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Rediscover the way you recover. Our ACTIVE SPORT™ deep muscle rub provides advanced pain relief for tired and aching muscles and joints. Our pain relief ointment can be applied before, during, and after workouts, so sore muscles won’t slow you down. From strains to joint distress and muscle pulls, our ACTIVE SPORT™ formula can offer highly effective relief and get you back in the game!

  • Blended with THC-Free CBD Hemp Extract & Other Natural Moisturizers
  • Dermatologist Tested – Hypoallergenic
  • 100% Naturally Derived

Key Ingredients


This pain-relieving and swelling reduction compound is extracted from the bark of Asian evergreen trees. It is an anti-irritant, meaning it reduces the irritant potential of minor discomforts in the body like pain and itching. It does this by producing a numbing effect that distracts the brain signals from pain and itching for temporary relief.


This powerful organic compound is extracted from natural mint and has pain-relieving properties. It increases blood flow to areas affected by sprains, arthritis, and muscle spasms to enable increased movement.

Full List of Ingredients

Menthol, camphor, beeswax, cottonseed oil, frankincense oil, hemp oil (THC-free), honeysuckle oil, jojoba seed oil, myrrh oil, sorbic acid


18 to 34, 35 to 49


Female, Male

99 reviews for CBD Medic – Active sport pain relief ointment

  1. Clare

    Relieves Pain
    I have been battling back pain for several years now and have tried EVERYTHING in the book to make it go away. Obviously this didn’t completely heal my back – but it significantly helped reduce the pain I was feeling and gave me a good few hours of pain free living. This product does what it’s exactly supposed to – relieves pain. Give it a shot if…Read More

  2. Clare

    Works like a charm
    Really effective

  3. Janet


  4. Clare

    Worth every penny!
    This product is wonderful. I have used numerous OTC topical creams/ointments to help with my ongoing back problems but none of them compare to Active Sport Extreme Relief. Only a small amount works wonders. Finally, something that works! Worth every single penny!!!

  5. Clare

    Great for CrossFit
    I’m a CrossFit coach and our CrossFit gym started using this; it works wonders. I grew up using Tiger Balm but this is on another level. Very, very good pain relief. I’ve never used a product that provides such great muscle relaxation and pain relief, especially right after a WOD when my pores are open. There is no “high” in case you’re wondering,…Read More

  6. Debra

    So far So Good!
    I like the product. I received a couple of days ago and applied same to my neck and lower back which were both injured a few years ago. The product smells good and felt comforting on my skin. A bit pricey for a small amount yet you only need a little as it spreads a long way.

  7. Brian

    Good product

  8. Jaclyn

    My only complaint is this is pricey for such a small bottle

  9. Kevin

    Amazing so far for my muscles promoting quick recovery and pain free

  10. Richard

    not sure yet only have used twice

  11. Kristin

    Provides cold feeling, but that’s about it.

  12. Susan H.

    I was expecting a tube not individual package with no way to close.

  13. Doreen

    Love the product…have been a CBD person for sometime now. Love that I can order this produce online at a great price.

  14. Edward

    I just began to use it so I can’t say yet how well it works, but the ordering and shipping went very good.

  15. Paul

    It worked great for my arthritis in my knee.. I saw Gronkowski talk about it so I said I will give it a try

  16. Gail

    Very helpful for reduction of pain.

  17. Nancy

    I have only used it a few times and I love it.

  18. julianne

    Quick relief of muscle spasm in soft tissue of my neck!

  19. Evanize B.

    Is little expensive, but works. Excellent.

  20. Jenifer

    I had great relief from my back pain.

  21. Clare

    In love with CBDMedic
    Best relief ever

  22. Franklin


  23. Diane E.

    Good Product
    This product did not eliminate my pain but did reduce it.

  24. Roxanne

    I rub it on my husband’s lower back (lower back pain) and his knee (had a knee replacement) at night right before bedtime. I have noticed that, after 3 nights of use, he is sleeping longer and better! Very happy about that.

  25. Glen

    I am happy with the results so far.

  26. Keith

    I am happy with the results so far.

  27. Larry

    Too early to tell

  28. Anthony L.

    I have not tried the product yet, but am looking forward to it

  29. SUSAN B.

    I’m feeling relief from joint pain for the first time in ages. Both the spray bad the cream work equally as well. (Fortunately, the menthol odor wears off in short order!)

  30. Clare

    The product works quite well, but the consensus is that 40 grams for $50 is asking too much.

  31. Michael

    heavy smell won’t use

  32. Kathleen

    Fantastic Relief
    I purchased the Advanced Pain Relief for Arthritis and it gave full immediate relief on my problem areas. I’m so happy I saw the commercial. Thank you CBDMEDIC!

  33. Mary

    This does not do anything for me. I have lower back pain and sciatica nerve pain and I have tried this to her three times now and nothing happens. A waste of my money.

  34. Janet

    Pleasant scent and solved the problem.

  35. Robert

    worked well first day, now we will see – rather expensive?

  36. Kevin

    Gronk-endorsed….gotta try it
    Trying it because it’s Gronk-endorsed! Seems to work!!

  37. Jerry

    HighPrice Works Great
    Works great, but too bad its so expensive!

  38. Mark

    Delivered pain relief as advertised
    just received this product and started using it right away. So far good results

  39. Catherine

    smell is very strong, did not use more than once.

  40. Marcene

    This helped my knee pain a little. The smell is really strong however and not something I can apply when leaving home.

  41. Troy F.

    Arm pain has improved in just 2days

  42. Troy F.

    The first relief in over 2 years!
    I was skeptical at first but when I got the product and tried it, it was to my surprise that it actually did help. This is the first time in two years that I’ve gotten any relief and I will continue to buy this product.

  43. Patricia L.

    Ointment does the job!!

  44. Warren

    works as advertised

  45. Dr. F.

    Works quickly efficiently and prolonged relief

  46. Keith

    Just received and need time to find out if it works for me.

  47. Donald

    Hope for relief
    Just started today and it seemed to relieve my back pain.

  48. Mary D.

    Work as advertised
    Having only applied this product twice, at bedtime, found each time that taking advil wasn’t needed. The first time I used it- there was a “delay” in how soon I “felt” it working-maybe 10 minutes- but once I did feel it working- good affect!

  49. Christopher

    Just started using the product a day ago so not sure how it will work yet.

  50. Melissa

    Didnt order this one

  51. Sheila

    Best pain cure
    I love love this item. I stand on my feet for 9 hours. I no longer take tylenol and advil for back pain, this item is my favorite item

  52. Karen H.

    Haven’t used it enough to know. Only had it 2.5 days

  53. Carol

    Fast acting
    This is an amazing product! I applied one application to a sore ankle and pain was gone in half an hour and was pain free the rest of the day. I have also used to alleviate a hip pain that wakes me up nightly due to osteoarthritis condition. This ointment also helped me sleep through the night.

  54. Michele

    Active sport deep muscle rub ointment
    It seems as though this does help with cutting out immediate pain. Only used it a few times.

  55. Emeka

    I just started using it, so I don’t have enough data to provide conclusive feedback about whether or not it works for me. Though it appears to be doing some good.

  56. Paul

    I’ve used it for 4 days. I believe it works

  57. Philip

    So far it is working on muscle aches and pains.

  58. Ben

    Too early to say if it’s effective or not

  59. Jo A.

    Have used only a few days so don’t feel at this time that I can give an honest evaluation.

  60. Myra

    12 Hour Pain Relief is Wonderful!!
    My sister in law says it gives her up to 12 hours of pain relief and she is so grateful!

  61. Marsha

    It works well. But the odor is very strong and it gets on furniture that you sit on and bed sheets. The odor penetrates your clothing and goes through to your chair and bed linen. I wish the order could be less and still work well.

  62. Clare

    Amazing product, really works!
    I had some muscle spasms in my shoulder and neck and was barely able to turn my head for a few days. A doctor prescribed me muscle relaxers and some pain medication but I was still in constant pain. I was recommended this cream by a friend and used a small portion and couldn’t believe the relief I felt. I used it again before bed and was so happy …Read More

  63. Clare

    Makes the difference!

  64. Clare

    Top performing product that actually provides the best results in the market. Highly Recommended
    I had a terrible stiffness in my shoulders after some free weights and I used this and within 20 minutes I was already feeling more blood flow in the area and return of movement.

  65. Clare

    Works Great
    I bought two tubes; one for my back pain and one for my brother-in-law. We both love the product.

  66. Clare

    Amazing Product!
    I bought this product with the hope of finding a CBD cream that was effective and trustworthy and that’s what this is! All of the workers understand the product and approach it with the knowledge that it is a useful and effective cream. I love the menthol part of it because it hits and takes away the soreness and pain long enough for the CBD to so…Read More

  67. Clare

    Works great1 perfect for new moms
    This ointment really works well – a little goes a long way! I put it on before a hardwork out or long run to help aid my post workout recovery. I am a new and nursing mom, so the less drugs in my body the better. This is pain relief that does that for me!

  68. Clare

    GREAT pain relief
    So far I have had nothing but positive results. Loving the product

  69. Clare

    CBD active sport ointment
    I applied the Active Sport CBD Ointment on hundreds of athletes at the 2018 CrossFit Games in Madison, WI. We heard nothing but great things from everyone about the aroma, and the feel. In fact, we had repeat customers who testified to the 4 hours of lasting relief the ointment provides. Once I returned home I offered sample packets to a few patie…Read More

  70. Clare

    love it
    I?ve tried other ointments/balms and this one is a winner. I love the menthol smell-it really feels great on your skin and works awesome!

  71. Clare

    Great product! I recommend it to all of my athletes. It works great and it’s smell is good, not over powering.

  72. Clare

    Feels great! Helps alot to soothe sore musclss after a workout!

  73. Clare

    Love this product

  74. Clare

    Instant pain relief!
    works instantly, great for sore muscles and hastens post-workout recovery

  75. Clare

    Hi guys…., So we’ve (Makena CrossFit) had a fantastic response on the product, the samples…. but the apprehension in the buying….is the price. It’s tough. I see it being a $25 product personally…, due to its size….. but let’s keep this energy going, we REALY want this company to GROW>

  76. Clare

    This stuff is like a miracle on my joints.

  77. Clare

    The Best ever !!!!

  78. Clare

    It’s magic!

  79. Clare

    Excellent for pain relief
    I used it for a wrist injury and it made a huge difference! I highly reccomend it for joint pains.

  80. Clare

    Best CbD product on the market….hands down
    Love it!

  81. Clare

    Yes I have used it and it’s working well for me and my wife

  82. Clare

    Thanka works well!!

  83. Ron K.

    works great

  84. Peggy C.

    Only had this for a week, so can’t give feedback yet.

  85. Clare

    I bought some to try and didn’t want to buy gas station CBD cream.
    I had a sore elbow and started to use it twice a day every other day after a couple of weeks I only seemed to need it once a week for a few weeks I haven’t even needed it now for a couple of weeks which is great

  86. Sharyl J.

    I had a shoulder replacement the middle of Oct…then the long-head tendon snapped from my shoulder curling up like a window shade in my bicep region…. I was hoping for more shoulder joint/Bicep muscle relief. I initially used liquid under the tongue for 3 weeks with not much relief and switched over to this. Have used for two weeks 2-3 times da…Read More

  87. David L.

    Great Buy

  88. Js

  89. Gail C.

    Works very well to relieve my back and knee pain.

  90. Melissa Z.

    Works well on mild pain, smells and feels wonderful!

  91. Christine B.

    I previously bought the stick and now wanted to get the ointment. Works great and takes away the pain and discomfort after a hard workout or arthritis flare up.

  92. Christine B.

    Extremely pleased with this …

  93. Ignacio R.

    Very good cream

  94. John W.

    Relieves my knee pain better than anything I’ve ever used

  95. Carey T.

    great stuff

  96. Elizabeth F.

    Finally, a promise kept!
    The only product, among the many I’ve tried, that actually provides real relief from both pain and soreness, AND it’s safe!

  97. Betty S.

    Review by Betty S. on 27 Dec 2019review stating Great!!It’s the answer to my bad arthritis left knee that been hurting for a while. CBD really work!!

  98. Kaitlyn B.

    It works for a little while, but could stand to last longer.
    Was trying to find a cheaper version of a different CBD sports rub I use but this seemed more like an expensive icy hot. Didnt provide relief for that long, like 10 minutes tops. (Ultra runner looking for something after long runs 20-100 miles)

  99. Denise S.

    knee surgery, ACL,PCL,MCL
    Review by Denise S. on 29 Dec 2019review stating knee surgery, ACL,PCL,MCLmy knee is totally messed up even after surgery, his is the only thing that gives me relief from the pain. Amazing product.

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