Envy CBD CBD Gummies (Sour) / 10mg per gummy

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Envy’s CBD Sour Gummies are sure to become your new favorite way to enjoy the numerous benefits CBD has to offer!

Standing at 10mg of Full Plant Extract CBD oil per Gummy, these multi-flavored soft chews dusted with a sweet and sour sugar powder provide long-lasting and all-around relief to ensure a great day.

Ingredients: Tapioca Syrup, Sugar, Water, Gelatin, Agar, Locust Bean Gum, Sorbitol, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Hemp Extract, MCT Oil, Natural Color.

Warnings: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Keep out of reach of children. Consult your healthcare provider before taking if you are pregnant or nursing or have any other medical conditions. Keep away from eyes. Discontinue use if irritation develops. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing.This product contains NO THC.

Made in USA under the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture Program.


18 to 34, 35 to 49, 50 to 60


Female, Male

33 reviews for Envy CBD CBD Gummies (Sour) / 10mg per gummy

  1. George S.

    Good stuff
    5 stars for sure. Alleviates my pain in my joints and helps me sweep well.

  2. Scott M.

    So GOOD!
    20 pieces is not nearly enough. These gummies are soooo good! Please put more in the container please!

  3. Tony T.

    best CBD gummies
    These gummies have enough CBD to help with my anxiety. I prefer the original rather than the sour gummies.

  4. Regan N.

    Works better than anything we’ve tried!
    We have tried other brands and despite the CBD still entering our system and helping us, taste plays a massive factor. The gummies taste sweet but not sickly sweet. If I’m not careful, I can easily finish the entire bottle!

  5. Julian N.

    I Pay for Results!
    I can care less about the flavor or whatever. What I care about are the results and it gets the job done!

  6. Katie C.

    Arthritis Relief
    I have tried just about everything over the years to relieve my arthritis pain….I’m so happy that this did th trick. Even my granddaughter was amazed at how much better I could move around.

  7. Irvin B.

    First Time Trying Gummies
    I have Prader-Willi Syndrome and was given some Gummmies to help calm me down. I noticed an improvement in sleep so that’s good news. Imma keep trying it to see whats up.

  8. Louise

    Took the Edge Off
    At first I was like ehhhhh. CBD gummies generally don’t work for me. But WOW. As soon as I stopped eating them, I was a miserable wreck! They definitely work and you shouldn’t be stopping because you think otherwise. Keep at it!

  9. Andy

    First CBd Experience
    These chews are the first CBD product i’ve tried. I got them purely for relaxation and recreation. I wasn’t sure what to expect, or if I’d really feel any perceptible difference. I took 2 the other night after work and WOW… I felt sooooo chilled out. It was way more than I had expected but in a good way. I slept like a baby too. lovin the sour t aste.

  10. Caleb

    Great Chews!
    Envy CBD chews are fantastic. I have a degenerative joint disease, and they help me manage the discomfort effectively when pain starts to flare up. They also provide stress relief, and I’ve been using higher doses at night as a sleep aid. I can fall asleep within about half an hour and sleep through the night. I highly recommend them and always or Read more about review stating Great Chews!der more before I run out so I don’t have any issues

  11. Margareta

    Disc Pain
    Envy CBD chews have truly helped my daily back pain levels from my herniated disc and I have only been using them for two per day for 5 days. My pain level is considerably reduced. I am still mindful about how I move about and am careful not to twist or turn my back too much until I get further along into my PT rehab. I am glad these worked, becau Read more about review stating Disc Painse I was slightly nervous as I have never tried anything like CBD, and like to avoid OTC pills as much as possible, but I’ve experienced little to no side affects. I haven’t felt tired or fuzzy. This is an amazing discovery and I will continue to use them as I work to heal my disk.

  12. Bryce

    Natural Sleep
    My girlfriend, who has regular insomnia, has the best night’s sleep she ever gets with these chews. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to avoid habit forming hypnotic sleep aids.

  13. Charlotte H.

    Life Changing
    These chews are wonderful. I’ve lived with chronic depression and anxiety since I was a teenager. Doctor’s have prescribed me tons of pills, all of which have miserable side effects. After a month of chews, my friends tell me I’m a different person and I feel like a new and improved me. In that time frame I’ve only had two panic attacks, which use Read more about review stating Life Changingd to be near daily occurrences. This product truly changed my life!

  14. Daniel

    Cheap Relief!
    I was using a different brand chew for the last couple months and just switched over to Envy because they are much better priced! I use them for lower back pain caused by arthritis and they reduce my pain and give me back a level of mobility. The other brand was wayyy more expensive and these work just as well! Kudos to Envy for making these acces Read more about review stating Cheap Relief!sible!

  15. Kate

    Exam week miracle
    Me and my boyfriend bought a bottle of the sour chews to help us relax and focus during exam week. Instead of stressing and feeling overwhelmed, i felt relaxed and able to focus on studying. I just got my results back and I’ve literally never done better on exams. Now to take the jar with us on vacation :p

  16. Redd

    I love the sours
    Wow! Taste great and work fast. Definitely loosens up my stiff joints, great for post-work relaxation. They last a long time so I only need to eat a few. This envy full spectrum seems to be way more effective than the isolate i tried. Entourage effect FTW!

  17. Connie

    Gentle and long lasting
    These are perfect dosage for daytime use! The effects come on much slower and more gently than the tincture or vape. Instead of one large rush that can make me a little too sleepy, the effects come on and last for a long time. Definitely time released! I do still prefer the tincture for night-time use.

  18. Brian

    Serotonin Booster
    I’ve been reading more about CBD’s effects on your serotonin level and wanted to try it out. I’ve been pairing these chews with 5htp to try and increase my serotonin levels. My moods feel more level and i believe i’m overall happier, I definitely have noticed an increase in my motivation in several areas of my life. I’d say the experiment is a suc Read more about review stating Serotonin Boostercess.

  19. Jeremy

    Post Surgery
    At my Doctor’s suggestion I added these chews to my post elbow surgery rehab routine. I noticed an immediate reduction in inflammation joint around the joint. My body seems to be responding better to the rehab and I’ve also noticed they seem to level out my mood somewhat. Unlike other pain relievers this is all natural and so far i’ve noticed no n Read more about review stating Post Surgeryegative side effects. Great formula, really does seem to have a time release mechanism. I only need one or two in the morning to feel full effects for several hours.

  20. Robert G.

    Yoga Enhancement
    I take 1 Chew before I do my Yoga every morning. It helps loosen my joints and allows me to get deeper into positions. I also find it helps clear my mind and achieve an inner balance as I work through my flow. After my session I eat a second chew to help my body recover and took continue the benefits throughout the my day. Very effective.

  21. Genavieve

    Hiking Again
    I haven’t hiked in a year due to arthritis in my knee, and this weekend I finally was able to get back out in the woods! CBD is wonderful!! Envy did a great job making these chews last a long time! I only need one in the morning and my mobility is greatly improved. I still can’t believe how well they work. I know my dogs were plumb excited to be i Read more about review stating Hiking Againn the great outdoors again, as was I. I like the regular ones, the Sour ones are too much for me

  22. Marco

    Chew away the stress
    I hate my job and I REALLY hate my boss, but I’m close to getting my degree, at which point I will finally escape this hell. In the mean time the anxiety between finishing my classes and my nightmare of a job I’ve been stressed beyond belief. Thank god for theses Envy Chews. They keep me going through the day, my anxiety level is down, my grades a Read more about review stating Chew away the stressre up, and honestly I’ve learned how to mostly ignore my boss while still getting my job done in a way they can’t penalize me for.

  23. Nia

    Sour Chews On Point
    these chews are so banging my partner keeps stealin em – it’s a blessing to get stress relief like this. thank you envy and praise god for the mircales of CBD. I like the sour ones the bestt.

  24. Stephanie M.

    Neck Relief
    My neck gets so stiff from working at my desk. Every night I eat 2 chews and within half an hour all that tension is gone and it feels like my head is floating. I also use the cream, but i find for full relief they work best together!!

  25. Ronnie

    Grandma Loves Knitting
    but the arthritis in her hands was keeping her from doing one of her favorite hobbies. These CBD Chews have her knitting again. My mom almost cried when she saw her working on the blanket she put down over 9 months. She also loves the flavors. We have to remind her not to eat too many!

  26. Darryl F.

    Yo, these gummies have been SAVING MY LIFE this semester. They been helping my ADHD and after i eat one i feel like i can slow down and focus. I’ve also noticed i have less stress, both about school and about social stuff. I also take some before going out because it helps my social anxiety and i find i can talk to girls better. I want to try the Read more about review stating FOCUSvape juice next.

  27. Drew D.

    On behalf of my Uncle, thank you!
    the helped keep him comfortable right to the end. It was nice to give him some pain relief that also kept him lucid. god bless – Drew

  28. Jonathan J.

    Good Chews!
    I slipped a disc years back and these chew’s are wonder workers. Whenever I feel the disc start acting up i eat one or two of these and do my yoga stretches and my nerve pain subsides to a tolerable level. Wish these were around years ago.

  29. Judy H.

    Original is better
    If you just want a product that works get the original. To be honest the sour gummies are super sugar coated. Making it hard to resist just take one gummy at a time. I don’t want to take too much at a time so the original gummy in my opinion is the best choice.

  30. Robert P.

    good gummy
    best CBD gummy that i actually like! i definitely need to take at least 2 gummies a day they are weaker in strength but they do work very well. wish they came out with a box full because I dont thing 20 pcs would cut from a big guy like me lol

  31. John M.

    Enjoy the benefits
    Ive been having a hard time dealing with stress and a buddy of mine gave some of his CBD gummies from Envy CBD. These taste pretty good and I believe they work since its been helping me with better sleep. I wish they had a strong dosage but for now, they really work. I just ordered two more bottles of these and would recommend people dealing with Read more about review stating Enjoy the benefitshigh stress to check it out as well. thank you

  32. Sophia T.

    Delicious and sweet!
    I wanted to wait until I finished my first bottle of gummies before writing a review so here it goes! I LOVE IT! I wanted to try CBD for the first time because I wasn’t a firm believer that these CBD products work. However I noticed how perfectly relaxed these gummies made me feel after a long day at work. I actually like the sour ones better but Read more about review stating Delicious and sweet!they do sell out quick. Right now I have the regular sweet ones and they are okay too.

  33. Esther G.

    Need Different Flavors
    These gummies are great and all. But I wish you guys could release other flavors. Like all red or all green. That’d be dope

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