eating regular gummy worms. I eat two a night and if I become anxious through the day I nibble a half. These are a god send for my insomnia as well as chronic pain. Im hooked and ordered the cherries ad my second purchase. Read MoreThank you JUST CBD. I am very thankful.

  589. Dangelis P.

    Great product. I’ve ordered several times and will continue to come here only.

  590. Michael F.

    Great taste!

  591. austin c.


  592. Ashley

    Tried everything to sleep and this keeps me asleep all night! Fast shipping will order again to try more products!

  593. Diane R.

    I ordered the sour gummy bears I like the product

  594. Brenda C.

    Yes I will order again soon gummys

  595. LookatMike

    I will definitely be ordering all of my gummies from JUSTCBD from here on. I tried the gummy bears and emoji gummies first and they both taste great! helps with my anxiety.

  596. Donna R.

    I’ve had such success with CBD oil, I bought these for my daughter to help with her pms symptoms. She has only used them a short time but says she feels a little better.

  597. Kristine S.

    Works great for my hip pain and takes the edge off a long day.

  598. Gregory B.

    Fast delivery
    Overall good product, help a great deal I would recommend

  599. Carmen Z.

    Really does help with my aches and pain!

  600. Annette A.

    Very good
    The taste of these gummies is outstanding! I use them to help me sleep.

  601. Tiandre R.

    As My first time buying CBD gummies and a bit skeptical these worked Perfect ! Took away my anxiety, depression, anxiousness in just minutes! Also got REALLY GOOD rest and only 2 gummies at night I felt relaxed and calm . Will definitely buy more !!

  602. Janet W.

    Love them
    I have purchased the 250 gummies several times and I love them

  603. Chase M.v

    This product is exactly what it says it is! It has my recommendation!

  604. Kierra S.

    First off, wow! Talking about flavor in your mouth & second, they absolutely get the job done. 2 of these and I’m set!

  605. Hanna D.

    These taste very good! But have to eat 2 to have any effect on me where with other brands i only have to eat 1 gummy.

  606. Heather T.

    This is the 2nd brand I have tried gummies of and these worked amazingly better than the last brand I tried. Within 2 days the joints in my knees were noticeably less sore than normal and putting weight on them wasnt such as issue. they did make me a bit sleepy even with only taking 1 at a time would make me very tired.

  607. Angelica S.

    Taste sooo good
    After a few, be prepared to pass out lol. They hit you like a ton of bricks. Great taste and effective.

  608. Marie M.

    I’m dealing with chronic pain that makes sleep difficult. I got the sour bears as a gift and they work wonderfully to help relax and sleep, and they’re really tasty, too. I just placed an order for myself for the topical pain cream so I’m hoping that works just as well.

  609. Pamela S.

    Purchased as a gift. No idea if they’re enjoying them.

  610. Tiffanie

    Love these

  611. Roberta L.

    I love these gummies, they taste great! I eat one every night when I go to bed, and within 20-30 minutes I drift off to sleep, and sleep well for at least 7 hours. Just bought 4 more jars!

  612. Sandra N.

    Loved it yes I’m putting in a order now

  613. Leslie Y.

    Cbd gummies
    I like the gummies that’s why I keep ordering it

  614. Carol H.

    Sour gummies
    Create taste, the level of CBD does the trick for help with sleep and minor pain.

  615. Marina D.

    Amazing product
    Review by Marina D. on 24 Dec 201I love these! They help me with my anxiety and they taste amazing. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. So happy I found it. Shipping is very fast as well. I highly recommend ordering from this site. You will not be disappointed

  616. Cheryl W.

    Pretty tasty !
    A little too tasty ! My kids didn’t believe me when I said it was medicine that they can’t have.

  617. Amber H.

    Good price, good quality.

  618. Beth W.

    This is my first experience with CBD products and I love the results! I had previously tried a hemp oil product and did not like it at all, but thought I’d try CBD and I’m glad I did. I take one in the evening and I sleep so much better! I will definitely keep taking these and hope to see even more positive results!

  619. Turquise A.

    Really good for aniexty and a long from work or after the gym.

  620. Camryn B.

    They are delicious and take anxiety right away and like you eat 2 or 3 and they put me right to sleep. A little pricey but they have lots of sales. Will be buying more!

  621. Lizelle

    Works wonders
    A friend of mind gave me some to try for pain and insomnia. I was a little skeptical, but these little bears had me knocked out and my pain in my leg went down. I take 1 to 2 before bed and 1 for pain or just to relax . Not to mention the taste is delicious I have to careful not eat more than recommended. Just bought a jar

  622. Bronwyn G.

    Won’t be disappointed
    Tasty product. Cbd not the same as thc but has its own benefits. Enjoyed the product. Reliable Cbd product.

  623. Sop H.

    Great product. The gummies were very effective.

  624. Sue H.

    It works!
    I’ve been struggling with back and nerve pain and these help me sleep st night. Taste great and fast shipping.

  625. Suzanne W.

    Smile gummies
    The gummies taste really good so I enjoy taking them. They also help me sleep better. I have a lot of trouble sleeping.

  626. Monica J.

    Sour worm gummies
    Taste great and help me feel relaxed.

  627. Victoria F.


  628. Sirlei S.

    Great product
    The taste is very good therefore mother and 1 kid devoured in one night.

  629. Eric N.

    Tastes great! Excellent for anxiety

  630. Brittany C.

    Literally amazing!
    I haven’t been able to sleep for weeks – on top of nothing being able to take away my back pain. The CBD gummies not only made it so I could sleep but completely took away my back pain. I would recommended JUSTCBD a million times over. You will NOT be disappointed. This stuff is a lifesaver. And a complete game changer.

  631. Israel E.

    Will definitely buy again
    Review by Israel E. on 1 Dec 2018The clear gummie bears were delicious. Had to buy actual gummy bear candy so I wouldn’t eat the whole thing. It also helped me with the pain on my knee.

  632. Greanna H.

    Fabulous product and wonderful sales team!
    I called the help center listed on your website and got ahold of the most helpful, professional and rad sales associate! I can’t remember his name but he had some cool Long Island or Chigaco accent! He knowledgeably helped me to select the product that would be right for helping me sleep. And BOY does it! I took his suggested serving size and was Read Moreout like a light! I realized that even eating one of your delicious bears renders me calm beyond belief and ready to relax and nap! Perfect for those lazy weekends where you need your brain to shut off or sleepless nights!
    Thanks again for making such a wonderful product! It’s really appreciated
    Miss G

  633. Curston

    The best I’ve had so far
    Got these more than a month ago and lasted a good while. Helps with my chronic back pain, helps me sleep, and helps with inflammation. Nothing compares to JustCBD. Wish I would’ve bought more online than getting the next ‘best’ thing at my local Smoke shop.

  634. Toni M.

    Flavor is on point!
    Quality CBD

  635. Jayme J.

    The best

  636. L L.

    I ordered these through Groupon as a last ditch effort.I’ve been having severe abdominal pain for a couple months now, that can’t be pinned down medically and while being in the hospital when it first started I had been given narcotics (which I’ll admit help a little, but not much and I don’t like the high feeling), but other than that it’s ibupro Read Morefen, Tylenol, maybe some birth control pills, peppermint oil enteric coated pills, gas-x etc. I’m waiting on seeing a few specialists and someone suggested I try smoking, I saw this on the groupon page and figured I had nothing to lose, plus they had some other deal going with some code word I could use for a discount (using the app). I’ve only had the gummies for a couple days but they seem to work great! I took 1 and still had pain after an hour the first time so I took 2 more and about 20 minutes later I was feeling a lot better – like 50% more normal than I’ve felt in months. My only drawback is I wish they lasted longer, I start feeling pain again about 3.5-4 hours later, but I can take more at that point.

  637. Thomas T.

    I’m currently in a flare-up of ulcerative colitis. I ate two gummy worms (28mg CBD total) and it totally calmed my stomach down for pretty much the whole day. Ate panda express and didn’t have to run to a bathroom. These are potent, quality CBD edibles.

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