HempMyPet Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil

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Infused with Organically Grown Colorado CBD Hemp Extract – 1000mg (1 fl. oz. bottle)

1000mg of full spectrum CBD Hemp Tincture in 1 oz bottle
Has four times as much full spectrum CBD as the 250mg for only twice the price save $167 compared to buying four 250mg
Our own in-house strain testing at a 30 to 1 ratio
Full Spectrum Colorado grown Hemp Oil Extract (Actives) combined with;
Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil which is rich in Omegas for energy.
Vitamins B1, B2, B6, E, Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Potassium, Phosphorus, GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid), Enzymes and more.
Veterinarian recommended
Have a very large dog or more than one dog, try our 5000mg Equine product, same full spectrum CBD oil, lower price per CBD milligram



Certified Organic (Virgin, Cold-pressed) Hemp Seed Oil and *Hemp Extract. (*Full-spectrum Hemp Extract derived from Organically grown Colorado Hemp.)

50 reviews for HempMyPet Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil


    My 16 year-old Scottie was fortunate to participate in the CBD study this past year. He had been on a drug for pain that was keeping him in a “stunned” state. He just wandered around not quite knowing where he was or why. When we started to use the CBD oil, we were able to reduce the other drug. I noticed an immediate improvement in his awareness of just about everything. The CBD oil controlled his pain without the side affects we were experiencing with the other drug. This oil made all the difference! I cannot thank you enough for helping my old guy enjoy his later years.

  2. Kristen E

    I didn’t think my bulldog would make it till we got the oil. He did and he’s doing so much better now. Thank you! I’m going to order more now so I don’t run out.

  3. Heidi

    Excellent product and company. Works well easing arthritic pain as well as anxiety in both my yellow lab and golden retriever.

  4. Lisa

    My dog was diagnosed with an adrenal tumor that was unoperable 2 years ago. I changed her diet (cooked for her) and added CBD oil (HMP organic) to her food twice daily. She is still going strong, bounding up the stairs to enter the house. I can’t say that CBD oil was the star in all this, but I do believe it has helped. HMP is a good organic product at a good price. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  5. Genia

    My dog is 13 years old. Has difficulty walking and arthritis…I give to my dog twice a day and it really makes a difference…not a cure but keeps him comfortable and moving

  6. Leza Raley-Labrador

    Amazing. From the people to the product…perfection!!!

  7. Deborah McQuay


  8. Mary

    Thank you for your quick response to my question and resolving my issue right away!

  9. Heid


  10. Wendy

    We were not optimistic for our 10 year old lab mix who had both ACL’s fixed and has arthritis, but we definitely notice a difference in Joey’s activity level and ease of movement when he gets his oil twice a day! A great way to prolong time until having to give him NSAIDs! Thank you HMP!

  11. Anonymous


  12. Renee

    It has taken a bit of research on my part to find the right CBD oil for my black lab, Abby. I’ve been reading and analyzing test reports from many CBD distributors/manufacturers, trying to find the lowest THC percent for Abby. Abby has been taking the HempMyPet 1000mg extract. It’s been trial an error to get the proper dosage for her. But she is doing really good! No arthritic limp and less anxiety. When I order the CBD extract, it arrives within 2-4 days depending on the mail system. I’m very satisfied! Thank you HempMyPet!

  13. Douglas K.

    Hooked, Line and sinker! Best product out there as far as pain relief and giving my big boy Murphman “better days” as I said before in past comments about this product, it’s the
    Best “for me and my dog” out there…
    I’ve tried a few and have never gotten the response we get now in the CBD Oil from “Hemp My Pet” the 1000mg gives my Yellow Lab relief threw out the day and at a weight of 110lbs that’s is pretty good in my book……How ever if your in rush and need the Hemp Oil for your pup I would suggest buying it ahead of time and not, NOT paying the almost $34.00 for priority mail, first class! as that hasn’t been the greatest the last two times I’ve paid for it to be here ASAP (3 days!) So I won’t ever use it again as it was a waste of money.

  14. Patricia Hood

    This has made a big difference in our senior Airedale.

  15. Heidi

    Excellent product that helps ease anxiety and joint pain in my pups. We are on our second bottle now.

  16. Sara

    Quick shipping! This oil has been a lifesaver for my dog!

  17. Pam B.

    Mastiff Rescue of Florida has been using this for a couple of years and has had excellent results in our Oldies

  18. Doug F.

    My order arrived super quick, which was great because I had let my dog’s supply run low and afraid he would have to miss a dose (he didn’t). I have a 12yo 110 lb Golden with L.P., which causes hind leg weakness in addition to some arthritic issues. Since he has been on this extract, his playfulness has returned and he has a little bounce in his step now. He is more eager to take walks, short as they are. Great product!

  19. Kathryn Mikita

    This CBD oil is really good and it helps my older dog so so much. We can’t live without it.

  20. Douglas K.

    AWSOME😎. My yellow Lab Murphman is going on 9yrs old. Has had a rough go with it the past two yrs. tried a couple of oils from other companies with 0 results. Stopped buying anything for six months and seeing my recovery dog not doing well, I started my search once again one last time and found your company and gave it a shot. Bought the 1000 mg oil and started Moos on it ASAP. Spent the money for over night shipping and it was here in less than 48hrs! So YES!
    Your product is rocking it for my boy. BIG changes in less than 6 days. Pricey it is, BUT! You get what you pay for! Will be saving up for more as soon as I can afford it as we’re out as of tomorrow. Being 100% disabled money is hard to save up, but we will be getting it again very soon.

  21. Deborah McQuay

    I give this oil to both of my golden retrievers. Unfortunately they both have different issues they have to deal with. This product has changed their lives for the positive

  22. Wendy Robinson

    Excellent product! We have a 10 year old Labrador and his mobility is so much better now. Thank you!

  23. Carol


  24. Kathryn

    Product is super great. Customer service is awesome and it arrived fast. Thank you so much, my older lab can’t live without it.

  25. Anonymous

    Great product- single farm, organic and derived without chemicals. My 16 year old dog was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor 2 years ago and is still going strong. I believe that changing her diet to “homemade” food and adding CBD oil had a huge impact.

  26. Cadiz G.

    Works great for our dog with osteoarthritis, would be perfect if it was less expensive (still worth it though)!

  27. Marisa Schmidt

    My 110 lb Shepard/Retriever mix has hip issues and allergies. Since we have been giving him this hemp oil his condition has improved significantly. He no longer limps or itches. I love the HIGH QUALITY of this oil!

  28. Denise Kowalsk

    I put the oil on my dogs tumor which wouldn’t heal. The hemp oil healed it in a couple of days. She seems much happier now.

  29. Sarah B.

    My dogs love HempMyPet products! They are happy and healthy thanks to this oil!

  30. Wendy Robinson

    Great product and wonderful customer service! We can definitely see a difference in our dogs.

  31. Anonymous

    Hi! My name is Ashley, I have a Pitbull named Zues , I adopted zues from a abusive family. He endured so much pain in his first years. His anxiety was a daily struggle. We tried MEDICATION, thunder jackets anything to make life a bit easier for him, its been 5 days. He is a different dog. Please try this product! Im a believer !

  32. Renee H

    I can tell when my dog, Abby, hasn’t received the exact dose. It has truly helped with her aches, pains and anxiety. I’ve tried other brands, but HempMy Pet work the best for Abby. I receive the product as ordered and within 5-7 days depending on the delivery service. I would recommend others giving HempMy Pet a try. Thank you!

  33. David

    This stuff is amazing!

  34. Cassie S


  35. Mary J.

    Great product. Great service ..thank you Hemp my pet.

  36. Melanie Yarnell

    My 13 year old puggle was diagnosed with oral melanoma 7 months ago. They told her she had less than 6 months. She was not doing too well then and barely eating. I started her on this bottle 6 months ago and just took her back into the vet yesterday for a normal checkup. They said they are amazed at how well she is doing. As far as they can tell the cancer has not spread. She is eating normally and has been wanting to play more often.
    I am fully a believer that the cbds combined with her vegan diet is slowing progression of her cancer. Thank you so much for offering such an amazing product. Every day I get with my baby is a blessing.


    My 16 year-old Scottie was fortunate to participate in the CBD study this past year. He had been on a drug for pain that was keeping him in a “stunned” state. He just wandered around not quite knowing where he was or why. When we started to use the CBD oil, we were able to reduce the other drug. I noticed an immediate improvement in his awareness of just about everything. The CBD oil controlled his pain without the side affects we were experiencing with the other drug. This oil made all the difference! I cannot thank you enough for helping my old guy enjoy his later years.

  38. Steven I

    A few months back my nearly 8 yr old Bernese Mtn Dog suffered a massive stroke which had left her limping and completely off-balance. We headed to the vet immediately and were of-course given the wide gamut medications to “manage” her pain, prevent another stroke/seizure episode and make her comfortable. However, the medications caused issues themselves. My dog became lethargic, began getting more arthritic and then began packing on weight.

  39. Delsa Waddell

    Both my dogs, Labradors, suffer with hip and knee pain and limp when they walk. Since giving them CBD oil, they are moving better and seem to have more energy.
    When I had to contact hemp my pet, I was responded to very quickly. I explained my need, and a resolution was found that met my need better than expected.
    I asked my vet about CBD oil and they said it is fine for me to give this to my dogs.

  40. Darlene Hissem

    I have been using this oil for my senior dog for over 10 months. Last year she showed high liver values and our vet suspected cancer. We don’t know what kind and since she was 15, we were not going to treat. But, we did want to give her the best comfort we could for the time remaining. She has done very well and we can hardly believe that she has kept up with daily walks throughout most of the time. We have decided to put our other dog on CBD oil. He is about 5 (a rescue) and had been hit by a car before we got him. He had FHO surgery and will most likely get arthritis later on. We are using golden paste, a laser light, massage, and have added the CBD oil. We were using a natural pain killer, but took him off of that in lieu of the CBD oil. We have noticed no difference in his comfort level and feel like this has been a good choice for him.

  41. Jacqueline Goldberg

    Presley has had anxiety issues, especially when around other dogs. He’s almost a year old and about 30 lbs. I typically give him a quarter vial-droplet in the morning with his food, and he interacts nicely with my other dog, playing with him. It seems to help with his anxiety to relax and enjoy life more, especially when around groups of dogs or in new places.

  42. Ryan Bonelli

    Tobey was having major mobility issues with his hips. After two weeks it progressed to where he could not really walk.
    We felt he might need a specialize dog stroller, and this was hard to face. A Dr. we took him to at UC Davis said Tobey needed a major spinal operation, removing a piece of vertebrae, limiting his mobility forever.
    We started giving him HempmyPet drops three times/day at the full dosage -full dropper. After a week he was able to limp outside to use the bathroom himself. After two more weeks we were able to take short walks. After a few months he’s back to normal. We now use it everyday, once at breakfast and once at dinner. He’s been perfect! We really appreciate having this product. On Christmas I gave three bottles out as gifts to friends with older dogs, and the friends that tried it are all seeing dramatic improvement.
    🙏 Thank you so much! From the Bonelli family to the HempmyPet team!

  43. Nicole

    We were very lucky to find this product. We give it to our 12 yr pit mix. He’s had 2 ACL surgeries & is showing no signs of slowing down! We’ve also used it for foster puppies who’ve come in with mange & to help our 5 yr pit mix with firework anxiety. Thank you hempmypet for keeping my kids healthy!✌🏼💜🐶

  44. Team Hawaiian Chaos

    We have had our seizure dog on this product and have been able to take her off her strong drugs. We went from a bad seizure about every three months to 2 plus years now without one. Luna was on such a strong amount of drugs that she wasn’t able to live a normal life because it seemed like she was high all the time. Over a year now off the meds and our girl is better than she’s ever been and happy. The great thing about this product we give her some in the am and some in the pm and she gets to live a normal life. I’m so glad we found this company.

  45. Melanie

    My 13 year old puggle was diagnosed with oral melanoma 3.5 months ago. She was coughing a lot and refused to eat and had low energy. They gave her less than 6 months to live. I started her on cbds a couple weeks after diagnosis and she is doing amazing now. I believe this in conjunction with her vegan diet is healing her to some extent. She eats 1-2 times a day and is acting like a puppy again. I give her about an 1/8ml 2x a day and I am only halfway through the bottle! Totally worth every penny. Thanks Hempmypet!

  46. Beth J

    We have an 11 month old St Bernard that was diagnosed with severe hip dysphasia…surgeons said he wasn’t a good candidate for surgery because the bones weren’t in line…we were giving him anti inflammatory meds n pain medication until we found this CBD oil….have been using it for a month and he’s has seen remarkable results…my trainer noticed his gait was a lot smoother n he’s not in any kind of pain….also it seems to have calmed down his anxiety….he was a bit excitable in certain situations…just ordered my second bottle…..Great product with highest standards of production…highly recommend this product !

  47. LoRI P.

    When we learned our Brussels Griffon”s cancer had spread to his abdominal we decided to start him on the hemp oil to help him keep his appetite. One of the side effects we were not expecting was after only being on the oil for about 4 weeks there was a big improvement in Dunkin”s eye pressure for his glaucoma. If I had known this earlier I would have had him on it years ago. Even the eye doctor was amazed at how well his eye looked. Dunkin was diagnosed with his cancertain almost a year ago. I never imagined we wou,d still have him. He’s very thin now but the hemp oil helps him to maintain his appetite and I think it has helped him in multiple ways.

  48. Robin Stulken

    I have a 12 year old Brussels Griffon (Louie) who has had diabetes for 5 years. We initially bought the oil to help reduce some tumors around Louie’s liver and joyfully discovered 6 weeks later that the oil has helped us stabilize his blood sugar levels and cut his insulin intake by half the amount. It has also improved his coat , energy level and appetite. We will be ultrasoinding the tumors in January with his vet….keep your fingers crossed . We will update at the end of January 2018. I would give it 10 stars if it would allow me. Thank you HempMy Pet <3

  49. Connie

    I’ve successfully rescued & rehabbed many dogs with many serious behaviors but the newest has been my biggest challenge. Her behavior was over-the-top, OCD running fence lines when people walking, biking or riding motorized scooters or motorcycles down the road. Her habit had created a high-anxiety, frenzy. There’s a long way to go but with this product & consistent training, she’s able to listen & learn; creating positive results.

  50. Denise Kowalski

    I started Daisy on hemp oil 2 months ago. So far she definitely seems better. Less anxiety and the Seizures aren’t as frequent. So glad I found hempmypet.

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