Envy CBD Strawberry Watermelon Oral Tincture

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This CBD-infused tincture features pairs two familiar favorites, freshly-picked California strawberries and plump, juicy, and succulent watermelons into the mix.  Achieve total relaxation on a sweet note!

Ingredients: Premium Hemp Seed Oil, Proprietary Blend Hemp Extract Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Strawberry Essential Oil, Watermelon Essential Oil, Stevia Extract

Shake well before each use. 1/2 Dropper twice a day, once in the morning and once 30 minutes prior to bed.

Warnings: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Keep out of reach of children. Consult your healthcare provider before taking if you are pregnant or nursing or have any other medical conditions. Keep away from eyes. Discontinue use if irritation develops. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing.This product contains NO THC.

Made in USA under the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture Program.


18 to 34, 35 to 49, 50 to 60, 60+


Female, Male

38 reviews for Envy CBD Strawberry Watermelon Oral Tincture

  1. Laura

    Wonderful Product
    I have trouble sleeping and suffer from restlessness. This helps tremendously! My nights are much better.

  2. Emma G.

    Will purchase again!

  3. Paul K.

    Strawberry goodness
    If you have severe anxiety like I do, this product really works. I cant tell you guys enough how well this product really helped with my stress. I use 2 drops of the 500mg tincture at the start of every morning and it has helpped reduce my anxiety. Dont think I need to go higher than 500mg. This was perfect enough for me.

  4. Jack M.

    Flavors and CBD. GAME CHANGER!

  5. Janey K.

    Trusting brand and products!
    I really trust in their product and so far I’ve tried their gummies and face cream. I saw more good reviews for their strawberry tinctures for stress and sleep so I wanted to see so myself. I didn’t want to go too crazy so just ordered the 250mg strawberry watermelon tincture to try it out. It definitely helps with sleep and I feel more relaxed at Read more about review stating Trusting brand and products!the end of the day. Maybe will try 500mg

  6. Connor T.

    CBD Believer!
    I love CBD and all the benefits they offer from relieving stress to helping me sleep! I’ve tried A LOT of CBD products and I gotta give Envy CBD a shout out for coming out with probably the best, THE BEST, strawberry flavored tinctures! This is actually the tastiest CBD tincture I’ve ever had NO BS!!

  7. James W.

    Great for a noob like me!
    First time CBD user. I read a review that this was the best so I ordered. I can’t believe how relaxed I feel. I’m really looking forward to long term benefits. Thank you so much Envy! You’re doing great things. I will be a loyal customer and I will be spreading the word to my friends.

  8. Keith C.

    Great substitute for weed
    I just started a new job and they drug test every few months. CBD provides everything weed does except the high. I’m about that.

  9. Joseph C.

    The best
    I’ve been using CBD for the last few years and it works incredibly well. I stumbled upon envy through a google search. Lemme just say – WOW! Cannot recommend these guys enough.

  10. Sara E.

    I tried the 500mg oil for my indigestion problems. It ha allowed me to keep food down for the first time in a good while. Great product and fast shipping. You have my business for life!

  11. John M.

    Great Taste!
    The best CBD I’ve tried so far! I’ve ordered from 5 different companies and envy blows it all out of the water.

  12. Wesley P.

    Flavor Explosion!
    I’ve been taking CBD for years to help with my anxiety but I could not for the life of me find one that tasted good… Until Envy! All of their tinctures mask that hemp-ish flavor that tinctures usually come along with. I no longer dread taking my tincture throughout the day. So far I have been loving the Strawberry Watermelon!

  13. Mariah B.

    Took it with me on vacation
    I use this for jet lag and it works wonders! If you can get this with you on the plane, you should do it!

  14. Daniel

    Mom Loves It!
    The Tinctures that Envy provides is a night and day difference between the other brands out there – and i’ve tried quite a few! You can tell Envy really cares about its product for the quality of ingredients that’s in here. It’s a no-nonsense flavored tincture with a good amount of CBD in it. Keep doing you Envy!

  15. Miyuki A.

    It helps with my anxiety!
    So I didn’t think I suffered from anxiety, until I was forced to speak in front of a lot of people. I totally froze up! After a few tries, the normal amount of calming down wasn’t cutting it so my friend offered a bottle of CBD. Turns out, it was Envy’s Tincture. Within 30 minutes I was feeling relaxed and I totally killed it! Thanks Envy for help Read more about review stating It helps with my anxiety!ing me to relax.

  16. Patrick

    I hate the taste of hemp
    So I hate the taste of hemp, but Envy does a pretty great job at masking the flavor! It legitimately tastes like strawberries and watermelon, but none of that super artificial taste either. I think it’s a perfect balance. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me soon! Thanks!

  17. Amanda

    Best I’ve Had!
    I bought the 250mg to try this product. I’ve used other CBD oil products before and this one is hands down the best. Great flavor and it WORKS! I use it twice a day along with vaping the oil (also purchased from here) and I’m a huge fan! Delivers on time as well (:

  18. Nancy C.

    A Full Night’s Rest
    It’s very hard for me to sleep through the entire night. Often times I only get 3-4 hours of sleep at a time. I’ve tried prescription pills but I hate the side effects and dependency, and I would still sometimes wake up, just feeling groggy and confused. The 1000 MG tincture has been helping me get 6-8 hours of restful sleep at a time. It’s glorio Read more about review stating A Full Night’s Restus. I feel like a new person. Thank you so much envy!

  19. Rodger A.

    Wondrous Relief
    The awful tendonitis in my elbow used to prevent me from doing things I enjoy like racquetball, golf and fishing. I’ve been dosing the 500mg CBD Tincture twice a day for 2 months now and the pain is mostly gone. Last week I was able to play through the back 9 of my favorite course for the first time in a year. It feels great to be able to do the t Read more about review stating Wondrous Reliefhings a love again and not feel be taking any crazy pills or pain medication, just natural full spectrum CBD.

  20. Miles

    Half a dropper of 1000 MG under the tongue when I feel a migraine coming on. It’s a life saver. Even when they persist it lessens the severity to a tolerable level. Amazing!

  21. Cole

    I have my spine fused at L-2 and L-3 due to degenerative discs. I suffer from constant nerve pain up and down my left leg. The 1000 MG tincture provides a significant level of relief from my nueropathy. Unlike other pain medication it doesnt make me sleepy and it’s non addictive and all natural. I prefer the strawberry flavor over the orange, have Read more about review stating backpainn’t tried Green apple yet.

  22. Alex

    All Natural Pain Relief
    Used it for a week now and my sleep is greatly improved – no more tossing and turning due to pain. I haven’t taken an advil in 5 days! I have degenerative joint disease that makes the majority of my joints extremely painful. It’s amazing to get an all natural pain reliever that won’t destroy my internal organs like ibuprofen.

  23. Ethan

    Carpal Tunnel
    This tincture is awesome. I have chronic back pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome and bad posture at work. This alleviated my pain almost instantly. I bought the strawberry flavor and it honestly tastes better than i expected! I’m about halfway through my current bottle and about to order some more so I don’t have to wait when i run out.

  24. Dawn L.

    Stress Headaches
    This Tincture is great for stress headaches. I’ve been using it religiously in the afternoon at work. I do get a little sleepy sometimes, but i’ve stopped getting the crippling stress headaches that use to occupy my afternoons. The taste is fantastic and the bottle is small and easy to keep in my purse!

  25. Loren

    Entourage Effect
    Comparing this to the isolates i’ve tried is like night and day. Full Spectrum really makes a difference in effectiveness, I feel this tincture go to work immediately. CBD really does need all it’s friends for max effectiveness.

  26. Sydney

    Digestive issues
    Crohn’s sucks, but this tincture makes it a little better. I take it regularly several times every day and then administer “emergency doses” if I start feeling any gurgling or cramping. It works extremely fast and truly has made every day life easier for me.

  27. Sam W.

    Tastes so Good
    Out of all the flavors this is my favorite. It tastes amazing on it’s own or in a drink. I put some in a hard cider the other night and it was delicious. The tincture kicks fast and feels good in the stomach. I feel like it’s helped with my indigestion as well, which was an unintended side effect.

  28. Arturo G.

    Happier, Healthier
    Envy CBD is helping me live my best life. After a month of daily-use my digestion is more regular, My moods are more even and to my surprise my skin is looking great. I’m more relaxed at work and at home, but it’s never ever made me feel the least bit groggy or sleepy. If anything, I feel more focused in general. Seriously great stuff! I’ve got my Read more about review stating Happier, Healthierhusband hooked too now

  29. Arturo G.

    Focused and Relaxed
    I have terrible ADHD and Envy CBD tincture helps me slow down and focus on one thing at a time. I use it before class and before studying and I’ve seen a real improvement in my grades, I’m able to stay on topic and follow my professors instead of getting distracted by other things. It’s also a good stress reliever and I’ve been a lot happier in ge Read more about review stating Focused and Relaxedneral since I’ve started taking it regularly. Curious about vaping it.

  30. Jack P.

    Climbing Supplement
    I love climbing, but it takes a serious toll on my body. As I’ve gotten older I look for any natural edge i can find to stay at the top of my game and continue doing what I love. Envy CBD is a miracle tincture in some respects. Both it’s physical and mental effects are perfect for finding that inner zen necessary to conquer a difficult wall. It’s Read more about review stating Climbing Supplementalso great after a long climb, providing pain relief and reducing joint inflamation.

  31. Deon N.

    I can’t smoke anymore so it’s nice to still be able to relax like this. I love the Strawberry Watermelon Flavor, it tastes amazing and feels even better. A few drops and my mind and body feel on point. I still can’t believe this stuff is fully legal now.

  32. Kloe

    I’m a very sensitive person. My body responds strongly to anything I put into it. Despite wanting to enjoy the benefits of CBD, I’ve been concerned I would react negatively to it, or it would over power me. This tincture is just lovely! I only use one little drop and it’s the perfect strength for me, I feel a balanced warmth radiate out from the c Read more about review stating PERFECT!enter of my body and caressing my soul. Envy CBD is a true blessing!

  33. F.L

    Wow! I didn’t think any over the counter pain medicine could treat my back pain, I’d given up on advils and tylenols and aspirins and resigned myself to live in pain. When I tried this tincture and realized I could move around without near as much pain I almost cried. This has given me my mobility back. I still can’t believe how well it works.

  34. Lance S.

    Recovery Shake Booster
    CBD has changed my post work-out routine immensely. Before I even shower I hit my CBD vape, and then I put a fatty dose of this is in my Recovery Protein Shake. CBD is a game changer

  35. Jenny C.

    Sprained my ankle hiking a few weeks ago and my boyfriend got me this tincture to help with the inflammation. I noticed a reduction in the swelling and i was able to move around a bit more after a dose. Great stuff to keep on hand for any active person!

  36. Vinny

    Full Spectrum!
    I love Envy Tincture! The best CBD tincture i’ve tried by far. A few drops Sub-lingually, and I experience full body anti-inflammation better than any over the counter aspirin or Tylenol, without shredding my liver.

  37. Nelly P.

    Calming Wave
    My bitch of a boss has been giving me nearly daily anxiety attacks for the past 3 months. The anxiety has been coming home with me and been straining my relationship with my boyfriend and family. I was about to go see a Dr, but read a few articles online and figured I’d give CBD a chance first. I FEEL LIKE MYSELF AGAIN. I haven’t had a panic attac Read more about review stating Calming Wavek in the week since i’ve been using it, and it’s given the strength to start making the changes i need to make. I also have to say, it was so easy to use. I drop some in my morning smoothie and a little in my afternoon tea, Delicious!

  38. Margaret T.

    All you need is a few drops
    This stuff is reall amazing. Very calming. Just a few drops does the trick. I have severe migraines and after using the CBD my migraines go away. Recommend to anyone with pain or anxiety.

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