Half Day Full Spectrum Salve

(20 customer reviews)


  • 2 oz jar of 350 mg Full Spectrum CBD Salve
  • Ingredients
    • Hemp Derived CBD
    • Beeswax
    • Shea Butter
    • Arnica
    • Eucalyptus
    • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Apply every 4-6 hours as needed

Soothe, protect and promote skin healing with our powerful, yet gentle organic salves. The concentrated organic CBD formulation of nourishing oils and the therapeutic power of CBD act as a barrier on the skin’s surface.

Our Salve is large enough to last weeks and can tackle aches and pains unlike any lotion you’ll find at a store.

For more information about our CBD, including a Certificate of Authenticity and manufacturing information please reference Batch #0004 in the Batch Records portion of our site.


18 to 34, 35 to 49, 50 to 60, 60+


Female, Male

20 reviews for Half Day Full Spectrum Salve

  1. Glenn Sonlitner

    The Salve is easy to use and gives me relief. Usually once a day is sufficient.

  2. Patrick Keating

    Immediate relief

  3. Kim

    Great bit make sure you apply daily

  4. Kathryn Martins

    It’s unanimous so far amongst my friends and me- we have tried many hemp and cbd ointments- this is by far the best! It works in minutes.

  5. Taylor Newendorp

    Only ointment of any kind I’ve ever used that gave me real relief from physical aches associated with muscle stiffness and joint pain

  6. Simone Pike

    Batch number with each product and can trace back to the plant it came from, this is a real CBD company. The owners are here to do good and the products actually work and aren’t overpriced.

  7. Susan Rather

    It’s been great at relieving the pain in my foot!

  8. Dan Goldberg

    I’ve had a stiff neck for the past 3 months and after seeing my Osteopath who suggested I purchase your product my neck feels so much better. The only downside is that I first used it Monday night after it arrived and didn’t realize one of the potential side effects was insomnia so it did keep me up for several hours on Monday. Once I realized this was the cause I stopped applying at night and am only applying once in the morning and its doing the trick. I highly recommend using this Salve just be careful as it might give you insomnia, then again it may not

  9. Linda Cygan

    Lasts longer than other creams I have used.

  10. Erik

    I was impressed on how quick I got your product delivered to my house. Awesome product

  11. Sophie Bierman

    I constantly have pains in my neck and back from sitting at my desk all day. The Half Day’s Salve has truly relaxed my muscles and created comfort for me while working. I highly recommend this product to anyone with discomfort.

  12. Sarah Franczek

    I have been using the Salve on my lower back for 2 weeks now and WOW, it works wonders. Within minutes I truly feel the pain subside. Highly recommend this cream for anyone who has joint/back pain!

  13. CS

    Works well

  14. alan brown

    Not sure it helps

  15. Christopher Gotschall

    Seems to be helping a sore foot.

  16. Christopher Gotschall

    Got this for my mother who has had trouble with her ankle. It seems to help reduce swelling/pain.

  17. Maryann Pajula

    goes on and doesn’t feel sticky. relieves discomfort fast.

  18. Sally Grant

    Just probably broke my toe. It was totally black and blue and all swollen. The bruising even went down into the top of my foot. I take the 1000 mg oil everyday and as soon as I smashed my toe I started putting on the CBD salve and I think because of this and icing and elevation I’ve had minimal pain. I use it for foot pain from flat feet at night and get immediate relief.

  19. Dr. Juliette LeBeau

    I use this product on patients all the time in the office nothing but amazing results

  20. David Nelson

    Long lasting pain relief

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