Remember when a vapor rub on your chest when you were a kid was a virtual lifesaver when it came to getting through the night with a cold?

CBD salves may be the next “adult” vapor-rub-like lifesavers when it comes to helping manage pain, stress, tension, and even encourage better sleep.

In this piece, we’re breaking down the best CBD salves for your to try, along with what exactly they are, their benefits, and how to use them.

Best CBD Salves: Quick Picks


CBDFx Calming Balm
Joy Organics CBD Salve
Nganic CBD Salve – Extra Strength
Pharm Organics CBD Skin Relief Salve

Continue reading for more in-depth reviews.

Why Try a CBD Salve? The Benefits

CBD salves come with numerous benefits not only from CBD itself, but additional moisturizing and anti-inflammatory ingredients that are usually present in a quality hemp salve. Let’s take a look.

• Can Help Regulate Stress

Studies have found that CBD may be able to ease symptoms of stress and anxious feelings by interacting with our endocannabinoid system. Researchers are currently testing CBD on a variety of anxiety disorders and claim to have seen many benefits when it comes to stress. [*]

• May Offer Local Pain Relief

Research has also found that CBD applied to skin may offer pain relief by helping to reduce inflammation. [*] You’ll notice that in many reviews on our top salves, pain relief is a common positive side effect.

• Fast-acting and Portable

Because hemp salves can be applied to and absorbed locally on painful areas, they typically offer quick pain relief. This is due to a combination of CBD’s potential pain relieving effects, as well as certain essential oils often included in quality salves that can reduce muscle and joint soreness, as well as tension.

• May Improve Skin

Studies have found CBD applied topically may help with skin disorders rooted in inflammation, such as dermatitis, due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties. [*] In addition, many salves contain moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil or beeswax, which can help retain moisture in your skin.

4 Best CBD Salves

Here we feature 4 of the best CBD salves – taking into account quality of hemp, positive reviews, growing conditions, absorption, pain-relief effectiveness, and price point.


1. CBDfx Calming Balm

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“Absolutely the best CBD product I’ve ever tried. You feel relief almost instantly. Will definitely be trying other products. Thank you!” – Rhonda F. (Verified Buyer)

Price: $$


  • GMO-free, USA-grown hemp
  • Contains additional calm-promoting oils
  • Transparent lab reports

About: CBDfx Calming Balm is infused with quality, USA-grown hemp extract. It contains additional moisturizing ingredients, including shea butter, along with essential oils that help promote a sense of calm.

Pros: CBDfx is free from added chemicals and GMOs, and is complemented by only natural ingredients like shea butter, tea tree oil, avocado oil, lavender, and German Chamomile oil. At a low price point, it offers the best of many balms: intense moisture and skin-soothing oils rich in antioxidants, along with a CBD dosage that encourages pain relief and soothed muscles.

Cons: The only con for CBDfx is that their CBD extract does not appear to come from organic hemp (although they do state they are GMO and chemical-free). Even so, reviews were extremely positive regarding effectiveness and quality.


2. Joy Organics CBD Salve

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“This salve is incredible. My knees feel 30 years younger. In two minutes I felt relief. That relief lasted all day long. Just unbelievable.” – Mike Bercheny. (Verified Buyer)

Price: $$$


  • Premium grade hemp, made in Colorado
  • Broad spectrum
  • Lab tested
  • THC free
  • Family owned and operated
  • All-natural beeswax
  • Certified Organic Eucalyptus
  • Certified Organic Lavender

About: Joy Organics CBD salve contains premium-grade CBD grown from hemp in Colorado, helping to ensure quality. Their lab tests are freely available, and many of their salve options contain a high dose of CBD.

Pros: Joy Organics CBD salve features broad spectrum hemp oil that is rich in additional antioxidants and healthy fatty acids that may be missing from brands using CBD isolate. Customers claim pain relief (especially for joints) is effective and fast-acting, and lasts all day. Joy Organics is also a family-run business that puts an emphasis on quality when it comes to growing and harvesting. For the positive reviews on quality and effectiveness, Joy Organics is a great mid-priced option for a salve.

Cons: While the term “organics” is in the company title, the website does not mention if the Colorado-grown hemp used in this salve is certified organic, which could cause confusion. However, Joy Organics does state that they abide by the highest quality standards and that the CBD is premium-quality and free from contaminants and GMOs.


3. Nganic CBD Salve – Extra Strength

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“I have had pain in my elbow due to inflammation for the last couple of months, and it’s been bad enough where it wakes me up in the middle of the night and i have trouble falling back asleep. I’ve putting the 2000mg salve on my elbow before I go to bed overnight for several weeks, and I have only woken up one time with pain. I highly recommend their salve, it has helped me gain back my sleep again.” – Ron C. (Verified Buyer)

Price: $$$$


  • Non-GMO, organic hemp
  • Lab tested
  • High CBD concentration
  • THC free
  • All-natural beeswax
  • Certified Organic Eucalyptus
  • Certified Organic Lavender

About: Nganic salve features a high-concentration of CBD from organically-grown hemp. It has no artificial ingredients and customers rave over its effectiveness for pain, skin soothing abilities, and smell.

Pros: Nganic garnered terrific views when it comes to the effectiveness of the concentrated dosage for pain, skin conditions, and even tension headaches. The high concentration also allows customers to use less of the salve, which balances out the price point. In addition, complimenting the organic CBD are organic lavender and eucalyptus essential oils, which could further help soothe skin issues and ease inflammation and pain.

Cons: There were very little complaints about the Nganic, with a few reviewers stating the price is a little high, yet they understand this is due to a higher concentration of CBD. The only con we can imagine is that due to the high concentration, users that desire to use the salve as more of a balm and skin moisturizer on a wide area of skin may find the high dosage limiting.


4. Pharm Organics CBD Skin Relief Salve

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” All I can say is I am blown away by the quality of this salve and the experience I had with this company.” – Karen Hall. (Verified Buyer)

Price: $$$


  • Organically grown, premium-quality CBD
  • MCT oil derived from coconuts to improve absorption
  • THC free
  • All-natural beeswax
  • Certified Organic Eucalyptus
  • Certified Organic Lavender

About: Pharm Organics CBD Salve features CBD extracted in an FDA-certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility, which is then verified through updated third-party lab reports.

Reviews state it helps with sore joints and moisturizes skin, and the company also states all of its products are THC-free.

Pros: Pharm Organics has received an abundance of positive reviews, with customers claiming that the quality and effectiveness of the CBD is stellar, and also that it works quickly. Several reviews also mention how great of a moisturizer it is thanks to the beeswax. An additional bonus users raved about is that it also has a wonderful fragrance from the essential oils.

Cons: Complaints were rare about Pharm Organics, with the exception of a few shipping delays. However, there were also many positive reviews regarding shipping.


Our Recommendation

Pharm Organics CBD Salve

Pharm Organics CBD salve not only has stellar reviews on effectiveness when it comes to pain relief, but it’s also offered at a very reasonable price point when you consider it contains CBD from organically-grown hemp and MCT oil (more on the importance of MCT oil in CBD products below). It also features natural beeswax, which is excellent for moisturizing skin, along with two of the most powerful essential oils – lavender and eucalyptus – for easing pain and tension, reducing stress, easing skin irritation, and improving sleep.

Another reason this is our top recommendation is due to the addition of MCT oil, which stands for medium-chain triglycerides. CBD is a fat-soluble compound, meaning it needs the presence of fat to be absorbed effectively, which is why you often see coconut oil or MCT as an ingredient in CBD products. MCT oil is particuarly effective at being absorbed quickly by your body, meaning that it can also lead to your CBD being absorbed more quickly and effectively.

Pharm Organics offers a 500 mg salve, which isn’t an extremely low dose, but also isn’t a “super dose” either, allowing you a little more freedom to go higher or lower on balm application.

Pharm Organics also offers premium, organic CBD for under $100, which is a great deal for the quality, positive reviews, and expert blend of ingredients.

How to Use a CBD Salve

CBD salves are absorbed topically through your skin, which means they can be especially great at helping to relieve local pain, stiffness, soreness, or tension. Many salves recommend a specific amount to rub into areas as needed, but you can also apply it to areas like your neck or temples to help encourage sleep and ease stress.

The great thing about CBD salves is you can use more or less as needed, and can also choose extra-potency blends, like Nganic CBD Salve – Extra Strength, if you feel you need more CBD for pain relief.


Have you tried any of these top CBD salves? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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