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If you’ve ever experienced a migraine, we don’t have to tell you how the pain can often reach unbearable levels. Sensitivity to light, sound, and movement, along with throbbing or sharp pains can also keep you confined to bed for hours, or sometimes even days.

The most difficult thing about dealing with migraines, especially if they’re recurring, is that the intense pain is often difficult to treat with over-the-counter pain medications. Because of this, many sufferers are turning to alternative treatments: one of them being CBD.

Research has exploded over the past few years on CBD and pain relief, and the results suggest it could be a novel solution to migraine and headache pain.

If you haven’t found something to ease chronic migraine pain, read on. CBD may be a potential solution.

Top CBD Options for Migraine Relief

Whispr CBD Roll-On
Savage CBD Full-Spectrum CBD Roll-On
Green Helix Super Pure Tincture
CBDfx Lemon-Lime Mint CBD Oil Tincture


How CBD Can Help With Migraine Pain

While studies are limited on using isolated CBD to treat migraines, there are several that look at the combined effects of THC (another cannabinoid) and CBD on migraine pain, plus a large amount of studies showing CBD may be effective in treating many forms of chronic pain.

One of the main reasons CBD use has exploded across the nation is due to its beneficial effects when it comes to pain. Studies have shown it can not only reduce local pain when applied topically, like that from arthritis, but can also improve widespread inflammatory and neuropathic pain – two of the most difficult types of pain to treat. [*] Since a migraine is, at its root, a form of pain (inflammatory or not), this suggest CBD could help ease it.

Another interesting way CBD can help with migraines is by potentially soothing nerves associated with migraine pain. There are two nerves – the trigeminal and occipital nerves – that play the largest role in triggering migraines. Both run around the face and down through your neck and the back of your head, and when inflamed or irritated, can produce the classic migraine pain. This is why may treatments such as migraine massages, nerve blockers, and even Botox injections into these nerves have cropped up as solutions for migraine pain [*]

When we break down what exactly it is about these nerves that triggers migraines, we can see how CBD may be as effective as some of these treatments. For instance,  the trigeminal nerve in particular releases a peptide called CGRP during a migraine, which has spurred researchers to create artificial CGRP blockers as a way to help prevent migraines, with a good deal of success. [*][*]

However, new studies show CBD may be able to act as a natural alternative to this treatment. Firstly, migraine sufferers have been found to have high levels of CGRP and low levels of endocannabinoids (of which CBD interacts with to manage pain), while an animal study out of the European Journal of Pain also showed that topical CBD reduced CGRP, inflammation, swelling, and pain. [*][*]

Outside of research on nerves, studies also show CBD can help promote relaxation and ease stress, which could bode good news for tension headaches and migraines. These type of headaches crop up due to tension in the head, neck, and shoulders, of which usually stems from stress and anxiety. By using CBD to help relax your body and nervous system, you may indirectly ease migraine pain from excess tension.

How to Use CBD to Relieve Migraines

There are several ways to use CBD to ease headache and migraine pain, and the method you chose largely depends on how your body best responds to different sources of CBD. For example, some people respond extremely well to tinctures and vaping, noticing and immediate effect, while others notice more relief with capsules or topical salves. This is largely due to differences in absorption between people, and different rates of digestion.

If you have found you notice decent effects from lotions or balms, try rubbing one on around your ears, neck, forehead, and temples for local relief.

Alternatively, vaping or taking a capsule or tincture may help ease not only migraine pain, but also deeper reasons a migraine may be occurring, such as due to tension or anxiety. If you suspect your migraine is the result of tension, ingesting CBD may promote more full-body relaxation, which could indirectly ease your headache.

CBD Options for Migraine Relief

Below are several CBD options for migraine relief. It really comes down to personal preference as to whether a topical CBD product such as a roll-on, or a CBD oil taken internally works better for you.



1. Whispr

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“I suffer from chronic neck pain from long commutes for work and the roll on works wonders if you use it consistently.” – Mie M. (Verified Buyer)

Price: $$


  • Full-spectrum, naturally-grown in the U.S.
  • Infused with therapeutic botanicals and essential oils for added pain relief
  • Convenient roll-on

About: Whispr CBD roll on is made with the finest natural ingredients, alongside quality CBD grown in Colorado.

Pros: Customers claim the Whispr roll-on is extremely effective for pain relief. In addition to containing quality CBD, Whispr is rounded out with a therapeutic blend of essential oils and active botanicals, like peppermint, orange peel, lemon, clove bud, avocado, and rosemary oils — rich in nourishing fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals — that also help reduce pain from sore muscles or tightness. Not to mention, Whispr is convenient by being a roll on, so you can quickly apply it anywhere.

Cons: Whispr doesn’t mention whether their CBD is organically-grown; however, they do offer viewable lab reports.

2. Savage CBD – Full Spectrum CBD Roll-On

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“I was one of the first to get this product when it just released. Seriously love the fact that it is all natural and really helps with my back. I am in so much pain all the time, and to find a CBD product that works is a rare occurrence now a days. THIS STUFF WORKS!” – Jeryl C. (Verified Buyer)

Price: $$$


  • Full-spectrum, USA-sourced hemp
  • Contains MCT oil for absorption, plus beneficial essential oils
  • Convenient roll-on

About: The SavageCBD roll-on contains full spectrum CBD and cooling essential oils to help relieve pain.

Pros: Users of SavageCBD claim it helps ease pain – especially chronic back pain – better than many other options. Savage is also infused with cooling essential oils and MCT oil to help further ease pain and boost absorption.

Cons: There were no cons that were mentioned regarding Savage – only that their sourced hemp may not be organic, and may “sometimes” be sourced from outside of the USA.


Oils and capsules:


3. Green Helix Super Pure Tincture

Migraine Relief | Green Helix

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Price: $$$


  • Full-spectrum, USA-sourced hemp
  • Contains MCT oil for absorption
  • Non-GMO

About: Green Helix Super Pure Tincture offers a dose of high quality CBD oil for widespread pain and tension.

Pros: Green Helix Super Pure Tincture is designed to help ease stress and tension, which may bode well for relief from tension headaches. It is also made with MCT oil, which helps aid your body in absorbing CBD more efficiently.

Cons: While Green Helix CBD is sourced from high quality hemp grown in the USA, it does not state whether this is organic hemp.


4. CBDfx Lemon-Lime Mint CBD Oil Tincture

CBD for Migraines | CBDinside.com

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“First time trying a product from this company, and also first time, me trying tincture, I’m glad I gave them a shot, I felt the release from my chest almost instantly, it’s weird but works for me, I am kidney patient and gets a lot of pain …”- Tuan V. (Verified Buyer)

Price: $$$


  • Full-spectrum, USA-sourced hemp
  • Organically grown
  • Three different concentration levels

About: CBDfx CBD tinctures offer CBD from organically-grown hemp in the USA at varying concentrations and with natural flavors.

Pros: CBDfx CBD is sourced from organically-grown hemp plants and is free of toxic chemicals and pollutants. The light flavor makes dosing a breeze, and the low to high concentration options give you flexibility in choosing your ideal dose for when a migraine strikes. Customers also mention its effectiveness for pain relief, and that shipping is fast.

Cons: Some reviewers mentioned the dropper can be difficult at times.

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