Green Roads CBD Daily Dose – 1000 mg Formula

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Recommended UsePlace 0.5 ML – 1 ML under tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing

The 1000 mg CBD Daily Dose is a pre-filled dropper loaded with 1 ML of our 1000 mg CBD Oil formula. Perfect for on-the-go use, this is the best way to make sure you never miss your daily dose of CBD.

1 ML

Total CBD
33 mg

33 mg / ML

Product Facts

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 33 mg,
Hemp Seed Oil, Kosher-Grade Vegetable,
Lecithin, Proprietary Terpene Blend


18 to 34, 35 to 49, 50 to 60


Female, Male

48 reviews for Green Roads CBD Daily Dose – 1000 mg Formula

  1. Jennifer H.

    Easy to carry in luggage without the worry of breaking a bottle!

  2. Cheryl T.

    CBD Daily Dose – 350 Formula is easy to use with good results.

  3. Rosina M.

    So Much Easier To Take and Use!
    I have to say that the Daily Dose is excellent. It is so much easier to get the right cbd dose this way. It is all done for you. No mess… no trying to fill it up to 1ML in the dropper. I have switched to buying the daily doses!

  4. CHERYL P.

    On the Go
    What a great way to be able to carry the wonderful liquid gold. It makes life easier.

  5. Greg S.

    Great product
    An excellent way to test your tolerance to CBD

  6. Marla W.

    Best one for me
    This taste amazing and works the best for me. I will be sure to buy again.

  7. GINA K.

    I’ve been very happy with the CBD Oil. I’ve been feeling great some taking it. Thank you!

  8. Dina T.

    5 stars plus
    The daily dosage pens are fantastic for on the go. Easy store away in my purse and the protective cap ensures that it doesn’t accidentally spill out. Fantastic product…10 stars if they had it

  9. Shanon A.

    Great product that works
    Very effective

  10. Kerri H.

    Loved! Such a great product. Will order more.

  11. Zach F.

    Great for the Go
    Great product in a convenient and pre-measured dose. Great for on the go or travel

  12. Josie S.

    Love this

  13. Rhonda M.

    Great Product
    I think the product is excellent. However, I don’t believe the daily dose is cost-effective. But if you are only needing just a dose or two and you don’t want to buy the bottle, then this would be what you would want.

  14. Carleton W.

    Quality product
    Works well,nice flavor & convenient

  15. Tracey S.

    Daily Dose
    Love that you can control the dosing.

  16. DANIEL W.

    Fantastic Product

  17. Taylor B.

    Works Great
    Love it..

  18. Christopher M.

    Take it everyday. Awesome stuff

  19. Sheila H.

    Easy to use too much

  20. Ray S.

    cbd 350 oils
    i will stand behind it 100%

  21. Pamela H.

    This is a fantastic CBD product! The taste is fantastic compared to other I have tried.

  22. Maxwell C.

    the “go-to”
    pros – great quality oil, good taste, proper dosage, full effects
    cons – should’ve ordered more

  23. Doug S.

    Easy dosing
    Convenient single dosing for on the go. Taste great and works

  24. Wanda R.

    A very good product
    The five stars are for the product but if I were to rate information about dosing, my rating would be lower. I bought a few of these when I really needed a dozen. I had trouble figuring out how many milligrams of CBD were in the 350 mg formula Daily Dose syringe. If, like me, you need 25mgs a day, the 750mg capsules make more sense.

  25. Adhre S.

    Good Product
    Very good taste, easy to use, and will definitely buy more.

  26. Eric A.

    It agrees with me. And service is great

  27. James M.

    Great Product!

  28. Sandra M.

    Daily dose
    Easy and convenient

  29. Stacy S.

    Great product
    Works great easy to deal with ships fast

  30. Laurie M.

    Great investment
    This has a great taste, & is definitely great for relaxing me after a long day.

  31. Kanisha F.

    Worked good and fast, only had to use a little bit at a time. 8/10 would recommend :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:

  32. Diane B.

    Cbd review
    The product is an excellent product and very convenient and already pre-measured for you. It is fast-acting and I highly recommend green roads CBD products

  33. Maribeth h.

    I like the daily dose method for the CBD oil.
    I really like the ease of use of the daily dose, syringe. Easy to read and measure the oil.

  34. Shelli W.

    Great product
    This was easy to use. Helped me relax. Will be buying more.

  35. John G.

    Amazing product
    Absolutely love it!!!!

  36. Kelsey b.

    The best
    I tried a few of the gummies and one of the terpenes, but the 350mg worked the best for me. Although I haven’t enjoyed the taste of any of these products, it’s not so awful or unbearable that you’d give it up before letting it work.

  37. Hanna T.

    My first
    For my first experience with CBD, I would say that it was fair, the product itself was wonderful, but everyone’s bodies are different and react in different ways. I would recommend this to anyone trying cbd out to see how it works for them without spending alot of money on a bottle. :blush:

  38. Brooke B.

    Great product!

  39. KATY W.

    excellent product
    delivers well and excellent customer service

  40. Shannon C.

    I like this product
    Nice easy dosing. I like that it is portable and easy.

  41. Dane

    Best Quality
    I’ve tried the sublingual drops which were good. However there is something semi sweet that hurts my teeth. This is a much better blend that won’t hurt sensitive teeth and the quality is top notch! Very impressed. Just wish the price was cheap enough to allow me to use this daily as the name suggests! Do that and I’ll be thoroughly impressed!

  42. Lorelei H.

    Perfect dose

  43. Tony L.

    Very nice flavor not bad

  44. Thomas E.

    Nicely done with one point to be aware of : the plunger can get sticky so be cautious

  45. Monae B.

    Works great

  46. Alexis C.

    Just perfect
    Excelente calidad . Buen producto resultados

  47. Sarah J.

    Perfect! Simple and a less messy way.

  48. Molly F.

    Daily Dose convenience
    I absolutely love the convenience of the daily doses!! I will be making sure I keep some on hand. 🙂

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