GreenRoads CBD Capsules – 750 mg

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With all natural ingredients and easily-digested glycerol base, CBD capsules are the ideal way to get a longer-lasting CBD dosage without upending your entire routine.

Green Roads CBD Capsules include 25 mg of hemp-derived, CO2-extracted, pharmacist-formulated CBD which has been third party lab-tested to ensure that what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle.

Total CBD
750 mg

25 mg

Hemp Derived Cannabinoid Extract , Safflower oil,
Vegetable cellulose


18 to 34, 35 to 49, 50 to 60


Female, Male

194 reviews for GreenRoads CBD Capsules – 750 mg

  1. Kristen G

    The CBD Capsules were my first experience using a CBD product. I found that I felt more relaxed and focused.

  2. Sandra A

    Great Product
    I did a lot of research and Green Roads was one of the best. I have been using these as needed & they have helped with my my chronic back pain.

  3. Kari D.

    Love these. I appreciate the easiness factor of these, they are my new go-to for sure.

  4. Kristen G.

    Very calming
    The CBD Capsules were my first experience using a CBD product. I found that I felt more relaxed and focused.

  5. CHRIS P.

    CBD =123
    Great stuff! Once you find your dosage, works great!

  6. Thomas B.

    Easy to take, worked very well

  7. John W.

    Purchased for my wife
    She is just now trying them but the results have been good so far.

  8. JAMES S.

    Great product, timely delivery.

  9. Thomas D.

    Great product!

  10. Daniel W.

    Easy to use and convenient with a dose that is consistent

  11. William T.

    Great product

  12. Linda T.

    Very strong
    I find these capsules long lasting. I like to break the capsule while in mouth and let the liquid absorb before swallowing

  13. Michael F.

    Excellent & Effective Product
    Prompt shipping & most effective capsule I’ve tried on the market so far.

  14. Dawn R.

    Green Roads was recommended to me by my physician who has studied the most pure cbd oils. I prefer the capsules because there is no yucky taste. These are the best!

  15. Shayna D.

    Amazing product. Wish the bottle came in different sizes.

  16. Joyce S.

    The best
    Green roads are very good company to work with I recommend them

  17. Louann B.


  18. Michael M.

    Beats candies for a portable dose

  19. Kimball N.

    CBD capsules
    They work great and they are handy to take

  20. Laura S.

    Great product.
    I have tried similar strength gummies and oils from other manufacturers, but Green Roads products are far surperior. I will definitely reorder

  21. Andrea S.

    CBD Capsules- 750 mg
    This is the easiest way to get what I need for the day.
    It’s so convenient.

  22. Christine W.

    The best
    I’ve tried several different brands of CBD capsules and Green Roads brand seems to work the best.

  23. jaime v.


  24. Caitlin G.

    I need more
    These capsules are great for a beginner, no funny taste. Definitely going to buy some more!

  25. Mary H.

    Theses are very convenient. I wish each capsule was a higher dose however

  26. Keith M.

    I switched from oil thru a dropper to capsules and have been very happy. Right dose each time !
    Keith M

  27. Cameron W.

    Expensive, but good.

  28. Chris l.

    Great stuff!
    Good product and fast shipping!

  29. Joseph S.

    I find this to be an excellent product. The no mess dosing is fantastic, thank you.

  30. Sandra B.

    Excellent product!

  31. Kerri P.

    Very convenient!

  32. Ezequiel H.

    Great stuff!

  33. Trudie T.

    Great product
    Good quality. Fast shipping. Great customer service. Will buy again.

  34. Frank F.

    need more varety of strength

  35. Patricia R.

    So easy just swallow

  36. Bernadette Z.

    Works well!
    First time trying the capsules and I love them & less messy than the oil…

  37. Kain G.

    Daily regimen
    These capsules is how I start my day!

  38. Elizabeth G.

    I am very happy with results of capsules. I first bought at Coquina market in Florida. The rep was very informative. Since I’ve purchased on line and will continue to do so.

  39. Jenna B.

    Thank you Green Roads
    I have tried the Relief Toads and went for the capsules this time. I liked the capsules a lot but honestly could not pick a favorite. I’m very pleased with all the CBD products I’ve tried so far!

  40. Kristina K.

    Top quality
    I prefer these capsules over chewables. Flavorless, effective, no extra sugar.

  41. Heidi F.

    Worked the first time I tried them.

  42. Greg K.

    Very calming. Great all day long.

  43. Kris P.

    The best

  44. William K.

    We found that the 25mg CBD capsules were quite effective.

  45. Joanne S.

    Very effective CBD Capsules!
    These are our number one go-to CBD capsules. They are super effective.

  46. Audrey C.

    Great for relaxation
    The effect is subtle, but noticeable for relaxation.

  47. Derik F.

    Top notch
    I have been taking Green Roads CBD for sometime now and the capsules not only work great, but they are so easy to take. I would highly recommend!!

  48. Eileen T.

    Absolutely would recommend this product they work absolutely great

  49. Linda V.

    Great product!
    This is a great product! Not as messy as the oil dropper. I love them both but the capsules are so much easier to work with. They are doing the same great job as the oil. Love greenroads!

  50. Pam D.

    Good Product!

  51. Danille W.

    Great product
    A great product if your looking to switch from a tincture under your tongue. I decided to try the capsules because I’m not a fan of the string flavor of the tinctures. I get the same relief with the capsules that I got when I used the tinctures. Just wish the price would be a little lower.

  52. Alejandro V.

    Very reliable vendor
    So far seems this is a very reliable vendor.

  53. Danye C.

    Good product
    Easy to use. I can tell a difference

  54. Jim F.

    Very good but I like the oil better then the caps. Will continue to use both however.

  55. Cherie r.

    After taking CBD for 3 weeks, I have noticed considerable changes. I tic a lot less, I am calmer, and significantly more focused. I highly recommend this product.

  56. James l.

    Great to take with you for convenience.
    I tried a few brands and this definitely was the best. I plan to order the oil next time but will continue to have the capsules on hand. Thank you for such a great product.

  57. Katie W.

    Incredible product

  58. Dan B.

    my wife uses these capsules with very good results she cannot use the the oils so these are her only choice to take

  59. Amilcar M.

    For MOM
    Easier to manage, she is already feeling relieve.

  60. Heather S.

    Capsules 750mg
    Love these!

  61. James T.

    Great product
    Feeling better!

  62. Andrew R.

    Amazing on the go CBD!
    Starting my CBD adventure a few weeks ago and I really appreciate how great these pills help. For on the go I don’t need to worry about glass as if it was the oils. Super easy to swallow and one of my best purchases for CBD! Really recommend this product especially those who know how much to take CBD dosage wise.

  63. Deborah A.

    CBD 750 mg capsules
    Wish these had a little more potency so I wouldn’t have to take two of them. Overall I am happy with the results if I take two at a time.
    Expensive also. CBD is NOT The first ingredient in these just so you know.

  64. Renata H.

    My mom preferred the capsules over the drops. It’s easier for her to take.

  65. Richard w.

    Good product.I bite the gel pill and let the liquid sit in my mouth for a few minutes than swallow the soft remainder.

  66. John B.

    Easy to take and seem to work for the whole body. Repeat purchase

  67. Melissa J.

    CBD Capsules
    First time trying the CBD capsules and they are as advertised. Great high quality product!

  68. Dorothy G.

    Easiest to use
    The gel caps are the easiest method of getting your CBDs. Portability is also a plus. You can take your dosage any place and any time.

  69. Mark E.

    750 Capsules are the BEST
    The right dose for me in a nice small soft capsule. Best Quality & Service!

  70. Ashlee R.


  71. Brenda W.

    The best!
    We have tried several brands of CBD, but always come back to Green Roads. It is the best!

  72. Samuel S.

    550mg CBD oil
    Oil and capsules seem to both work well. capsules are easier to use but may cost more if you take two a day. overall good product.

  73. KAREN B.

    CBD the best
    The CBD capsules are the best I’ve found on the market

  74. Arthur G.

    CBD capsules
    Easy to take and effective

  75. Richard D.


  76. Ivan L.

    Excellent product
    This product has help me a lot.

  77. Kelly H.

    CBD capsules
    Great product & provides relief.

  78. Mariela P.

    Practical delivery form
    I usually use the oil , but this is a great alternative when you are going n the go or if you need to take. It late at night. I’m generally satisfied with the product, however as per the description it takes a while to feel the effects.

  79. Judy S.

    Traveling CBD
    I ordered the capsules for our upcoming trip. So much easier than liquid. I’m going to try Zs for our15 hour plane trip also

  80. Jeff M.

    First time trying these!
    So I tend to use the oils fairly quickly so I thought that the capsules would ensure even daily doses and be more cost efficient. I really like the capsules and now use them everyday. Getting close to ordering my second bottle.

  81. Dan N.

    Excellent Product!
    Best CBD product I have used. Highly recommend.

  82. Pam G.

    Will buy again
    i love green roads!!

  83. Addie B.

    Great Value
    High quality encapsulated CBD! Make it easy to have consistent dosage.

  84. Cathy O.

    750 mg caps
    i found these capsules to work well for me and are much more convenient than trying to measure out the correct amount to take. also easy to take along when away from home

  85. Penny D.

    best idea ever
    On the road again! Portability is really helpful. Now if they just had 10% THC in them, too ….

  86. MaryHelen M.

    Service is great and so is the CBD oil.

  87. Becky C.

    GR 25mg CBD Capsules
    So far, so good! After careful internet research I ordered a bottle of these to have on hand. I take them as needed and they’ve always worked great. Will be ordering again!

  88. Karl S.

    750 Capsules
    Excellent product. A little expensive.

  89. Katie L.

    Great product and an easy way to ensure you take the same dose each day

  90. Amanda L.

    Daily dose
    Excellent way to get your daily dose. In. Without carrying around the tincture bittle

  91. Ann O.

    Capsules are fabulous!
    The capsules are great if you do not like the taste of the oils. Great on the go too! Fabulous product.

  92. Dan B.

    I really enjoy this product

  93. Gail P.

    Excellent product

  94. Andrew M.

    Capsules 750mg
    The product has been “outstanding” deserves more then 5 stars !!!

  95. Kathleen T.

    Love the capsules!
    No more guesswork on dropper accuracy and easy for travel. Same great effects as the oil.

  96. Constance S.

    CBD Capsules
    I find that taking the capsules works well for me. Easier and more convienent. Would like to see other strenghts.

  97. Dan C.

    repeat user
    Great product, only thing I would like to see changed is a larger count container because we use 50-75 mg 2-3 times per day

  98. Leslie R.

    great products!
    I have been a repeat customer of the sour gummies and now capsules. Great products!

  99. Stephen B.

    New to this
    Just got this in and am happy with the purchase so far.

  100. Sandra D.

    Great product
    I love the easy to shallow pills.

  101. Pam D.


  102. Maureen M.

    Love the capsules – wish they were less expensive – but it is what it is!! I also wish they had more buying options for capsules – with different amounts in each pill/bottle! Otherwise – love these capsules!! Work fabulously and for long periods. Thank you!!

  103. Patty F.

    Prompt delivery
    Order arrived very quickly

  104. Vicki S.

    Very convenient
    I appreciate the convenience of a capsule very much. Still working to find my perfect dose

  105. Margaret S.

    Absolutely love these capsules! I don’t go to work without them

  106. Brad M.

    CDB Capsules
    Seems to be a high quality product, works great

  107. Scott B.

    Fast and Easy
    Product was delivered earlier than scheduled and ordering process was simple.

  108. Rose P.

    Great Product! I was not disappointed.
    I am a Black female veteran. Why is that important you say? Well its important because the help I receive from the VA and its various doctors is subpar to the subpar service already being given to others. I have complained a million times about the meds given only to be given worst meds. This CBD seems to be helping me right now

  109. Robert M.

    Feeling good!
    Have SAD and usually use a light panel but haven’t had the need since taking these capsules.

  110. BETHANY G.

    My husband loves these!

  111. Steven C.

    Love the ease of a pill
    Great product!

  112. Erin R.

    Works great

  113. Patricia G.

    Great prices and fast delivery.

  114. Kristin C.

    Seems good
    I like the ease of use, and no smell, but I have trouble absorbing vitamins, so I can’t accurately speak to their effectiveness.

  115. Marylin S.

    Is 5 the best. Your products are the best. Like both oil and capsules. Sometimes capsules are easier to take when not at home. Like ordering from you because they are pure. I have given your info to friends and family

  116. Peggy B.

    Green roads Cbd capsules 750 mg a bottle
    I saw improvements in a couple of weeks I wish they would hurry up and make the strength higher in the capsules

  117. Dale

    love these!!!
    love the ease of this capsule and the same dosage every day!! thank you!!

  118. Janice L.

    Easy dosage. Don’t have to guess how much to take like oil, etc.

  119. Maria E.

    I was skeptical at first; however, after speaking with a representative and learning that every aspect of the gel cap is made in the good ol USA, I was sold! And to have an exact dosage, how much easier can it get? As someone who can use gummies because I can’t have any sweeteners other than Stevia, these are my go-to item.

    Thank you Green Roads!!

  120. TILLIE J.

    Granny loves them got to buy more now.

  121. Tinesha S.

    I have the oil but the love the ease of the pill, I think it more accurate dosing

  122. Emily P.

    Cbd froggies
    Out of all the cbd that i have tried, green roads is hands down the best!!!!!!!!!

  123. Tracy S.

    Great product! Easy use!

  124. Richard a.

    Cbd intro
    I was Introduced to green roads buy a current patient of yours. I am happy to say I am now convinced that CBD has helped me with my health.

  125. James S.

    A easy, and convenient way to get my daily dose of CBD. I hope they come out with different dosages for these soon!

  126. Alexis F.

    Great product
    The capsules are a great product of your looking for an easy dosage and on the go.

  127. Tina T.

    The CBD oil I have gotten from Green Roads is superior to any of the others that I have tried.

  128. Lauren S.

    I highly recommend Green Roads World products. I have used several and have been very happy with the outcome. I especially recommend the capsules and Relax Bears!

  129. Stephen M.

    Great product timely delivery

  130. Neil F.

    CBD oil
    I am please with the product and the price is also good!

  131. Lisa E.

    Great product

  132. Edward T.

    The product was deliverd efficiently and the service was greatb

  133. Michael T.

    Works excellent!
    High quality CBD! You can definitely feel the effects after 30 minutes. Would highly recommend!

  134. Dona M.

    Best product
    This products works best for me!

  135. Mary Z.

    Best product

  136. Michael L.

    Five stars
    One of the best CBD caps I’ve ever tried, actually seems to work

  137. Timothy B.

    cbd capsules
    didnt do much for me wont buy again

  138. Carl W.

    CBD tablets
    Very pleased with the speedy delivery, and cost ten dollars less than buying locally!

  139. Robert S.

    Seems like a good product

  140. Clayton H.

    works great
    no complaints

  141. Wendy M.

    CBD capsules
    I do believe the capsules help.
    It is the only was my husband will take the product

  142. Chris H.

    CBD oil
    Good Product

  143. Susan S.

    Great product
    Will purchase again. So far, the results are uncertain.

  144. Todd L.


  145. Drew D.

    Best CBD capsules I’ve used to date! High quality and long lasting.

  146. Cindy M.

    750 capsules
    Works great, easy to swallow!

  147. Robert K.

    These where better then I expect !

  148. Christina M.

    25 mg capsules
    Great product, fast shipping, will purchase again!

  149. Lyudmila N.

    Great product!
    Really one of the best CBD oils out there. Delivery was very fast and customer service was very professional. Will be buying again.

  150. Christopher W.

    quality, consistent, good service
    The right dose in an easy to use capsule.

  151. Bernard W.

    Convenient and simple!!

  152. Brian M.

    Great product. Easy to take.

  153. Jason N.

    great product

  154. Christopher V.

    Great product!
    these CBD capsules are easy to swallow and work great! Fast shipping too.

  155. Susan H.

    Convenient to take anywhere
    I also like the gummies. But the capsules have less sugar and a higher amount of CBD

  156. Rebecca P.

    Convenient to take anywhere
    I also like the gummies. But the capsules have less sugar and a higher amount of CBD

  157. Dena G.

    They worked really good, however, I can’t afford them when there are only 14 in a bottle.

  158. Gerry W.

    Great Product!
    Great product, easy ordering, nice order status updates.

  159. Tracy B.

    Works well
    Does what you think, relaxes you, worked well

  160. Hang N.

    CBD Capsules
    It works well for me

  161. Eraldo D.

    Capsules A+
    Love the convenience of taking these. I do admit I wish they came in at least double the quantity tho. 30 pill bottles would be Ideal but great product none the less.

  162. John S.

    Cbd capsule
    Excellent product

  163. Abby H.

    CBD capsules

  164. Mark B.

    Great Stuff
    Awesome products. Def buying more.

  165. Jennifer W.


  166. Sarah D.

    I liked this but as I am new to using cbd I will probably try one of your other products until I decide what works best for me.

  167. Jennifer R.

    These are great but…
    I just wish they came with more capsules or it was a bigger dosage. I didn’t feel a significant change when I took 2 and these capsules are pretty pricey so I can’t really afford to take more than that unfortunately. But other than that, it’s a great product and great customer service. Thank you!

  168. Rasim S.

    Loooove it
    I’ve been using oil first, and now capsules for three months and my mood is much better and overall I feel like different person.

  169. Katharine H.

    Small bills

  170. Raymond L.

    C b d
    Haven’t experienced any effects good or bad!

  171. Pat H.

    Five stars
    I am completely satisfied with Green Roads. The products come quickly, I know when the order will arrive, and they are quality products. I highly recommend Green Roads.

  172. Mary m.

    Quick service. Good product

  173. Don D.

    Great product Needs more than 14 to a bottle.
    Suggest you increase quantity in bottle or repackage in flat card for easy ship.
    Would be nice to order a monthly quantity instead of only 14.

  174. Dina G.


  175. Brandie W.

    Great product!
    Would be five stars had I not had a snarky customer service rep give me attitude when my order was missing.

  176. Mike P.

    I used these before and find no difference , these pills will help you. I recommended these pills to my friends.

  177. Wendy P.

    Extremely happy!
    Love the capsules, easy to take and regulate dosage!

  178. Arthur

    Definitely Works
    Both my wife and I have started taking and noticed positive effects.

  179. Kami Y.

    Product is great
    Really easy delivery!

  180. Christina C.

    Great product

  181. Sean C.

    Great Product, nice product.

  182. Alison L.

    Great service and great products!

  183. James R.

    high quality product

  184. Carolyn M.

    Love the product love green roads but shipment takes way too long sometimes should like amazon

  185. Jonathan C.

    Great price for powerful dose

  186. Sheila L.

    Didn’t work for me

  187. Jim W.

    Great stuff.

  188. Leasa S.

    Really love your products, They have helped me in so many ways I interdused my daughter and son to your products and they really love them. Thank you so much!

  189. Stephen W.

    Best I’ve tried
    The CBD gel caps from Greenroads are the best I’ve had. I’ve tried 5+ others and none have been as effective as these. The only reason I am giving them 4 stars and not 5 is the price. At almost $5 a capsule it’s almosr impossible to have this be a daily regimen.

  190. Jesse B.

    Great product

  191. Valerie I.

    Normal-ish alternative to edibles & terpenes
    Glad I found this “style” of CBD. Capsules are easier to travel with since they can go in with my regular supplements. These work great!!!!

  192. Susan M.

    CBD Capsules Very Convenient
    These are the most discrete route of CBD help I’ve found. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is the cost for only 14 capsules and that was the largest bottle I’ve found. I need a much higher dose than 25 mg. so they went fast.
    I’ll still buy but hoping for a 100 or 150 mg caps. Keep up the good work. Faster delivery would be helpful. I could have driven there myself and got them faster.

  193. Benjamin H.

    Love these
    Easy to take and work well

  194. Kelly R.

    Got it fast

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