GreenRoads CBD Relax Bears OTG – 50 mg

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Our on-the-go relax gummies are the most delicious and convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD. These mouthwatering sweet/sour CBD gummy bears let you get your helping of CBD between shifts at work, just before an airplane ride, or anytime and anywhere you need some extra support. Our CBD gummies are perfect for taking after a good workout at the gym, a long night out, and any other setting thanks to their practical on-the-go packages.

CBD Dose
10 mg


Total CBD
50 mg


Corn Syrup, Sugar (from beets), Water, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Lactic Acid, Pectin, FD&C Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 1, 300mg Hemp Derived Cannabinoid Extract


18 to 34, 35 to 49


Female, Male

79 reviews for GreenRoads CBD Relax Bears OTG – 50 mg

  1. Maggie L.

    These relax bears may just be my new favorite way to get my daily CBD.

  2. Andrea D.

    Tastes great and is a nice size, easily customizable to individual needs.

  3. Lisa L.

    Best flavor yummy
    These are definitely the favorite -taste wise out of the ones I tried on my first order.

  4. Synthia A.

    Relax bears to go
    I was delighted with the innovative cool pack packaging. The go pack fits very conveniently in my pocket or purse. Since I’m using only 10 mg. Per dose and find that quite effective this is my perfect delivery system and the flavors are always fresh and crisp without the bitter taste some other product brands have had. I have been using Green Roads Relax Bears for almost a year and see no reason to look elsewhere for CBD relief.

  5. Marjorie B.

    The relax bears worked great. Just the right amount of CBD.

  6. Nancy T.

    Love the Bears!
    Relax bears are tasty, chewy, just the right size and just the right amount of calm for my work day!

  7. Karey C.

    Great taste!
    These are my favorite.

  8. Lauren M.

    Can’t Live Without It
    All the gummies are my salvation – every day, but I really make it thru each day with the help of Relief Toads.
    Love these things!

  9. Yolanda L.

    The relax Bears was very
    The relax Bears was very relaxing for me. I ate 1 in the morning and 1at night. I’ll most definitely purchase a bigger container on my next purchase.

  10. Mario R.

    Best bears
    The taste was really good.

  11. Jennifer P.

    Great flavor
    The flavor of these are great. Not as sugary as expected.

  12. Deborah D.

    I can’t say enough good things about these bears! Only wish is please make without corn syrup/sugar!

  13. Monica S.

    My favorite product in a to go pack!
    I already loved these bears and I was so happy when I saw that they added a smaller bag. This is perfect for taking with me on trips. I’ve also given them to friends who have been considering taking CBD. Highly recommend!

  14. Julie M.


  15. Samantha e.

    They helped with relaxation well. I’ll be buying the large bottle.

  16. Traci A.

    Tastes great.
    Love them. Feel great. Ordered more.

  17. Holly M.

    Love the Bears!
    Love these, very convenient to keep in my purse and take one when I’m getting a bit anxious. Will be ordering more now.

  18. Irwin I.

    Relax Bears
    Good Product

  19. Kerri H.

    Taste great. However I prefer
    Taste great. However I prefer the CBD oil I got instead of the gummies. Love the CBD oil I ordered. Will order more definitely!

  20. Danielle M.

    Best quality
    We have tried many cbd products and these have shown to be the best quality by far!

  21. Alicia

    First time with edibles, and these taste great!
    I bought these and the fruit chews as the first edibles I’ve ever tried. I hate the fruit chews but these bears taste amazing! I’m only on day 3 but definitely starting to feel more relaxed.

  22. Kevin S.

    Taste awesome!!!

  23. Cecilia C.

    Great to go pack!
    These are so great to just pop in your bag and take on the go. The blueberry flavored ones are my favorite.

  24. ALI D.

    Great for relaxation
    Taste great, just wish they came in something other than 10mg/bear

  25. Thomas B.

    Actually helpful
    I was skeptical at first but these actually worked and also taste pretty good. Would purchase again.

  26. Wendy Y.

    These bears seem to take
    These bears seem to take the edge off. Good taste too.

  27. Evie T.

    easy to carry and great taste!

  28. Adam W.

    Seem to help relax at the end of a long day.

  29. Lauren K.

    Great flavor and really helps me relax after a hard day at work!

  30. Emily T.

    Pretty tasty
    I liked the taste of these frogs but I personally prefer the gummy bears.

  31. Samantha Z.

    Super tasty!!
    Was super worried they were going to taste bad but I loved the taste. This were perfect for traveling!!

  32. Moranda e.

    Relax Bears
    These were so helpful. They calmed me on the plane.

  33. Dalton U.

    Taste great, helps me calm down and relax

  34. Jessica B.

    Worked for me!
    One relax gummy did just that – helped me relax! I recommend.

  35. Maureen N.

    Helpful for travel, easy to grab a packet and go!

  36. Paula T.

    Worked well
    Took 2 and it worked well

  37. Seth J.

    Works well, as advertised.

  38. Melinda M.

    It’s Working
    I really feel that the cbd is helping me. I take a 25 mg soft gel in the morning, and I have a little bear in the afternoon. Really feel like they help me relax….and they taste GREAT too!!

  39. Nikki C.

    Taste amazing and def helped me relax, I found 30 mgs a time to be ideal for me

  40. annette j.

    great product
    worth the money and taste great works fine

  41. Wildelys C.

    just what I needed
    First time on the CBD wagon. I like the effect. Felt relax and calm,I will be purchasing more.

  42. Kyleigh R.

    Loved having these on the go relax bears handy with me while traveling! Will buy again.

  43. Ellizabeth w.

    Lived up to its name
    Tastes like a candy, lived up to its name. I plan to order more.

  44. Cindy S.

    Relax Bears
    This is the 1st gummie I ever tried and my favorite. It was really love at first bite and I’ve shared many Green Roads gummies to brighten peoples’ day. I’ve tried many brands of cbd in the past year and all of Green Roads cbd products are my favorite. I will keep coming back.

  45. Rosa C.

    Work Great

  46. Mary J.

    These bears are delicious and work like a charm!

  47. Christopher W.

    Nice product
    Enjoyed the product. Effects were subtle but there. Would buy again.

  48. Boris S.

    Wasnt sure these would work, but they did, ordering some more

  49. Sharon K.

    Love them
    I wish they had more in the bag. I really loved them

  50. Daniel S.

    Best CBD gummies that I have found. Highly recommend

  51. Jordan M.

    Speedy shipping. Great tasting and they work well for a good night’s rest.

  52. LeeAnn W.

    Works and tastes great!

  53. RACHEL M.

    Delicious and Effective

  54. Mary K.

    Delicious taste & very relaxing

  55. Jennifer R.

    Relax bears
    The relax cbd bears are delicious and work very well. I highly recommend them.

  56. Christiano V.

    Great choice

  57. John P.

    Thank you very much GOD BLESS

  58. Jordan C.

    They worked great

  59. Erin G.

    Great for easy on the go!

  60. Sam K.

    This is a Great product. It worked well, will purchase again!

  61. Emeli U.

    Gummy bears
    Made me feel relaxed

  62. Paul N.

    great product!

  63. Kristin P.

    Great product for on the go!!! Would purchase again!

  64. Brian K.

    Delicious and relaxing
    Relax bears were yummy and also very relaxing. Will be ordering again

  65. Claire G.

    Definitely helped my overall relaxation.
    Definitely helped my overall relaxation.

  66. Robyn C.

    Great option for travel
    Very impressed with this product. I travel quite a bit and the small packaging works well for me. Best tasting CBD gummy in the market!

  67. Susan H.

    On the go
    Love the convenience of the small packages when traveling.

  68. Leslie Y.

    Gummy bears
    I love it relaxing me

  69. SUSAN K.

    Relax Bears
    Very nice feeling

  70. Bre E.

    Best Tasting CBD Gummies
    I have tried a few CBD edibles and these are easily the best tasting option! And still provide all the great benefits

  71. Diana D.

    These are absolutely amazing!! Going to buy a lot more for sure!!

  72. Kylie M.

    Great product!
    Enjoyed these. Effective and taste great.

  73. Blake B.

    They were wonderful!

  74. Chelcy G.

    Awesome gift!
    Thanks for not ratting me out as secret Santa! She loved them!

  75. Daniel H.

    Give it a Try
    This order was my first experience with any CBD edible. I researched sellers and Green Roads was highly recommended. I decided to try a small package so I could see how I liked them. I am not sure I noticed a big difference but I think it was more about my body not reacting to things that would have previously sparked some form of reaction.

  76. Kay T.

    very effective and convenient. great product

  77. Chelcy G.

    Edibles are great
    These are super tasty… One bag was hard stale but the second was ok.

  78. Kristy B.

    works nicely
    They are relaxing and taste great

  79. WENDY M.

    These bears I pretty good.

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