The search for the miracle cure, in order to reduce weight as little as possible, employs many people. Maybe you already tried one or the other diet.

Increasingly, it is said that it is possible to lose weight with CBD. Cannabidiol is now widely used and is used for pain relief and relaxation. But can you really lose weight with the oil?

What is CBD?

Maybe you’ve read CBD a lot, but never really knew what the acronym actually means. In the following paragraphs, i want to clarify the question of what CBD really means and what that is.

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol. This is a cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant. The plant itself contains more than 100 of these cannabinoids.

The discovery in the 1970s made CBD more interesting to medicine. Initial research was commissioned. The research discovered the endocannabinoid system, also known as ECS, which became the basis for further research in the 1980s.

These showed that certain receptors in the human body allow the absorption of these cannabinoids contained in the plants. CB1 and CB2 were said to have a particularly strong response. Among other things, they are co-responsible for the following reactions in the body:

· Feel joy and sadness

· Can feel fear

· Support of the immune system

· Perceive pain

· Influence hunger perception

· Affect fatigue

Can CBD help you lose weight?

Now that we’ve clarified what CBD is let’s answer the question as to whether CBD can really help you lose weight.

So many people struggle with their weight. This is noticeable every year through countless offers that promise success in losing weight.

Currently, CBD oil is also in focus, because supposedly the natural means to support weight loss. But what goals can actually be achieved by taking one?

There is a widespread belief that cannabis stimulates appetite and even causes food cravings. This would be only partially true and only if the cannabinoid THC is consumed. Unlike CBD, THC has an appetizing effect and often causes an extreme feeling of hunger.

Recent studies indicate that cannabidiol can also affect metabolism and fat burning. These bodily processes are of great importance in the attempt to lose weight because, without active metabolism, no fat burning will take place in the organism.

Within a Korean study, CBD was found to affect immature fat cells. CBD can stimulate certain proteins and genes, which could improve the body’s fat loss. At the same time, cannabidiol increased the number of so-called mitochondria and was able to increase its activity.

So the fat was broken down faster but above all, more effective. Proteins involved in fat cell production could be inhibited by the ingestion of CBD.

CBD oil and all other CBD products are natural products, which are usually classified as dietary supplements and their consumption is self-responsible.

Many people suffer from chronic hunger attacks and eating disorders that can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Such eating behavior is sometimes difficult to get a grip on, which eventually leads to overweight and a disturbed relationship to itself.

Therefore, especially overweight people often have depression as well as anxiety or panic disorders. A change in diet and sports are not always enough, because the food cravings are often stronger than the will. CBD can start at this point and curb appetite.

But not just in terms of appetite CBD could help. Being overweight always has a reason, and often, psychological factors also play a role. It does not necessarily have to be responsible for depression or diagnosed anxiety disorders for hunger attacks. Just as well, excessive stress can be a possible cause of many eating unhealthy foods.

Cannabidiol could reduce the release of stress hormones. This can lead to increased mental relaxation or better sleep.

How to apply CBD oil

Each organism responds differently to natural remedies such as CBD. Therefore, it is incredibly difficult to specify a flat-rate dosage recommendation.

Start the CBD Oil with just a few drops daily and increase the dosage slowly, step by step.

Many users who have taken a 10% CBD oil, already reported in various online forums of positive effects in weight loss.

To be successful in losing weight, however, the oil must be taken over a longer period of time. A lot of physical activity, exercise, and a healthy diet should not be waived despite taking CBD.

Apply CBD oils mostly with the help of a pipette, which is included. This allows you to drip the oil very precisely under your tongue.

A healthy lifestyle thanks to CBD oil

Without a healthy lifestyle, optimal nutrition, and exercise in everyday life, no product in the world will automatically burn fat. Even CBD oil does not let the kilos tumble by itself. However, cannabidiol is apparently able to support the metabolism and thus promote fat burning.

To lose weight, CBD should be taken over several weeks. Although no serious side effects need to be feared, each body responds individually. A careful approach to the products is, therefore, essential.

How can CBD help you lose weight?

Of particular interest in connection with possible weight loss is the effect of CBD on fat cells that are not yet mature. Here it could be seen that CBD can have the following effect:

· Stimulation of proteins and genes necessary to promote fat loss

· Increase of mitochondria and their activity

· Faster degradation of body fat through active mitochondria

· Inhibition of proteins necessary for the production of fat cells

Another advantage is that CBD can also affect the stress receptors and thus reduce stress. If you are generally much more relaxed, you are also more open to changes in your lifestyle.

How is CBD dosed while losing weight?

The dosage information cannot be universally validated. There are several reasons for this:

· The proportion of CBD in the selected preparation

· The desired goal

· The reaction of your own body

Basically, it is important for you to know that everybody reacts differently to the intake of CBD. While in some people, even a small dose is enough to achieve the desired goal, other people are more likely to need a higher dose.

You are not wrong if you slowly approach the right dosage. This shows an effect on the cravings and can inhibit this. To find out how to react to the active ingredient, you should start with no more than five drops a day.

Important is the regular intake. CBD can only work if you take it daily over a longer period of time. After the first few weeks, the first change should be seen. If you notice nothing, you can increase the dose.

Why does CBD inhibit cravings?

Why exactly CBD inhibits hunger is a question many researchers pursue. It is believed that the effect is mainly in the endocannabinoid system. Thus it is assumed that CB1 and CBD act as opponents. CB1 is directly related to the increase in weight. In addition, it can ensure that an excessive feeling of hunger arises.

Restricting activity ensures that hunger decreases. Pertaining to other things, this is shown by the fact that you eat less and do not eat more than hunger. Many people consume too much energy when they need it.

Often a diet is interrupted by food cravings, and it comes to a yo-yo effect. This is precisely what should be prevented by the regular intake of CBD. It can help if you observe the effect on your body. Maybe you already notice this change.

How does CBD affect the fat cells of the body?

According to the researchers, CBD is able to influence fat cells. As a negative aspect, fat white cells are considered. It is said that these can cause or cause heart problems. At the same time, they are responsible for gaining weight.

CBD is able to stimulate the fat white cells to become brown fat cells. Brown fat cells are able to increase energy consumption. The health of the body can be improved. The fight against obesity should basically be tackled.

The interesting question is, what exactly happens when you have decreased enough and no longer accept CBD. The fact is: your feeling of hunger is then no longer suppressed. That is, it can happen again to food cravings, and the cycle of weight gain starts over.

The transformation of the fat white cells into brown fat cells is then no longer supported. This can also be felt. Therefore, you should not focus on weight loss solely on CBD, but use the effect to change your life.

What is important when losing weight with CBD?

Healthy weight loss with CBD is based on several additional factors:

· drinking enough fluid

· eating healthy

· enough exercise

Healthy food is often the greatest difficulty. Anyone who has consumed large quantities of unhealthy foods throughout their lives or over a long period of time has achieved a habituation effect. By lowering your hunger sensation with CBD, you can take the chance and change your diet.

It is important to be careful to adjust both the amount of what you eat and the food itself. Balanced nutrition should be the focus, and CBD can help to achieve it. The intake of sufficient fruits and vegetables and fiber is not rocket science.

Another piece of the puzzle is the movement. As soon as you realize that you are losing weight, you may also want to move more. Find a sport that you would like to do. Make sure she is healthy for your body. Swimming or endurance sports are especially recommended.

What alternatives are there to CBD?

In addition to the oil, it is also possible to grab capsules with CBD or to opt for the intake of crystals. Especially when you can not find oil with the right dosage or can not handle the taste of the oil, capsules are a very good alternative.

Capsules: They are also enriched with the oil. However, the correct dosage is easier. In addition, you will not notice the taste. However, with this form of ingestion, the CBD can only develop its effect when it has reached the stomach. For oil, it is absorbed directly through the oral mucosa.

An alternative option is a capsule. This makes the dosage easier.

Crystals: Another variant is to take CBD in the form of crystals. These contain almost 100% CBD as an active ingredient. You can dose the crystals very well and pick them up by placing them under the tongue. It is also possible to dissolve them in tea.

Worth knowing and facts about CBD

After we have clarified what CBD is, if and how it can help you with the weight loss process, we clarify some more questions that may interest you.

How does CBD still work?

In order to successfully lose weight, more factors play a role. Here is stress again. Some people eat more food when they are stressed and gain weight. The psychological circumstances that can affect the body are not to be underestimated here.

Cannabidiol is more commonly used to combat depression and stress.

CBD for depression – a good alternative

With an effective effect, it is possible that Frustessen declines significantly. Below is an overview of the other areas of CBD:

Pain: The relief of CBD pain has been known for many years. This effect is used, especially when sufferers suffer from severe nerve pain. But also in the context of a serious illness CBD can represent a helpful therapy.

Stress: CBD affects the stress receptors in the brain. Stress today accompanies many people through everyday life. Often we do not notice this at all. However, the physical reactions are not to be underestimated. Everybody reacts differently to stress. Frustration is not a rare reaction.

Depression: Depressive moods and depression put a strain on everyday life and can also have an effect on the body feeling. In addition to heavyweight loss, which may occur, increased weight gain is possible. As part of CBD treatment, the effect on depression can be used.

Fatigue: An increased tiredness puts a strain on the body. The triggers are different. But stress also plays a big role here. In this context, the effect of CBD can be used.

How is CBD used as oil?

When looking for a product with a high content of CBD, you will soon find that these are commonly offered in the form of oil. This is directly related to the fact that the extraction of CBD takes place primarily in the form of oil.

When choosing to make sure that THC is not purchased, although THC can have a very good effect on the body, it still brings with it strong side effects. If negative factors influence your psyche, THC can increase it.

If you are overweight, it may be useful to talk to your doctor about using CBD for the procedure. Partially takes over a takeover of the cost of the oil by the health insurance. However, this does not apply to all funds. However, it is not wrong if you inform your doctor about the possibilities.

Cannabinoid content in oils can sometimes be too low

If you are facing the question of which oil you should take, it is worth taking a closer look at the content of CBD in the oil. It has been shown that the common oils that are offered in the trade, often have only a low content of CBD. If you take the oil and there is no effect, it can be frustrating.

By the way, pure hemp oil is usually used as edible oil. Especially the edible oils have a particularly low concentration of active ingredients. So if you assume that taking hemp oil will have a positive effect on your weight, it can be disappointing.

When choosing products, pay attention to the content of CBD given. The information is usually in percent. In general, it pays to pay attention to how good the oil is. The use of purely natural ingredients should be just as natural as the extraction of certified hemp plants.


So CBD seems to be a miracle cure and a great help in losing weight.

One advantage is that hunger is reduced. But also, the effect on the fat cells is not to be underestimated.

Carefully check the dosage, listen to your body, and communicate with the doctor if you decide to take a diet in combination with CBD.

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