GreenRoads CBD Sleepy Z’s – 50 mg

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Green Roads’ Sleepy Z’s combine the relaxing power of CBD with melatonin, which may support a good night’s sleep. Each gummy, shaped like the letter Z, delivers a 25mg of CBD and .5mg of melatonin. These gummies are the perfect way to unwind at the end of the evening, and enhance your nighttime routine. These candies are tested by an external lab for quality, like all products by Green Roads.

CBD Dose
25 mg


Total CBD
50 mg


Natural Terpenes, Pectin, Citric Acid,Sugar, Non GMO Corn Syrup, Natural Flavors, Natural Coloring, 50 mg of Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid Extract, 0.5 mg of melatonin per gummy


18 to 34, 35 to 49, 50 to 60


Female, Male

80 reviews for GreenRoads CBD Sleepy Z’s – 50 mg

  1. Kevin G.

    Very happy with this product

  2. Lisa K.

    I love these!
    Unfortunately there are only 2 to a pack and they’re expensive. Would love if you could come up with something similar in a larger quantity.

  3. Jennifer G.

    Great taste
    Great taste and truly works! I’m coming back for more.

  4. Para-Ni M.

    Great product
    Works well, however the box was delivered in 90 degree weather and they kinda melted


    Good product
    Would buy this product again.

  6. Briley V.

    Works great for me!
    I’ve been sleeping great with this stuff! So glad I bought some. Just wish they came in more than sample size.

  7. Adrienne W.

    Really helped my husband rest and felt great the next day

  8. Cheryl S.

    This is my favorite Green Roads product so far!

  9. Thomas P.

    Pricey but good!
    Worked great! Too bad they only come in a two pack.

  10. Carla H.

    I’m truly happy to have finally found a CBD product/ company that I can trust and use with confidence.

  11. Jean G.

    Sleepy Z’s
    Good stuff!

  12. Sonya F.

    Great product

  13. Michael B.

    Works for me.

  14. Greg F.

    Work great
    The night time gummy is great. The cost is to much for me to use every night. The cbd gummy bears are amazing.

  15. Angel O.

    A good product priced well

  16. Misty N.

    Edible idea is amazing
    I love idea of edible but the oil is more effective for me.

  17. ANTHONY P.

    great product


    seem to work
    Have just started trying these and they seem to work as advertised. Will definitely buy them again!

  19. nikki m.

    Great taste

  20. Melanie D.

    Not a fan.
    Love the relax bears but wasn’t big on the taste of these and couldn’t tell a difference that these really made.

  21. Sandra H.

    CBD Sleepy Z’s 50 mg
    I was surprised at how much this helped me to fall asleep. I would recommend this

  22. Marjorie G.

    Good stuff. Ordering more

  23. Virginia M.

    Perfect product
    Just as described. Fast delivery. Will order again

  24. Robin I.

    These are great!!!

  25. Charlene B.

    Works great!
    Subtle yet effective!! No after effects.

  26. RYAN R.

    Excellent customer service.

  27. Dara O.

    These actually WORK!!! Ordering more now!!!

  28. Eileen T.

    CBD Sleep z’s
    Great product it works!

  29. Caron L.

    sleepy z’s
    love it, tastes great! would def buy again

  30. Brady D.

    Does the job!
    Relaxes you like it should. Had a good nights rest

  31. Zachary G.

    Good stuff!

  32. Hae P.

    It works

  33. Mary S.

    Works Fast & Feel Relaxed
    These gummies work their magic pretty quickly. I could feel my body start to relax immediately and even more so over the following 5 minutes. I would say it takes 20-30 minutes to fully kick in, but it felt really good. I love that they are vegan and their little Z shape is so fun. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the taste. It tastes like cold medicine back when I was a little kid; kind of fruity but the fruit flavor doesn’t mask the “chemical” taste. I just washed it down with lots of water and a bite to eat, cause the taste lingered. Would overall recommend.

  34. Holly S.

    Small size
    Wish there were more to sample. Worked first night and didn’t the second

  35. Norine E.

    nice little product
    I used these one time and seemed to work. A little pricey though for 2 little gummies.

  36. Jackie T.

    Nite nite
    These are great

  37. Lisa c.

    It works

  38. Misti H.

    Sleepy Z
    These are amazing!!!

  39. Garett E.

    Sleep aid
    Work very well.

  40. Helen C.

    Love them ‘Zs
    This product is wonderful. I first received a free sample before I took a flight from NYC to Denver. I didn’t take a whole Z (I’m fairly small so, a little goes a long way) but took enough to make the flight so much more enjoyable and restful. Thank you for making a product that actually works!

  41. Andy M.

    Awesome but miss the old formula
    Used to be 60mg of cbd and 10mg melatonin. Now it’s 50 and 5. Please make the old formula still a buying option l!

  42. Stephen O.


  43. Roxanne G.

    Sleepy z’s
    They work really well, would definitely recommend them

  44. Marilynn W.

    great product

  45. Christina F.

    The best !
    It’s amazing ! It knocks out you nicely ! Wish it came in a bigger bottle !!

  46. Ludovica F.

    Great Experience
    The product works great, tastes good and is great overall.

  47. REBECCA M.

    Very good will buy again

  48. Margarite B.

    Very good, wishing you still had them on stock

  49. Linnettemullen

    New formula better
    These were okay, but the new formula with 60 mg CBD and 10 mg Melatonin are awesome!

  50. Carlene S.

    Another great item
    It worked very fast – love it

  51. Joseph Y.

    I like the product and it does work. Just wish there were more options in regard to the amount per package.

  52. Ann M.

    Works well
    This product does help.

  53. Jennifer S.

    Wonderful product
    these worked quickly and the best part is that it didn’t leave me waking up groggy or foggy, can’t wait to purchase again!

  54. Leslie Y.

    It made me relax

  55. LaShawn D.

    Work wonderfully

  56. Yvonne A.

    Love these
    Even though I am usually sensitive to Melatonin, I can take the whole Z and it’s the perfect amount. Love that these are colored with natural colorings and no dyes!

  57. Sarah J.

    Slept like a baby

  58. Judith G.

    I definitely found this helpful to a good nights rest. Unfortunately at the cost of 5.00 per gummy it makes it prohibitive to use regularly.

  59. Tom G.

    good stuff
    Works as advertised. Still confused why the potency/ingredients are different from the same brand bought at a Vegas dispensary.. that one was high potency, but both work great.

  60. Faith M.

    2 thumbs up

  61. Jay P.

    Great product

  62. John P.

    They work better than anything else I tried

  63. Rishelle T.

    Restful sleeep
    just for when a little extra soundness is needed. No groggy morning!!

  64. Sophia W.

    These gummies are really effective but not the best tasting.

  65. Claudia C.

    Sleep well
    My friend turned me onto these. They’re great! Safe and natural! And at a super price!

  66. julie w.

    What a relieve
    I will tell my friends about CBD gummies. I love them

  67. Vanessa C.


  68. Samantha S.

    Sleepy z’s
    Great product!

  69. Maureen D.

    Sleepy z’s
    This is a great product!!

  70. Cecilia Y.

    Worked for me

  71. Meda M.

    Really works

  72. Laura P.


  73. Travis M.

    The work like a charm!
    The work like a charm! Only downside is they’re only two Zs in the bag, so you either have to break them into pieces or use them very sparingly

  74. Dayna G.

    Great product!
    Slept like a baby

  75. Dave r.

    Sleepy z
    Worked good. Not sure if major change from just the normal bears. Going to try again.

  76. Wendy P.

    Sleepy Z
    Very Effective!

  77. Angel J.

    Product worked great.

  78. Donzil G.

    Sleep aid.
    They did the trick. Not bad tasting either.

  79. Judy p.

    works great

  80. Charlene G.

    Great customer service!

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