Half Day Pain Relief Cream

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  • CBD Cream is best used to treat soreness and inflammation
  • This a 2 oz. jar containing 300 MG of CBD
  • Apply every 4 to 6 hours as needed
  • Can also be used as a massage lotion

Product Description

With a fresh linen smell and smooth application, this cream is perfect for treating aches and sore muscles. The cream is made with a full spectrum oil, but does not give off a cannabis aroma.

This product contains Lanolin. If you are allergic to Lanolin please consider the 350 mg Salve Balm


18 to 34, 35 to 49, 50 to 60, 60+


Female, Male

4 reviews for Half Day Pain Relief Cream

  1. Sarah Franczek

    I have been using the Pain Relief Cream on my lower back for 2 weeks now and WOW, it works wonders. Within minutes I truly feel the pain subside. Highly recommend this cream for anyone who has joint/back pain!

  2. Amanda

    This cream is everything! I frequently get a pinched nerve in my neck and while massage therapy and visits to the chiropractor are my primary forms of treatment when it does occur, I decided to give CBD creams a try to manage daily discomfort and (hopefully) help prevent future pinched nerves.

    Not only does this product help with inflammation, but I feel it working to loosen up my shoulder muscles and surrounding pressure.

    Of all the different CBD creams I’ve tried, this product works the best by far and the texture is amazing. It absorbs to my skin like lotion and doesn’t feel greasy (which I so appreciate!). Half Day, I’m obsessed!

  3. Sophie

    I constantly have pains in my neck and back from sitting at my desk all day. The Half Day Pain Relief Cream has truly relaxed my muscles and created comfort for me while working. I highly recommend this product to anyone with discomfort.

  4. Deborah Edwards

    I used this 300 MG Hemp CBD cream for severe pain and stiffness in the lower middle finger joint of my right hand and the pain and stiffness was relieved very quickly and after a week or so disappeared entirely. I highly recommend this cream, it works great!

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